11 Funny Love Messages For Crazy Hearts

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So you’ve been searching for funny love messages eh? Here are a few hilarious messages that are sure make your partner laugh out loud, and maybe even give you a nice hug or kiss. It is an idea you cannot go wrong with as love and humour always go hand in hand. Read on and share what you see, and we are sure you’ll make your partner beam with happiness!


This funny love message with its witty undertones gently nudges the receiver to commit to a decision if they have been indecisive. A must-share message if you’ve been waiting to know if the other person really is interested or not – and yet not a message that is serious or boring.


This is as simple and cute as love messages get, a love message that anyone would be thrilled to receive. While not funny in the conventional sense, if you’re looking for a message that will put a smile on your partner’s face, this is the one that will get the job done with minimum fuss.

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This hilarious love poem will have everyone in splits, perfect for a couple who have come to be very comfortable around each other to share a comfortable laugh over!


This love quote is silly and sweet, and fitting for the couple that is crazy in love. It really doesn’t matter what you are sharing, what matters is the crux of the message and this one has loads of love, hope and longing cleverly packaged into it, without descending into soppiness, and is something that will have your partner grinning as they read it.


This quirky quote acknowledges that your relationship may not be perfect, but underlines the commitment, strength and courage that you share – while being able to elicit a good chuckle.


This simple love quote is quite innovative and rather self explanatory.

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Pull your partner’s leg with this hilarious love message that essentially captures all that your partner provides you with, and jokes about how easy it is to replace! Be careful of not being hit by a pillow right after though, even if just playfully!


You know your partner is waiting for the “I love you”, which he or she is surely going to get, but after a small and silly twist. This light-hearted quote is both funny and adorable, and makes for a compelling share with your partner.


A trip here isn’t just a natural physical fall, but also could mean a trance – a wave of magic, love and joy. A message that is straight from the heart, one that will make your partner feel special.


A quote that is so gross that it’s endearing. And it’s sure to make your partner feel, uh, “special”.

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This cheeky quote will make the sender grin just as much as the receiver, and if the both of you are similarly inclined, this quote can be just as sexy as it is fun to receive.

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