8 Captivating And Delightful Full Hand Mehndi Designs

The English word ‘henna’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘hinna’. Henna has been regarded as having Barakah(blessings of God) and that is what probably started the ‘night of the henna’ tradition where women and men deck themselves with henna. It is said that ‘where there was joy, there was henna’. Historically, ‘henna’ has been used for decorative purposes; the art of decoration known as mehndi in ancient India. It has also been found to be used in the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, Carthage, parts of North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

The ‘night of the henna’ or ‘mehndi ki raat’ as known in India has remained an important tradition in most countries as part of festive celebrations and wedding ceremonies. Bridal henna nights are a popular tradition in countries from the continent of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the near East and South Asia. However, each place has infused its own customs into the designs and patterns with which the henna or mehndi is applied. There is the Arabic design which is probably the most popular style of mehndi. Then, there is the Indian design which has a score of styles. Thirdly, we have the Pakistani style which is a mixture of Arabic and Indian designs. Finally, there is the African design which again has numerous and unique styles.

In all four styles, mehndi can be applied to various parts of the body. However, most people prefer to have the application done on their hands and legs. Having said that, I must say, I honestly think that mehndi should be applied to the hands as you can show off all those beautiful patterns. When worn with the right dress, a full hand mehndi design looks like an extension of the arms of the dress and in my opinion that’s the beauty of it. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at these breathtaking full hand mehndi designs to make you look oh-so-beautiful!

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Unlike the Indian mehndi designs, the Arabic style doesn’t focus on detail and minimalistic patterns making it uncomplicated. For a full hand mehndi design, the patterns slide down the hand in elegant curves and arches. These designs comprise of a wide array of sequences including the stars and the moon other than flowers, leaves, branches, peacocks and paisleys.

Arabic Mehndi - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Now, take a look at that. Isn’t that one of the most beautiful full hand mehndi designs you have seen? It’s beautifully crafted. Let’s take it from the top. The design on the top part of the fingers on the right hand begins with a circular flow and then separates into singular lines ending in the middle. The lines curl in the opposite direction from there and move down the finger ending in a small dot. The last quarter of the fingers are filled with beautiful arches. The left half of the palm is filled with semicircles leading down. The right half is filled with two peacocks and two paisleys each on opposite directions while petal-shaped arches encompass the bottom of the palm. The right bottom of the palm is again filled with beautiful semi-circles exactly like the left half of the palm. All of this is followed by a horizontal line on the right bottom of the palm and a curved line on the left bottom with both the lines ending under the petal-shaped arches at the centre making the palm look like an angled triangle. The horizontal line is followed by vertical lines while the curved line is followed by more petal-shaped arches down to the centre of the hand. The rest of the hand is filled up with more peacocks and paisleys along with curves, semi-circles and petal-shaped arches.

The design on the left hand is much simpler but looks magnificent with the silver motifs. Just below the fingernails are little peacocks from which trail down a tail of dots. These are accentuated by beautiful curls leading to more peacocks on the fist. Finally, there are a few more semicircles on both sides of the peacocks on the fist and are trailed by dotted lines and curls again to complete the design. The silver bracelet adds class to it all. Beautiful indeed!

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Arabic Henna - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

This is one of those full hand mehndi designs for bride that has everything. Let’s start with the right hand and let’s take it up from the elbows this time. Beautiful moon-like motifs followed by an elephant which is rare and that’s what makes it unique. The elephant is on horizontal lines filled with verticals followed by little paisleys in squares. These are followed by more vertical lines inside horizontals giving it a three-dimensional effect. These are followed by small floral designs starting on the left side of the right hand. Follow the design carefully, notice that the floral pattern goes up to the centre of the index finger and then comes back down from the middle finger to the centre of the palm, moving to the left trailing down to the centre of the arm. Inside this space are various circular curls and two peacock heads which are facing the elbow. The second peacock’s throat leads to two paisleys which then lead to a flower at the wrist. Right on top of the flower is another peacock with two heads, one facing the top of the hand and the other facing the bottom. Outside this design at the centre of the hand are various circles and semi-circles on both sides of the hand leading up to the top quarter of the fingers. The design is completed with flowers at the top.

