10 Best Gecko Coloring Pages For Toddlers 

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Is your little one intrigued by geckos and lizards? Are you looking for some innovative coloring pages to further his interest? If you found yourself nodding along, you should consider reading our post. Here, we combine your little one’s love for lizards and coloring, by bringing you our Gecko coloring pages. Read on and find out more.

The gecko is one of the fascinating creatures in the reptile kingdom. With a structure similar to a lizard’s, geckos have a wide variety of colors and patterns. These lizards are excellent acrobats. They can race across the cliffs and walk upside down with ease. Kids adore these lizards for their impressive appearance and vivid coloration. These ten gecko coloring pictures will make an excellent addition to your kid’s summer activities.

10 Excellent Gecko Coloring Pages:

1. Gecko:

Geckos are tiny lizards found in places with warm climate throughout the world. These colorful lizards range from 0.6 to 24 inches in size. Gecko is one of the few lizards that use its voice to communicate with his pals. No, it does not speak. But it produces a variety of sounds, from squeaks to chirps. Some species of geckoes can also change their colors to blend with their surroundings.

2. African Fat-Tailed Gecko:

Here is another Gecko coloring page, the African Fat-Tailed Gecko which is a small, orange lizard with black stripes. As the name suggests, the African fat-tailed gecko stores it body fat in the tail. The fat helps it stay warm during winters. The gecko loves feeding on worms and insects. But unlike other species of geckos, African fat-tailed gecko does not have adhesive feet.

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3. Bibron’s Gecko:

Here is a finely detailed Gecko coloring sheet of a group of Bibron’s gecko. This gecko is native to the rocky terrains of the South African forest. These geckos prefer dwelling on the ground, as they have no adhesive capabilities. The Bibron’s gecko is not popular with the masses because of its erratic nature and tendency to bite.

4. Crested Gecko:

The Crested gecko, also called eyelash gecko, is one of the most intriguing species of geckos. These reptiles are rather famous for their crests that run from the eye and extend up to the tails. The hair-like projection near the eyes resembles eyelashes. The Crested Gecko was once an extinct species but was rediscovered in 1994.

5. Animated Gecko:

The animated gecko looks oh-so adorable. How can one not want to add color to this cute little guy? And look at the floral patterns on its body. Children can fill different shades in these flowers to give this gecko a colorful look. We’d suggest you to keep the backdrop muted, lest the diagram will look over the top.

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6. Dune Gecko:

The Dune Gecko is a dwarf gecko reaching just 3 to 4 inches in length that includes the 2-inch tail. These geckos are native to the arid regions of Israel and North Africa. Unlike other species of geckos, dune geckos cannot climb on smooth surfaces. Dune Geckos are nocturnal and spend the night resting in caves and burrows.

7. Monito Gecko:

This Gecko coloring page of Monito Gecko is native to the Monito Island and the archipelago of Puerto Rico. This gecko has a flat, dark brown body that grows up to 1.5 inches long. The Monito Gecko has short limbs equipped with suction cups that help them climb on the cliffs. Monito geckos are quite vocal. They bark, squeak and make clicking noises.

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8. Flying Gecko:

Here’s a flying gecko coloring sheets. A flying gecko cannot fly, but it falls in style. It has flat, rudder-like toes that help it leap from tree to tree. The flying gecko is a 6 to 8 inches long, brown and black gecko with tan blotches. Its unique colors help it blend with the environment.

9. Sticky Gecko:

Geckos have an unusual ability to cling to any surface. Do you wonder how they perform this feat? It’s because of the spatula tipped setae at the bottom of their feet. This gecko is sticking around to get some much-needed color. Can you ask your kiddo to add a splash of color to this lizard?

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10. Geckoman:

How cool does this Geckoman look standing on the cliff? He’s all geared up to fight the evil of the rainforest. And even we can’t wait to witness the duel between Geckoman and his enemies. Tell your little one to wish Geckoman all the best by adding some color to his image.

The unusual patterns on these coloring pages of Geckos will allow children to experiment as much as they want. It will also improve his fine motor skills in the process. Share your little Picasso’s masterpieces with us! Leave a comment below.

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