44 Laugh Out Loud Funny Love Quotes To Tickle Your Fancy

Sometimes, love can be, well, funny! And the myriad of brilliant quotes on love, even more so. Check out some of these timeless musings on that oh-so-special feeling. It’s nice to see that which dictates our lives has been driving artistic geniuses to show off their creative sides, and these 44 Best funny love quotes do tickle our funny bones quite a bit!

1. Funny Love Quotes - Kathy Mohnke

Kathy Mohnke seems to have a way with words and a keen understanding of how marriages work, what with her funny love quotes, because that sort of description seems to be spot on, even if our diets aren’t.

2. Funny Love Quotes - James Garner

It’s like a sweet sweet torture, and we love the fact that there’s a drudgery-like, routine status attached to it.

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3. Funny Love Quotes - Jean Illsley Clarke

This isn’t specific to Clarke’s funny love quotes either, nor to purely romantic love. For example, ask any mother about her son.

4. Funny Love Quotes - An Egg Without Salt

This is one of those things that, like housework, seems to be a point of contention between the male and female psyches. Try it once, however, and the other side seems to change their mind about the whole thing – one way or another.

5. Funny Love Quotes - Richard Lewis

Actually, Mr. Lewis, while that might have been the case in your time, we’ll have you know that the national average for staying in love is a whole week now, thank you!

6. Funny Love Quotes - Socrates

Socrates, apart from his brilliant intelligence, also had a keen sense of wit, that for some reason, seemed to go unappreciated by his wife.

7. Funny Love Quotes - James Montgomery Bailey

We’re not sure about how others go about it, but we’re usually likely to have the odd onion salad once we’ve put a ring on it, and all that. You know how it is with funny love quotes and that even funnier feeling called love.

8. Funny Love Quotes - Joan Crawford

But that’s what makes it so interesting and mysterious, romantics and optimists and funny love quotes seem to say, choosing to ignore the pile of burnt-out souls that litter the streets. But who are we kidding? Even if all of the world’s poets and philosophers were to dissuade us, from love, we’d all find out we’re all rebel optimists on the inside too.

9. Funny Love Quotes - Tim Allen

Or bike. Or football, or food, or most anything basically. Except his phone battery, data plan and Facebook, of course.

10. Funny Love Quotes - Norm Crosby

Ever the romantic, Norm Crosby has a style that seems to get the message out loud and clear. Just like, you know, this fine example of funny love quotes.

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11. Funny Love Quotes - Leopold Fetchner

What a lovely little story! I would like a similar one to claim as my own, some day hopefully. Then I can claim to have done things that were memorable!

12. Funny Love Quotes - Miles Davis

Miles Davis wasn’t just a musical genius it seems, he was also keenly aware of when he had fallen deep down the rabbit hole, far too deep for his own good. But just as Alice discovered, it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

13. Funny Love Quotes - Irwin Corey

I don’t remember any of my professors possessing any dry wit, let alone any who had it in spades like Professor Corey, given his penchant for funny love quotes. Classes might have been a lot more interesting, if not a lot darker as well.

14. Funny Love Quotes - Agatha Christie

If Agatha Christie ever made a quip on love, you’d expect it to be dazzlingly witty, given the elaborate spools of yarn she spun throughout her career, and we can see here that she makes no bones about her choice of ideal lover.

15. Funny Love Quotes - Cerano De Bergerac

Perhaps not as “ha ha” funny as some of the other funny love quotes, but we just couldn’t leave it out because of the warm, fuzzy and giggly feeling this one always manages to give us; it’s like getting your nose tickled with a feather.

16. Funny Love Quotes - Like A Casserole

Before you ask for the recipe to your aunt’s outstanding chicken curry, you must first be able to make simpler things correctly. If you’re struggling with how to boil water, well…

17. Funny Love Quotes - Jack Benny

We’re inseparable, even if the death that does us part comes as a result of either one of us completely losing the plot for a few minutes. If you don’t think that that’s a perfectly reasonable position to hold, then you don’t know what real true love is, okay?

18. Funny Love Quotes - Cindy Garner

What Cindy fails to mention is that the very same pounds that were so encouragingly helped on when we were younger and better looking are begrudgingly tolerated when we’re older and not so easy on the eyes any more. Well…

19. Funny Love Quotes - Rowland

Lucky is the man who has it in reverse, until the day he gets hauled off to jail for his multiple traffic violations. In the meantime, let these funny love quotes serve as a towline!

20. Funny Love Quotes - Pearl Bailey

As opposed to being needlessly held up and harassed at the airport – all the while you’re waiting alone in a cold isolated room – wouldn’t it be nicer if customs were a breeze and the person behind the counter told us they admired our style? We think it would; but then we also like collecting corny funny love quotes.

21. Funny Love Quotes - Chico Marx

Part of the same troupe that gave us the infamous “I wouldn’t want to be a part of any club that would have me” line, Chico, just as Shaggy would later go on to advise, is sticking to his story.

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22. Funny Love Quotes - The Alarm Clock

This old Jewish proverb is like one of those things that groups of elderly gentlemen say to each other over a family gathering while the wives occasionally share over from the other table in between their hands of rummy.