The full hand mehndi design on the left hand starts with the same pattern as that on the right except for the elephant which is facing the other elephant on the right hand. Once the three dimensional bangle is completed in the middle of the arm, the design changes. There are two huge paisleys, one above the other but each of them is shielded by a protective semi-circle filled with dots and curves. This is followed by another bracelet design with little paisleys in squares ending at the wrist. On the right bottom corner of the palm starts a beautiful floral design that expands into a full flower at the centre ending with three small paisleys. From the bottom left corner of the palm, the design moves in a semi circle above the flower and the paisleys and ends below the little finger. This is followed by circles and semicircles till the top quarter of the fingers where the design is completed with a floral pattern just like it is on the right hand. Explicit work!

Indian Mehndi Designs

The Indian mehndi designs have so many variations. Every state has a different mehndi style. However, the Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Gujarati, Marwari and Mughlai are the most well-known designs.

Indian Henna - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

This Kashmiri take on full hand mehndi designs is an absolute delight. It looks simple which is what floral designs are all about. Yet, it’s a difficult look to pull off. All Kashmiri designs start at the bottom of the hand going up towards the fingers. They aren’t very complex patterns like the Rajasthani or Guajarati designs and they have a lot of empty spaces on the wrist and palm so that the design is clearly visible. These empty spaces are also left as a sign of the emptiness of some branches on trees. Kashmiri designs use three main patterns – floral, branches and leaves.

This pattern starts at the middle of the hand with flowers. The flowers rest on semi-circular grooves which are followed by vertical lines on the right hand. These verticals are followed to the side by diagonal lines making diamond shaped boxes with dots in them. On the left hand, all the floral grooves are followed by vertical and diagonal lines making the same diamond-shaped boxes but these don’t have dots in them. The design on both the hands is then followed by little diagonal at the wrist.

The designs start to vary here. On the right hand, there are dots leading up to every finger followed by three flowers on the fingers except for the index one. There is a massive flower on the fist with a leaf pointing towards the wrist. The flower is followed by a small one on the index finger which is connected to the petals. In the middle of the index finger are two small dots that lead to a small box-shaped design that ends at the beginning of the fingernail.

On the left hand, the design starts with five floral patterns on the thumb but otherwise stays the same as it is on the right hand. However, the flower on the fist is narrower when compared to that on the right hand with the number of leaf-like patterns being more. These leaves connect to the diagonal at the wrist making it look more complete.


Full Hand Mehndi Designs - Indian Mehndi

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This is a Mughlai iteration of full hand mehndi designs for bride, and is a treat to the eyes. It truly is meticulous, like all Mughlai designs. The detail is just breathtaking. Let’s take a closer look.

Starting at the middle of the arm, you can see peacock feathers followed by a horizontal line leading to a three dimensional bangle with vertical lines. The bangle is followed by a pot or kettle of some kind with leaves to its side. The pot is on a horizontal line below which are dots placed in perfect symmetry. From the wrist, there’s a leaf that comes up to the horizontally placed dots. Beside the leaf are semi-circular floral arrangements which continue to the top-most part of the fingers from both sides of the hands. In the centre, the leaf leads to a diamond-shaped arrangement with dots in the middle. This leads to a paisley at the centre of the palm. The paisley is then completed with two more leaves on the top with the second leaf mingling with the design on the little finger. The left side of the palm is left empty with simple semicircles. This gap between the design gives it a distinctive pattern and makes sure that the design stands out.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

The Pakistani mehndi design is a delicate mix of the Indian and Arabic styles. This design is known to be a blend of the bold Arabic outlines and intricate Indian patterns.

Pakistani Henna - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

This is a very simple yet classy design. It shows the bold Arabic style with a beautifully designed arch and two very beautiful paisleys. It also shows the Indian design with a mixture of leaves, flowers and curls.

A closer look at this one is thoroughly warranted. Starting at the fingernails, miniature arch-shaped pattern gives the design a beautiful look. In true Arabic style, the miniature arches are followed by columns, the geometry of which adds versatility to the design. The floral curls at the centre of the fingers change the pattern and are followed by leaf-shaped arches. The design on the fingers ends with leaves on all the fingers. However, on the middle finger, there’s a classic floral design that adds beauty to the entire design. The central leaf on the middle finger is the longest and leads to a paisley starting at the knuckle. There are two diagonal lines at the wrist which form a beautiful contour at the centre of the intersection. From that centre evolves a beautiful flower towards the centre of the fist. Surrounding the flower is an arch so beautifully detailed, it just blows you away. Surrounding the arch are flowers and leaves. At the bottom of the wrist are leaves that lead to curls from the side of the arm beneath which is another small arch forming a contour at the centre from which evolves a final paisley with leaves on its top to end the design.

Pakistani Mehndi - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Wow! Aren’t those hands just graceful? This full hand mehndi design has the wrist, fist and fingers on both the hands are similar. But look at the pattern at the middle of the arm. Amazing, isn’t it?

