29 Honestly Funny Love Quotes For Her Pleasure And Yours Too!

When you are in a relationship, there will be several moments that are intense and passionate. There will be times when you two are the cliched love-birds who just cannot get enough of each other. And these romantic moments are some of the moments that you would never really forget.

These intense moments are but few and so much else goes into the making of a healthy, long term relationship. And one of the things that will definitely keep your relationship entertaining and fun is – humour. It is said that a woman falls in love with her ears. Now that may be bit of a stretch, but the fact remains that a good joke is always welcome, and as such, we’ve compiled a list of funny love quotes for her to laugh about. Whether you are sarcastic or you have a penchant for spouting funny limericks, getting her to laugh is one of the most satisfying things you could do in a relationship. Sometimes all she needs after a long day of work is just a good laugh.

A funny guy is always attractive because he not only lightens the mood, but actually has the courage to be himself. Not only that, it takes a certain level of intelligence to pull off a good joke and intelligence is something that all women would appreciate in their man. Not just that, humour is something that will go a really long way in diffusing some of the conflicts in your relationship. You know how sometimes you fight, but then one joke is all it takes for the two of you to snap out of the angry mode. Other times, a good laugh is all it takes to gain some perspective on the problems that have been plaguing your life. Hell, everything is better if you can share a good joke about it! So, here are some hilariously funny love quotes for her that show your special lady how much you love while also making her laugh. You will thank us for this later!


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Richard Jeni

Funny love quotes for her that are sure to elicit a smile? Check.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Natasha Leggero

This doesn’t just go for hair extensions. Let your lady know you’ll love her even if she has something stuck in her teeth or she just got a terrible haircut!


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Jean Illsley Clarke

This is such a light-hearted way of poking fun of your love. Yes, you adore each other’s quirks and are often irritated by it. Being able to admit this means you guys have a strong relationship. Keep the good vibes going with funny love quotes for her like this one.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Jerry Seinfeld

When husbands and stand up comics meet…this is the outcome!


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Chelsea Handler

The easiest way to break up would be to introduce them to your family, it would seem! One of the many funny love quotes for her at your family’s expense.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 6

Some anger management can go a long way in saving a relationship…and your bones!


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 7

This quote will get anyone giggling. Once she bursts into laughter, tell her how your love for her is spontaneous and you will be all set.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 8

This would be perfect if your special lady likes Star Wars. Reference humour is even more special because it gives you guys a chance to laugh about a common interest that you share. And if that is he case, then this is one of those funny love quotes for her that will be perfect for you two to bond over. And my wish for you is rather simple – ‘May the force be with you’.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 9

Life is complicated and chaotic. If your lady brings a sense of stability and meaning to your life, make her feel really valued with this witty quote.


Funny Love Quotes For Her 10

This quote is as witty as it is charming. If you are feeling those butterflies in your stomach every time you see your love, then this would be a great way to tell her how much she means to you.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 11

This would be perfect for you if you or your lady is interested in chemistry. Let the nerdiness shine through as you two laugh about this together.


Funny Love Quotes For Her -12

Who doesn’t love free wi-fi? But if you would happily trade that for some time with your lady, it definitely means that you are in love!

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Funny Love Quotes For Her -13

These cute verses would floor any woman (ok, some women.). Not only can you share your love for vintage video games, but this lets her know there will always be an extra controller on your console just for her! Who needs roses and violets when you could game together!


Funny Love Quotes For Her -14

It would be foolish to copy without pasting. These are inseparable, just like the two of you. She will definitely think of you the next time she needs to copy-paste something.

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Funny Love Quotes For Her - 15

You might be thinking that google does this too. But your lady does it better and you know it!

16.  Funny Love Quotes For Her -16

This mixes humour and flattery and would be potent enough to make her day!

17.  Funny Love Quotes For Her - 17

This is a great way to twist the McDonalds tagline and use it to your advantage. Go ahead and make her smile with this one.


Funny Love Quotes For Her -18

Well, you do know how bad it is to borrow something and never return it, right?


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Charles Schultz

Sharing your food even if you don’t really want to is true love, indeed!


Funny Love Quotes For Her - Barbara Hower

So now you know. Your love is going to keep you healthy, active and fit! So make sure she gets a good laugh as you send her this quote.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 21

Ah, the classic banana split may not be the choicest of desserts for you two tonight.


Funny Love Quotes For Her -22

Now you and everyone else knows that this is one of the biggest complements you can give your beloved!


Funny Love Quotes For Her -23

Anyone who has ever had a pet cat would relate to this. The sheer joy in their feline faces as they bask under the sun could never compare to what you feel for your lady. You should make sure she knows how you feel.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 24

If your lady has a beautiful smile that really arrested your heart against your wishes, then this is the perfect way to tell her.


Funny Love Quotes For Her - 25

A romantic quote reminding her how she needs to be with you – for health reasons of course!


Funny Love Quotes For Her -26

This is quite flirtatious and funny at the same time. Wish her a wonderful day while also complementing her, how sweet!


Funny Love Quotes For Her -27

If your lady love makes you feel happy special all day long, then this would be just the thing to tell her.

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Funny Love Quotes For Her - 28

This cute quote says that just like google, your special lady too has all the answers to the important questions in life.


Funny Love Quotes For Her -29

Dopamine, serotonin – you know what makes us feel those rush of emotions! Explain it to her scientifically with this one!