Ghagra Choli For Wedding: 25 Gorgeous Indian Lehenga Ensembles

Ghagra choli for wedding festivities are the most natural choice for an Indian woman. It’s one of the two most popular choices for the bridal season. The ghagra choli or the lehenga choli is a must have in any bridal trousseau. For how many occasions will you wrap yourself in a saree albeit a stunning one?! Salwars or anarkalis won’t cut it for every occasion, certainly not on the main events. The ghagra choli for wedding celebrations is a great alternative. It’s perfect for any event including your big day. It swishes and turns and adds a bit of drama. The choli could be any style, as conservative or bold as you want it. The dupatta can be draped any way that you wish it to be.

Here Are A Few Options For The Ghagra Choli For Wedding!

One look and you could decide to set your heart on one of these marvels of fabric.

1. White And Gold Never Gets Old

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - White And Gold Never Gets Old

This ghagra choli for wedding festivies designed by Rohit Bal is a stand out. White is considered auspicious in a lot of cultures. Frankly, white is elegant. When teamed with gold, it stands out and yet doesn’t scream.

2. Pink And Red

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Pink And Red

The ghagra choli for wedding specials you see in the picture is a Tarun Tahiliani creation. It’s in conventional colours. It’s classy and understated. Pick the right makeup and jewellery and expect to feel like a Yash Raj heroine.

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3. Pink Leads This Riot Of Colours

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Pink Leads This Riot Of Colours

This riot of colours is by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. They are known for their glitzy and glamorous interpretation of Indian attires. This outfit is perfect if you want to rock traditional but also want it to be more bold and fun.

4. Victorian Influence

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Victorian Influence

Yet another Rohit Bal stunner, this gold fusion red velvet bridal ghagra choli for weddings is a work of art. The corset is perfect to add a little bit more curve to your waist. If you don’t like showing off your midriff, this could be your style.

5. Peach Hues

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Peach Hues

Ya, so I have a Yash Raj obsession. I love pastels. They are subtle and dreamy but that’s just the icing on the cake. Look at it this way – subtle clothes and statement jewellery = a stunning bride.

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6. Red And Gold

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Red And Gold

It doesn’t get more bridal than this. It’s red and has gold. This ghagra choli for wedding nights even stands perfectly. It’s a clutter cutter. The blouse is anything but conventional. Team something like this with very subtle jewellery. You want to stand out, not scream out.

7. Silver Screen Influence

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Silver Screen Influence

Manish Malhotra is one of the reasons why I dream in Yash Raj hues. He is also the one to praise for this silver-gold ghagra with a hint of pink. It’s shimmery, and glittery and you probably won’t even need lights around you. Jokes apart, this outfit is stunning.

8. Parsi Touch

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Parsi Touch

Let’s stay with Manish for a while, this time with his Parsi influenced ghagra choli for wedding eves. The cream and blue outfit is a delight. You could wear this for your reception. Team it with a dressy clutch and statement earrings and pose.

9. Benarsi Green

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Benarsi Green

Let me just begin by saying that saying Sabyasachi weaves magical dreams. Yes, we call them clothes. His use of the Benarsi fabric to make this green ghagra choli for wedding purposes, and the way he merges an unconventional colour into a bridal outfit one just has to own is pure magic.

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10. More Blues

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - More Blues

This ghagra choli for wedding occasions might seem too simple for your big day but it will be perfect for your reception. It is clean and beautiful. Drape the dupatta over your shoulders and let your hair loose. A big bindi and jhumkis along with a few kadas on your wrists. Picture it. It’s perfect.

11. Floral Dreams

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Floral Dreams

This pink net ghagra choli for wedding occasions is straight out of a fairy tale. The embroidery is subtle enough to completely dominate, and yet it doesn’t disappear in the flowers. The choli is sexy, and leaves your entire midriff open to flaunt. After all, you haven’t been slogging it at the gym to hide your midriff behind layers right?

12. Bridal Red

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Bridal Red

Let’s face it, you think bride and you think red. So it’s only fair that so do designers. The embroidery sets off beautifully against the red fabric. It’s rich. The same embroidery pattern flows on the choli and dupatta as well. It’s a safe bet.

13. Subtle And Demure

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Subtle And Demure

Falguni and Shane Peacock are the ones to be congratulated for this terrific pastel creation. Green, pink, dull gold and a touch of blue come together beautifully. The strappy choli and the almost plain dupatta are the perfect companions for this ghagra choli for wedding nights.

