5 Fun & Crazy Bridal Shower Themes For Your BFF

Yippy! Your BFF is getting married, and you just cannot stop thinking about all the hot men you are going to meet, all the beautiful dresses you are going to wear, all the cocktail parties you will have to attend. But wait a minute! Aren’t you forgetting something? We know! You aren’t! The bachelorette party is the most looked forward day of all the days of celebration. And you want it to be more than memorable for your BFF and yourself. We feel you. And this is why we have brainstormed five cute and wild bridal shower themes to make your planning a wee bit easier.

1. A Beach Bonanza

A Beach Bonanza

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If you are looking for a one night getaway, and aren’t too far away from the beaches, treat your BFF to a beach bonanza! Pack your bags with the sexiest lingerie, alcohol and pump your car’s stereo with awesome music tracks. Park the car, turn on the music, light a bonfire, spread out the late night picnic, change into sexy bikinis, and get the party rolling! Twinkling stars in the dark blue sky, music of the dancing waves, wind in your hair, and all you girl friends together. Your BFF couldn’t have asked for more. One of the best bridal shower themes that’s economical and lots of fun!

2. Slumber Party


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Blow away your BFF’s mind with this unforgettable weekend slumber party, one of those bridal shower themes that everyone involved can associate with! Rent out a villa or a cottage with a pool, and let the fun begin. Two nights’ of fun and frolic will leave your BFF with mind blowing memories. Let the first night be all about girlie talks, pulling her leg, good food, dancing, champagne, and cupcakes. Next day, let the party begin in the afternoon. Jump into the pool, and sip on kiwi margaritas and strawberry mojitos. Come dusk, take out all the boa feathers, the soft pillows, all the liquor bottles, cupcakes and delicious entrees, and just get rolling!

3. Campout


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Not all brides-to-be want a wild night out as their last celebration of spinsterhood. They just want to spend time with their friends, chatting, drinking, and reliving old memories. And weaving a beautiful future together. Pack your tents, your picnic basket, and travel to the hills if you live in a valley. Light a campfire or lanterns, set-up the tent, spread out the sheet, lie down with a glass of your favourite drinks, and day-dream under a shimmering sky. Stars look way prettier when you are on the hills. And your BFF will absolutely love it!

4. Desi Tadka

Indian Food

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All of us have one such friend who loves everything desi — from blaring Bollywood music to sexy thumkas. From butter chicken to parantha’s. If your BFF is a Bollywood and desi cuisine fan, let this night be all about her favourites. Order mouth watering, absolutely greasy, dal makhani and paneer butter masala. Dress up like Tanu from ‘Tanu Weds Manu,’ make a list of sexy item songs, and bring out the patiala glasses. Your BFF will go wild! And she will wake up with the best hangover of her life.

5. Neon Paint Splatter Party


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Girls just want to have fun. And your BFF will love it if her last few days of spinsterhood is painted in neon paints. Yes! We are talking about one wild, absolutely crazy night of neon paint splatter party. You either plan it at somebody’s house, or at a nightclub where you will be allowed to splash neon paint at one another. Call for test tube shots, listen to blaring EDM, and just go wild. If your BFF is somebody who doesn’t mind getting wasted and painted, don’t settle for the stereotype bridal shower themes. Think out of the box and empty the paint cans. It’s neon time!