Top 15 Gentle Names For Your Baby

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Do you want something different from the heroic, traditional or religious names for your baby? Are you looking for a soothing and gentle name for your baby? So go against the grain with these sweet, soft names.

There are many kinds of baby names-trendy, traditional and classic. Some baby names are full of energy; some names have a rough side while some have a softer side to them. Here is a list of 15 gentle baby names that have a timeless appeal to them.

Gentle Baby Girl Names :

1. Stella:

Show your baby that the sky is the limit for her by naming her Stella. The name sounds celestial and earthly at the same time. The meaning of Stella is ‘star’.

2. Charis:

This is one of the beautiful gentle girl names. The meaning of Charis is grace. With a name as positive as this, your little girl’s glass will always be full.

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3. Bella:

Is there anything to not like about a name that sounds and means beautiful? Bella is one of our favorites. It says ‘pretty and beautiful.’

4. Rosalie:

A floral-themed name will promise a lifetime of sweetness in your angel’s life. Rosalie, as the name implies, comes from the sweet smelling flower, rose.

5. Jemima:

Teach your child about the importance of peace in the world by naming her Jemima. The meaning of Jemima is a dove, one of the symbols of world peace.

6. Anna:

Anna is an evergreen name. It belongs to the family of Ann. But unlike Ann, Anna sounds exotic and gentle. It means favor or grace.

7. Julia:

The name Julia has ancient roots, but with a modern feel to it. Julia is a French origin name. It has connections with both saints and celebs. Julia means ‘youthful’.

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Gentle Baby Boy Names :

1. Abram:

Abram is a gentle, baby boy name of Hebrew origin. It is the original name of Abraham. The only difference is that it sounds trendier than the latter. The meaning of Abram is ‘high father’.

2. Anthony:

This is one of the famous gentle boy names. The name Anthony comes from a Roman clan name. The name retains its Latin charm and so does the nickname Tony. People also associate Anthony with a Greek word Anthos, which means flower. The meaning of Anthony is ‘priceless one’.

3. Daniel:

Daniel is another great name to consider for your little prince. This perennial favorite entered the top 10 list of baby names last year. Daniel is one of the names that sound both classic and modern. The meaning of Daniel is ‘God is my judge’.

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4. James:

James is a classic Anglo-Saxon name that has a soothing vibe to it. And is sounds even more stylish now that it was before. James is a name of English origin. It means ‘supplanter’.

5. Noah:

Even though Noah is a biblical name, it has now shaken off its ancient image. In the Bible, Noah built an ark to help his family, townsmen and animals survive the flood. The meaning of Noah is ‘rest.’

6. Arlo:

Arlo is a name from the Gaelic language. It means ‘between the two hills’. The name has a cheery feel to it, all because of its ‘o’ ending’. This name is at its peak of popularity currently.

7. Flynn:

How can we forget the handsome thief from the Disney feature film ‘Tangled’? Flynn is the Anglicized form of an Old Gaelic name. It was the name or nickname for boys with red hair or with a red complexion.

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8. Javen:

The name Javen is a variant of Javaugh. It comes from the Hebrew name ‘Yavan’, which means ‘Greeks’. Javen was the name of the fourth son of Japheth. Legends also say that Javan was the father of Greek people. We think it as one of the gentlest historical or traditional names.

So these are our favorite gentle baby names. These breezy baby names don’t have a harsh sound or sharp syllable. They have a sweet sound that just rolls off the tongue. What are your most favorite names from the list? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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