23. Funny Love Quotes - Katherine Manfield

The national poet of New Zealand was a brilliant short story writer and poet of our age, and incidentally someone who also mass produced a lot of funny love quotes too, but even she seems to have missed the fact that millions in this world cannot tell a mushroom from a toadstool, just as they can’t tell a frog from a toad, and just as they cannot tell love from infatuation, desire, lust, desperation or anything else.

24. Funny Love Quotes - Erich Segal

Ever the pragmatist, Erich Segal reminds us that unlike a Hollywood (or Bollywood) love story, the story of love in our lives needn’t play out in a manner that must retain the attention of audiences across the nation, even if it’s sitting beside you in the movie theatre.

25. Funny Love Quotes - Fran Lebowitz

Okay, we’ll admit there’s nothing pointedly funny about this particular quip, apart from the fact that Fran Lebowitz seems to have randomly picked a time frame after which love becomes legitimate! But then and again, two years should suffice to have seen every other ‘mood’ of your lover!

26. Funny Love Quotes - Pauline Thomason

You know a simple play on words is quite brilliant when after the initial chuckle you begin to ponder the significance of the statement. Eye-opening how? Will it be amazing, but then she wouldn’t have specified it, would she? Well, funny love quotes are introspective like that.

27. Funny Love Quotes - The Triumph Of Imagination

And a third marriage, we think there’s an overplayed quote regarding insanity that’s often mis-attributed to Einstein out there somewhere.

28. Funny Love Quotes - Can't Take A Joke

Or that particular man has some sort of self esteem issues, but these kinds of details don’t matter if they’re coming in between the laughs. Just remember though, only for laughs.

29. Funny Love Quotes - Henry Youngman

See it’s easy to mistake funny love quotes like this classic one-liner from Henny Youngman as being too cynical, but people need to remember that Henny was a comic, and just as any good comic, he only spoke the truth.

30. Funny Love Quotes - Helen Rowland

Helen Rowland doesn’t even make any pretence of humour here as she plainly speaks the facts. The delivery however is what brings the smile to your face; kinda like that smile you’ve got after a visit to the dentist.

31. Funny Love Quotes - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde sure loved to voice his opinions, and he sure had a lot of them. This one however, we’re willing to vouch, he didn’t concoct sitting at his balcony. This one came to him as he lay bereft on an idle Thursday, and is the culmination of deep introspection and years of experience.

32. Funny Love Quotes - Love Thy Neighbour

Har har. But, no seriously, if you must, if you really must be a home wrecker, this is solid advice to follow.

33. Funny Love Quotes - Oliver Herford

Sometimes affectionately called “The American Oscar Wilde,” it’s not hard to see why such a comparison might be made when you look at the above quote. Change is the only constant and change is good, we’ve all heard that before right?

34. Funny Love Quotes - Woody Allen

Woody Allen has to be one of the greatest comic minds of all time, right up there with the Marx brothers. And we’re tempted to say that if Groucho were around when Woody opined thus, he would ask, “what’s the difference?”

35. Funny Love Quotes - Sigmund Freud

To be clear, there’s not much that Sigmund Freud couldn’t answer at the time, psychoanalysis or funny love quotes. His theories may be past their ‘sell by’ date with all of the progress in modern psychology, but boy did he ever have an influence on academia. And he was no crazy genius like Newton either, he had a wife whom he loved very much, a simple life in Vienna and like 18 children. The man knew what he was talking about, or didn’t, as he says here.

36. Funny Love Quotes - The Brain

Then it bizarrely rewards itself for making illogical decisions on a routine basis. Maybe it’s not such an outstanding organ after all.

37. Funny Love Quotes - Follow Your Brain

They should teach advice like this in school. Every time I’m at a difficult crossroad in my life looking for advice, all I can remember is “Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell.”

38. Funny Love Quotes - I'm Crazy

Just so we’re clear, if this were a logic class, that will not refute his point. So, yes, whether your husband is crazy or not, there’s an anthropological text being written around you without your knowledge.

39. Funny Love Quotes - Love Poems With Socrates

If you’re like me, every time you read this excellent Socrates quote, you internally cringe for a while. Pentameter, verse, talent? What are those?

40. Funny Love Quotes - Anonymous Wisdom

Anon because his lawyer said it was the right course of action at this juncture.

41. Funny Love Quotes - As Long As Money Endures

It’s funny cause it’s true, in a sort of head cocked sideways, single-exhalation, weak smile sort of way. That and anon-origin funny love quotes usually come from souls who tell it like they see it.

42. Funny Love Quotes - Mignon MacLaughlin

Yet puppy love might be the one that causes the greatest number of unaffected people the most pain; and a decidedly inexhaustible source of funny love quotes the world over.

43. Funny Love Quotes - Trust Your Husband

We like to think this particular lady went anon so as to not tip her husband off, but she did leave behind solid advice on love and life!

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Funny Love Quotes - Katherine Hepburn

Katharine, was married to another man for 6 years before getting together with co-actor Spencer Tracy. They were together for over 20 years, and not one second of those married.