Getting Ready Shots Every Bride Must Have in Her Wedding Album

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but even amongst pictures, there is often a hierarchy: Those captured at a wedding retell a fairytale!

Wedding photography has seen a revolution over the years. Today, photographers use their skill and blend it with creativity to produce mesmerizing pictures that beautifully project the true charm of a wedding. Gone are the days of clichéd and boring group photos, it’s now the time for candid and ‘off beat’ photography.

Today’s bride and groom give due attention to choosing a photographer who understands their exact and specific needs, and has the capability to highlight the significant moments.

Getting Ready – The Potential For Some Incredible Shots

Bridal dressing-up is such a long and beautiful process, that it makes for some exquisite moments worthy of being captured. It’s a time when the bride is calm and serene, conserving her energy, while being pampered by make up artists and hair stylists.

There aren’t too many people around, just the closest of friends and family – making it a light and warm environment for the bride to be at her comfortable best. So, all you brides-to-be take note… here are some great ideas for getting ready shots you absolutely must have in your wedding album.

1. Gown Glam


Before you put on your bridal attire, get some shots while you’re still in your comfy gown. Get your make up and hair on point and let it do all the talking.

2. Accessorizing


Get some shots of the many steps involved in dressing up. With the main focus on the accessories, let the glimmer of your accessories brighten up your wedding album.

3. Attention to Detail


Make sure your photographer catches every detail, big and small. It’s generally the smallest of details that make some of the most significant highlights of your getting ready shots.

4. Dazzling Dupatta


The ornamental and heavy dupatta is one of the most beautiful parts of the whole ensemble, make sure you catch every bit of it’s opulence! Against natural light or a posed picture as this one… let your creativity flow!

5. Best Foot Forward!


Your mehndi designed feet and your sexy bridal shoes is a perfect combination of tradition and style! Your bridal attire may hide your shoes, but they deserve the attention and definitely deserve to be captured!

6. Mumma Love!


Use this time and spend some loving quiet moments with your mum! It’s the best time to relax, talk, laugh and love before the madness begins! Capture the love and the peace.

7. Step by Step


Capture the step by step process of getting ready. From the clothes, makeup, accessories… keep capturing as you keep adding to your bridal look.

8. Silent Moments


The power of photography can capture even the unsaid… Capture the silence and the calm through pictures that define bridal beauty, but also tell a story of their own.

9. The Shoe-fie!


Take the selfie fever to the next level and try the SHOE-FIE! Your love for shoes needs to be framed.

10. Fashion Forward


You’ve spent days and months looking for that perfect wedding attire, make sure it gets to be the center of attraction even before you wear it on. Your bridal attire will always be your favorite dress and you will always smile just looking at your finery!

These are our Top 10 picks for getting ready shots for the bride; make sure you get them all and much much more! Get ready to freeze some priceless moments. Share your suggestions and favorites with us down below!

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