14. Traditional Yet Contemporary

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Traditional Yet Contemporary

Take a look. The fabric is a favourite traditional pick for the wedding, and yet the way the outfit is made and worn sets it apart. The makeup and hair can be very minimalistic and almost no jewellery. Yup, I know what you’re thinking. Now take this outfit, drape the dupatta conventionally, keep the hair and makeup minimalistic. There is enough colour in this ghagra choli for wedding festivities and then some. Add more jewellery. How about chaand balis or jhumkas, maang tikka and a nose stud or a ring? How about adding rows of bangles and a choker on your neck? That done, you’re ready for your pheras.

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15. From Gujarat

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - From Gujarat

The fabric that is wrapped as dupatta is patola fabric, a traditional Gujarati fabric that is used for special occasions like weddings, pujas etc. The plain ghagra is a great companion to the zardozi embroidered choli with long sleeves. This outfit is great. Again you will have to visualize to see what I’m talking about. Like in the case of the outfit here, think of wrapping the dupatta differently or you could even leave it as it is. Add a choker to your neck and wear bangles and a necklace. Complete this look with big jhumkis and tikka. Perfect, right?! Try and stick to antique-type jewellery though. It’ll look better.

16. The Non-Glitter Option

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - The Non-Glitter Option

This gold ghagra with a touch of red has no glittery embroidery on it. The shine and sparkle is very subtle, bouncing off from the fabric rather than embroidery. The touch of crochet on the blouse in the same dull gold shade allows you to shine through the garment. The net dupatta with a touch of thread-work is subdued enough not to dominate your jewellery; the perfect ghagra choli for wedding occasions.

17. Patchy Beauty

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Patchy Beauty

The outfit in the picture below is a combination of Georgette and Benaras. This one has Benaras patchwork over a Georgette lehenga. The patchwork design is highlighted by gold embroidery. The lehenga is outlined by patchwork border. The blouse is in Benaras fabric and multi coloured fabrics fused together.

18. Golden Bliss

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Golden Bliss

Hey! Don’t groan. You cannot go wrong with cream and gold. The ghagra choli for weddings you see here is a gorgeous example. It’s brasso fabric with embroidery with satin lining. Diamonds will go great with this outfit.

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19. Sunny And Bright

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Sunny And Bright

Let’s begin with the lace blouse. It’s a must have. The best part about it is that you can team it with any other lehenga or saree, and it will look great! Finally some way to recycle the wedding outfits so that they don’t just lie in your cupboard for years.

Now talking about the ghagra, the yellow one gets it right and how! Yellow with peach and pink. Wear this with some rubies.

20. Safe Bet

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Safe Bet

Red, blue and yellow come together beautifully in this safe and conventional ghagra choli for wedding pre preps. It’s predominantly red, with blue outlining it. The dupatta is yellow, with same blue border as the ghagra. Gold embroidery covers almost the entire ghagra. It comes with a red blouse. Makeup? Well, minimal, maybe smoky eyes.

21. More Flowers

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - More Flowers

This Varun Bahl creation is fresh off his latest bridal collection. The glitter on this is almost none, barring the silver thread-work on the lehenga itself, and the gold on the blouse. Even the dupatta is a burst of florals in beautiful colours.This ghagra choli for wedding engagements is the perfect host to all those pastel bridal colours.

22. Sexy Green And Pretty Pink

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Sexy Green And Pretty Pink

It’s hard to pull off sexy without looking crass. This ghagra choli for wedding sparks just made that task easier. The green ghagra with Parsi-inspired embroidery all over has just the right mix of colours. The choli with silver strips over pink plays the the perfect neutral canvas. It’s pretty, sexy and all those nice things.

23. So Simple Yet So Stunning

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - So Simple Yet So Stunning

Who would’ve thought chikankari work could look bridal and so ramp-worthy? This outfit is a stunner. It’s white all over, except for the gold border on the lehenga. If you are willing to experiment and steer away from traditional colours, here’s your winner.

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24. Elsa In Real Life

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Elsa In Real Life

The colour of the lehenga, the flowy frills, they all remind me of princess Elsa. The subtle hint of gold on the lehenga, and the more prominent jaali design on the blouse add just the right amount of glamour to it. The scattered mirrors are just the icing on the cake.

Go for a gold dupatta (preferably net) with some trims and delicate borders, and your wedding outfit is ready.

25. Leaving Trails…

Ghagra Choli For Wedding - Leaving Trails

Yup, that’s what you’re doing right! It’s time for you to move ahead and leave all that in the past along with trails of broken-hearted folks who wanted your hand. It’s a big day. And Sabyasachi was born to design ghagra choli for wedding nights and big days on the red carpet.

*Prices of the clothes are available on request.

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