9 Fuss Free Mehndi Design For Groom

Shaadi calls for a grand Mehndi function — dhol, daaru and lots of dhamaka. But that’s not just for the brides. It is an Indian tradition for a groom to wear Mehndi too, hence the many mehndi design for groom ideas. This way while the guests get busy dining and wining, the bride and the groom can sit and chat about whose Mehndi is better (just joking). Below are nine simple, bold, and absolutely impressive mehndi design for groom ideas.

1. Simple Ornamental Mehndi Design For Groom

Simple Ornamental Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

Image: Shutterstock

A centered ornamental design, either a circle or a square, drawn with double lines and surrounded by small floral motifs and leafy fountains. And one of the boxes on the finger can be filled in with meshwork or bold triangles and circular lines. This design does not look complicated, takes very little time, and will look simple, yet elegant on a groom’s hand.

2. Nomad Heart Design

Nomad Heart Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

Like the name, the design will be clutter-free, simple and very classy. It will look like a road map filled in with henna colour, meshwork and double lines.

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3. Tribal Mehndi Design For Groom

Tribal Mehndi Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

Grooms who love tattoos will love to wear this design on their hands. It is a combination of bold, geometric and spiral designs. Absolutely clutter-free and simple to look at, and is a contemporary design that will even go well with the wedding suit for groom that he chooses to wear.

4. The Ornamental Ring Design

Ornamental Ring Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

This design only covers little space on the fingers leaving the palm and the wrist free of any Mehndi. Thick and thin lines, spirals and leafy motifs, intricate ornamental designs and geometric patterns adorn the grooms fingers. This design looks is again very simple yet arresting.

5. Leafy Paisely Design

Leafy Paisely Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

A delicate paisley motif on the palm, branching out to the fingers with the leafy motif looks traditional, and beautiful.

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6. Bold Handcuff Design

Bold Handcuff Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

The groom can either wear bold tribal or geometric designs on his wrist that goes up to mid arm, and cover parts of the fingers with thick bold lines of Mehndi. It does not look overly traditional, but looks just right to pair with an exceptional sherwani for groom.

7. Centre Circle Design

Center Circle Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

Image: Shutterstock

A circular pattern is drawn in the middle of the palm, and is filled in with delicate lines, dots, geometric shapes and spirals. To make the circular pattern look more embroidered and intricate – small circular patterns can be drawn outside the circle; filling them in the same style as the centre circle, making for some exellent mehndi designs for groom hands.

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8. The Trail Design

The Trail Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

This design is like a trail of vine flowers. That starts from the index finger and goes down till the wrist. It can either depict a tribal design, floral design or a geometric design.

9. Asymmetric Design

Asymmetric Design - Mehndi Design For Groom

This design reflects two different designs on both the hands. Depending on the groom’s preference, two different styles of Mehndi designs can be embellished on the groom’s hands — Nomad Heart design with the tribal Mehndi design. The ornamental ring design with the bold bracelet design are also some of the options.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock