11 Funniest #WeddingFails Found On Twitter

Twitter is the rage, people are hilarious and weddings are great occasions to witness this. From distracted to-be-hubbies to bad misspellings, we have eleven wedding fails (Twitter gems) that are outright hilarious. I scoured the depths of Twitter (not really) to find you these nuggets under the hashtag #weddingfail to bring you these. Please feel free to enjoy and do share. A little laugh doesn’t hurt, right?

1. Moose Love


Either this man forgot to take his ADHD pills or he really loves moose. Or worst yet, maybe he’s an Insta-addict. Whatever maybe the reason, the bride better be aware who she’s marrying!

2. When The Cows Finally Come Home…

Wedding blunders are things you really really can’t avoid. This family seemed to have counted their blessings too soon. After all, even though it’s 2016, we still can’t read minds of animals.

3. Thirsty


I can’t imagine how angry the bride and groom’s parents must have been. But worse yet, I can’t imagine how the rest of the guests kept themselves composed and did not burst into fits of laughter.

4. Uh… Sorry, I’m Not Your Husband!

Okay. This HAS to be the best fail. I mean..how? Just… what?! Wow… I can’t even…like… Nope. Nope. I can’t comprehend just HOW do you mess up your OWN wedding venue?!

5. Grandpa Funnybones


I swear! Sometimes grandparents are an absolute madhouse! This grandpa’s antics left me in splits. Though it makes me wonder how his family puts up with him.

6. The Wedding Dead

Okay. Now I can’t decide which one wins the prize. Number 4 or number 6? I mean… the revenge level of this band member is too damn high!

7. Misspelt Hilarity


In the age of auto-correct failures, this has to be the most hilarious grammar fail till date! And here’s to hoping that there is little truth in those misspelt words.

8. Well-Fishers


No offence to the aunt but if someone would take the efforts to row back and forth multiple times to warn me against marrying, I’d stop and ask why. Because I bet they have a pretty good reason to be rowing multiple times!

9. It’s Not A Child’s Play

Honestly though, if I was that kid, I would have done that too. I mean.. Who cares about flowers and petals? Who cares about weddings?! If I were five, the only thing i’d care for was cake.

10. A Bloody Wedding


This one is so gory and sad! Just imagine the horror on the faces of everyone who witnessed this event. Imagine the plight of the bride and groom who were just trying to free the butterflies. Ouch!

11. Grave Mistakes


We’ve all had this situation with our parents where they tried to get the hang of the hip things. And sometimes, these lovely poor souls end up sending out the wrong signals. This is just another instance.

These were eleven hilarious tweets under the hashtag #weddingfail on Twitter. If you think I missed out on something even more hilarious, share ’em with us!

Images Souce: twitter,  Featured image