On closer inspection, the right arm is filled with squares and arches. Geometrical shapes inked to perfection. The pattern on the left arm looks very ambiguous at first. However, upon a closer look, you can see that they are paisleys inked so close together that you almost can’t make out the difference. The paisleys are followed by arches that have lines in them. Perfection! Leading up toward the wrist, on both arms are three dimensional bracelets with vertical lines in them.

Then, there are dots that lead to flowers of different sizes on both hands but at the centre of the fist is a massive floral pattern from which dots emerge to go up the middle finger leading to more flowers and dots. The same design continues on all the fingers. It’s simplistic, yet marvellously crafted.

African Mehndi Designs

African mehndi designs concentrate on geometry – squares, hexagons, circles, vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonals and triangles! It is the most distinctive mehndi design of all. On first look, you might feel that the designs are easy to ink but it is not as simple as that. Mastering these designs needs a lot of practice and only expert hands can do justice.

African Mehndi - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

This design mostly comprises of symmetrical triangle shapes with a few curves and curls at the contours to accentuate the look. The design begins with sharp arches at the centre of the arm which become blunt and more curved as they move down. Beneath the arches are two horizontal lines on which are small and large triangles, all in perfect symmetry. The central triangle though comprises of four different designs.

The outermost triangle is the thinnest with the second being the thickest. The border of the third triangle is not a straight line at all. It is completely dotted. The innermost triangle is a very thin line but is filled with different designs. At the top is a small horizontal line making a very small fifth triangle. Beneath that is another small curved line making the triangle look like a bell-shaped curve. Following that is a circular line that almost looks like an inverted question mark leading to a circle within which there is another small circle. This is followed by two more horizontal lines inside which are small triangles looking like mountains.

A dotted line at the wrist leads to arches that develop into a slightly curved line at the centre of the fist. The semicircle leads to an almost square shaped emblem at the centre with two diagonal lines inside forming more triangles. At the side of the square shaped emblem are semicircular patterns which are enclosed inside a triangle with a dotted border which goes right to the top of the middle finger. Inside this is another triangle within which are various circular designs. These designs are at the top of the square-shaped emblem. The entire design makes it look like the Eiffel Tower with an observatory deck at the top. The view really must be beautiful. Just as beautiful as this magnificent mehndi design.

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African Henna - Full Hand Mehndi Designs

This is one traditional African full hand mehndi design. It belongs to the Moroccan region. The right hand is filled with simple thick lines. Starting at the top, the first quarter of the finger is completely covered in henna. This is followed by simple diagonal lines towards the bottom of the fingers. At the bottom of the fingers are squares from where the direction of the diagonals changes. This leads to sharp triangular shapes converging at the centre from the index and middle fingers.

The triangles branch out into the middle of the palm where they emerge into squares that become narrow at the centre looking like a diamond. From the outermost square, diagonals go out towards the bottom of the palm forming a ‘W’ at the centre. This ‘W’ leads to a ‘V’ and that ends as a diamond at the bottom of the wrist.

The sides of the palm are left empty with the borders of all the lines being filled with little triangles. The pattern on the left hand is however much more complex and intricately designed. The design starts at the top of the fingers just like it does on the right hand, covering a small portion of the finger completely in a diagonal 70 degree angle. However, there are different patterns on all the fingers. The index finger has zig zag lines in four columns. The ring finger has a triangular pattern filled with dotted lines inside. The middle finger has diagonal lines of different types. The index finger has geometric lines of all kinds with different patterns inside and the same is repeated with the thumb, in this most beautiful of full hand mehndi designs.

Across the centre of the palm is a diagonal with triangular arrows inside. On both sides of this diagonal are two smaller diagonals which have tiny triangles within them. The triangles get better on the top half of the palm. At the centre of the palm is a vertical line that looks like a continuation of the middle finger. On the left side of this vertical is a small floral pattern and on the right is a semicircle with a circle at the top right corner.

The bottom half of the palm is covered in a floral design with leaves on either sides. This really adds beauty to the design as it is something different when compared to the traditional African design. There are gaps left on parts of the palm to make sure that there is no ambiguity in design. At the bottom of the wrist though is another horizontal line with miniscule triangles on both sides. Beneath this is a major triangle with a dotted border on the outside. The border leads to branches and leaves on two sides while on the top, the design ends with three inverted triangles and a circular curve to the right and left of it.

Hope you liked the selection of designs that we have compiled. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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