Funny Love Letters: 6 Wacky Letters To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Funny Love Letters; Who says that while writing love letters, you have to be very serious and have to maintain an elevated tone to impress your love? If you have a good sense of humour and know that the person concerned can handle a bit of wit and fun well, why not lace your love letter with something humorous to have a fun take on life?

These ardent lovers wrote some unconventional funny love letters to their love interests.

They took the untrodden path. Take a look and share a laugh!

Funny Love Letters - 6 Wacky Letters To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Sample Letter #1

Dear ….,
I am so glad to inform u that I have fallen in love with you since the first day I met you. I would like to present myself as a prospective lover. Our love affair would be on probation for a period of two months. Upon completion of probation, there will be performance appraisal leading to promotion from lover to spouse.

Isn’t this an awesome choice for funny love letters, that will throw the reader off balance as they try to figure out what is the message exactly? It is a quirky take on love that is fun and exciting to read. Your partner is surely to feel hyped and awesome reading a love letter as funny and hilarious as this. Take a note of this love letter to write one of yours and surprise your partner in the most awesome way possible, because don’t you just love them laughing and smiling with affection?

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Sample Letter #2

Hey Honey,

A funny case that happened with my colleague reminded me of the incident that happened in our lives three years ago. I had advertised for a well-educated maid in the paper because getting such maids in my area wasn’t possible, while my lawyer neighbour had advertised in the same paper for an assistant lawyer but our bungalow numbers had been mistakenly printed in each other’s ads.

So you being a freshly graduated lawyer came to my house and I being struck by love at first sight thought you were a maid and instantly hired you. While my lawyer neighbour hired the maid as his assistant. My colleague also had change of bungalow numbers and wrong party came to visit him. He too is head over heels in love with that girl now as I was with you at first glance. Your black long hair, formal outfit, intelligence, personality, and beauty bowled me over. I felt like kneeling down and proposing there and then itself but then it struck me that you came for the job of a maid.

But when I came to know that you were a lawyer and didn’t know house chores I played a prank of becoming a lawyer myself. I am glad about the goof up; otherwise you wouldn’t have been in my life. Thank you for being there. Love you.

Yet another thoroughly bizarre one among funny love letters that you can come across, which expresses an incident with such a hilarious take. Make your partner read such letters sometimes or just surprise them by writing one. To take hints on how to go ahead with the same, just follow the patterns and cues as presented in the sample above and you will definitely churn up something awesome. Just do not forget to be original and don’t shy away from expressing yourself.

Sample Letter #3

Hey Sweetheart,

You know that I have always been a good student.

Diligent and attentive, I have never needed to study a lot to get good grades. It happens, however, that after I have noticed your presence, I don’t know any more if I look at the books, at the teacher, or simply at nowhere. This is what ends up happening each time I see you.

It is true, I see you and I go into orbit, I lose my concentration, my hands tremble and my heart beats faster.

Look, I have always liked college, the classes, the academic environment, the jokes and the possibilities of making friends. But after I have definitely noticed your shy and noble existence, I have continued to like all of that, but I have started to only pay attention at you.

Giggle and laugh together with your love as you sit together and read yet another one of our funny love letters from a ‘good student’ supposedly. It has all the elements of fun and is packed with pretty funny punch lines that you can just read aloud and laugh. It quite aptly expresses the nervousness one goes through while expressing the feelings of love to someone. But the style with which the letter is written makes it quite a humorous read and both people concerned can share a laugh on it.

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Sample Letter #4

Wow! I think I am 101% in love with you. Can I be so bold to invite you to study with me Saturday afternoon and after, invite you to go to the movies and then, invite you to go to dinner and then, invite you to go dancing and then, if you were not tired of my lack of objectivity, ask you a kiss?

Answer, please, or shorten the process by giving me this kiss at once!

Another of the witty and hilarious funny love letters you can come across. It is fun to read and share and is sure to make anyone laugh aloud. Share this funny yet sweet love letter with your loved one and have a funny and light moment with them. You can also write a letter like this to your loved one and put a smile on their face.

Sample Letter #5

Dear …,

Every person who loves himself will definitely love others. I loved you in spite of the black spots you have on your face. I hope you will understand the frankness and straightforward nature with which I am telling you that you are not good looking. I love you with all of my heart though you are illiterate and even cannot read this letter. I am sure that you are not used to the classy life and lived below the poverty line. I also know that you are not attractive at all. One thing I like in you is the IQ level which you have.

I started loving you only when you dared to jump into the sewer for the very simple gold ring of mine. I am writing this to let you know that I would officially propose to you tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. sharp. I will be glad if you can allot your time to meet me in Grand Viscera Hotel by the mentioned time in the morning. If you cannot make it, try sending your representative to discuss on this.
I will be waiting for your presence or for your representative’s presence.

Yours beloved,

A quirky and cute love letter that you can send to your loved one and surprise him/her with a big smile. You will love to read the funny narration of events in this love letter that is sure to tickle your suppressed sense of humour. Life is not always about taking things too seriously. Sometimes, anxious moments can be lightened up with the right approach and a little humour. This letter surely achieves that in all ways to show us an absolutely perfect example of funny love letters. Feel inspired and write one of yours too.

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Sample Letter #6


We will find our way to finish our lives together. I want to grow old with you and do what old people do. You may outlive me, but if you don’t, I vow I will treasure and care for you until your very last breath. And no different than Johnny and June, I will live out the fleeting moments of my life making sure the world remembers the mark you made for eternity. I never thought I would find someone so beautiful, passionate and giving. We will be like Tom and Jerry, me after your life all the time, and you trying all ways to escape. We will be together like them, always. Your sacrifices do not go un-noticed. I love you beyond anything.

The last of the funny love letters collection, it sweetly reminds us of the funny yet awesome chemistry of our favourite cartoon characters and how they kept pulling each other’s legs yet they were never apart.
Had a great time reading these funny love letters? Any funny ones to share? Write to us.

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