30 Funny Love SMSes That Are Perfect To Break The Ice

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When you’re in love, every situation feels rosy. You feel chirpy and excited about everything that you do and you love spending fun-filled moments with your lover. Jokes and pulling pranks on each other are very much a part of any relationship. So basically, your life is filled with romance and all things about love. Here are some of the best funny love SMSes that you can send to your partner to make them feel special or to simply poke some fun at them. Check them out.


Truly, not everyone is lucky to experience true love in their lifetime. But if you have your true love by your side, then you can definitely use this funny love sms as a prank on them only to be followed by ‘but I have you!’


Isn’t this funny love sms true? Every relationship comes with its set of complications, or should I say, baggage of complications! But what matters is how you get through it.

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This funny love sms is a very old joke. But as they say, ‘old is gold.’ The funny quotient of this one never fades as deep down inside we all feel that it is a teensy bit true.


For all you couples out there with an economics background this one is simply gold! A little touch of statistics can make anything sound very convincing.


Starts with a deep romantic feel but the end makes you go ‘WHAT!’, doesn’t it? Add some fun to your relationship by using this funny love sms to convey your ‘true feelings!’


Ah, the world these days revolves solely around social status and social media status updates. We fall in love a little later than we actually announce it to our ‘Facebook friends.’


There are a lot of people in the world who are in a relationship but still love to make fun of the small little things. So this funny love sms is dedicated to them.


This is one funny SMS which starts with an ‘aww’ feeling but soon takes a naughty turn.


If you know what I mean… *wink wink* We all have our different definitions of what’s perfect to us and for some it may be a sweet little dinner outing while for others it may be something wild.


This funny love sms might be making fun of a girl’s nature to keep a check on her man but we all know that it is true to some extent. We don’t just see whom he’s checking out but also the things he likes so as to surprise him in the future.

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Some might say this is true for some while totally untrue for others. But if taken in a light-hearted manner, this funny love sms can easily be a message to laugh about.


Even though it is an old message, you can still use it to cheer up your friend nursing a broken heart.


This funny love sms is especially for the ones in school who have to worry about the exams and studies but have fallen in love and are struggling with both. How true…


You really can’t be well after ‘falling’ in love, can you? Once you fall in love, as most songs express, you lose all your peace and your life revolves around them.


Because some messages do not need to make sense all the time. Sometimes it is only about saying cute little things to bring a smile to their face.


Every guy would have experienced this funny love sms at least once…


Not jealous at all! Jealousy has its own shades but most people don’t like being called jealous as it is often seen as a negative trait.


Another funny love sms dedicated to the jealous and protective lovers. This poem might sound a little threatening, but c’mon, it is hilarious, isn’t it?


It teaches you how one person can become the centre of your life and much more important than anyone else.


This funny love sms is probably referring to the monetary bonds in today’s world where people come together only for the gains they can get from each other.

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This is what it means when people say the relationship is ‘complicated.’


Isn’t this funny love sms true? Being in love often makes you forget about the rights and wrongs that you once advocated for and against so strongly!


It is a well believed fact that most women share their relationship secrets with their best friends and with the trend of screen-shots the practice has been taken to another level all together. But then again, we’re not making light of playboy habits.


This funny love sms is the warning from a girl who knows how to demand what she deserves! Such a girlfriend is not to be messed with.


If you’re one who is wanted by many then you would know the dilemma of putting the others through pain. Also, it brings a weird satisfaction to the one who gets you.


One of the most crucial parts about living in or getting married is the sudden need to share the bed. That is the time when the seriousness of your love is tested.


Most people in the world today see money as an important factor while deciding the one to settle with. Won’t it improve your chances of picking a ‘better option’ then?


Gone are the days when people said that if someone came back to you it meant they truly loved you. No, it’s all about why they left in the first place. It’s still a very cheeky funny love sms though.


Love is a drug, for it transports you to another world all together. And thankfully, it’s one of those drugs, which for a change, is good for us.

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This funny love sms is one of those sleazy pick up lines that most men use on their girls and somehow it never loses its charm.

So you see, you can always find something sweet and funny to share. Have something to add?

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