11 Dazzling Gemstone Engagement Rings For Your Sweetheart

When we talk about engagement rings, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably diamonds and a big fat diamond ring. Have you thought about rubies and emeralds instead? No? Well, if you haven’t, you should give it a thought. Gemstone engagement rings are here to break the diamond ring stereotype. These rings symbolize an eternal promise to love and we say it’s the perfect way to start your fairytale together.

Now, most of us know about emeralds, rubies and sapphires. But have you ever heard of topaz, amethyst, alexandrite or onyx? No, we’re not making up names, these are actual gemstones! Every gemstone as its own history and mythology, that’s why they are perfect for engagement rings.

You want your ring to have some meaning, you want it to define your love for each other as a couple. Gemstone engagement rings represent something unique and classic. There are a number of rings you can choose from. To make things a bit easier for you, we have listed some of our favourites down below:

1. Ruby And Emerald


This exquisite ring by TBZ is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a traditional ring with a combination of emerald and ruby. The detailing behind the ring just adds to its beauty and makes it one of a kind. These kind of rings are especially famous in Hindu weddings.

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2. Scorching Sapphire


Sapphires are one of the most popular engagement gemstones today. The dark hues of the blue sapphire is what makes this ring very appealing. Even Kate Middleton’s wearing it!

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3. Triumphant Topaz


The topaz gemstone comes in variations of yellow like honey, light brown etc. This magnificent ring has a certain charm to it. In ancient Rome, this stone was believed to represent the Goddess of the sun. Doesn’t this make the ring more special?

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4. Jittery Jade


This ring features a chunky green jade stone encrusted between small diamonds. The gold metal band surrounding the stone gives it a more conventional style. Jade stone is the royal stone of China and is known for its vivid green colour.

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5. Ravishing Ruby


This flower-shaped ruby ring will simply make her blossom. This stunning ring is exclusively designed by Tanishqand the gold detailing makes the ruby flower appear more bold. A ruby represents love, courage and passion and some say it’s a symbol of good fortune. It will definitely be her most prized possession (after you of course)!

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6. Astonishing Amethyst


This ring is designed by BlueStone and has an amethyst stone embedded between the smaller diamonds. For many centuries, the amethyst stone has been associated with various religious cultures. This gemstone is widely popular for its colour and availability.

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7. Extravagant Emerald


This rectangular emerald ring by PC Jeweller looks so ravishing. The emerald stone is rectangular in shape with rounded edges, the diamonds and yellow gold perfectly complement the green. The green colour of the emerald symbolizes love and rebirth. The tempestuous queen Cleopatra was famous for wearing emeralds.

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8. Ancient Alexandrite


This dazzling ring has a series of Alexandrite stones engraved into a gold band. This is one of the most rarest gemstones in the world and has colour changing powers. In the sunlight, it is yellow and in darkness its greenish red. This stone is very famous in Russia and is named after Alexander II.

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9. Generic Garnet


This ring is shaped like the sun but appears to be a flower. It consists of a combination of diamonds and garnet stones on a yellow gold band. This gem comes in many different colours but the most popular one is the orange garnet. Some believe that the garnet protects the owner from nightmares.

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10. Oozing Out Of Onyx


This one’s a real charmer. This gem is called onyx and is jet black in colour. The criss cross diamonds around it give the stone pop out effect. This ring is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic. Persians and Indians believe that this stone will protect the couple against all evil, or as we like to call it ‘buri nazar.’

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11. Zesty Zircon


This right here is our favourite – the zircon ring! It is a simple round shaped gem and there is not much detailing, so the gem itself stands out. This gem also comes in red and brown but blue zircons are mostly preferred. Zircon is said to promote prosperity and wisdom in your marriage life.

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So, there you go! Don’t these gemstone engagement rings look absolutely mesmerizing? As you can see, every ring is authentic in its own way. Every stone symbolizes something different and has its own story. So make sure you get her a gemstone engagement ring before you tie the knot. Let us know which one is your favourite.