How To Get Pretty, Easy Curls Overnight Without Using A Single Hot Tool!

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Super long hair with magical waves – what else do you need to look glamorous? Everyone loves that perfect, beach wavy hair, but we cannot actually go to beach every day, can we? And if we did, we would probably end up damaging our hair.

Here’s a simple hair trick I’ve been using for years to get wavy hair. This easy trick doesn’t require any product or heat styling methods, but is a natural way to enhance your hair with curls without any damage.

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Before Going To Bed…

Wash your hair and let it air dry for some time. Split your hair into 2 sections – right and left. If you wish, you can also use a curling cream.

Hold a section together, and using your fingers twist it all the way till you reach the ends. Make sure you are combing your hair with your finger itself while you are twisting, so that the centre of your twists is twisting uniformly without creating frizz.

Once you are done with twisting till the ends, bring the ends to the crown of your head and pin them together using clips.

Repeat the same procedure with the other side as well. With the help of 2-3 clips, hold both the twists in place and set them the way you want to. Re-position the clips if required, but make sure that both the ends of the twists are secured with a clip.

Now, you are all set to slip into a peaceful slumber!

Once You Get Up…

Once You Get Up for hair
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Remove all the clips, flip your hair over and back, and there you are!  You rolled out of your bed with beautiful and wavy hair!

Doesn’t that sound pretty cool and simple?

To make your curls stay for longer hours, you can also use a hairspray and have wavy hair throughout the day.

Quick Tips:

  • Try to use the clips that have a no-slip grip.
  • Pay more attention to securing the ends of your twists – this will help to create uniform waves throughout your hair.
  • If you have thin hair, then a salt spray will do its job for your hair type. It adds volume to your hair and enhances its natural texture. It actually helps in nourishing your hair, rather than drying it out.
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Don’t worry if you are running out of your salt spray. Here’s a DIY salt water spray recipe:

  • Take 2 cups of hot water. Add 1 tablespoon each of salt, coconut oil and hair gel. Mix them together and pour it into a spray bottle.

Your salt water spray is ready to use!

Alternatively, you can also give a try by plaiting your damp hair into a loose braid before going to bed.

Rollers are also a good option if you want to try a no-heat method to get curly hair, but make sure to add product in order to maintain the natural texture.

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If you feel that your curls are too tight and did not come out as you expected, all you need to do is take a small amount of shining serum and rub it over your hands, and then gently run your fingers through your curls so that they open up a little as you pull them down the end.

Have you ever tried any of the above methods? What were your experiences? Let us know!

Till then, happy twisting!


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