From Sex To Toothbrushes: Married Life Explained in 10 Real-Cool Tweets

Loving each other and living together is a beautiful feeling. But getting married and being man and wife under the same roof takes the experience to a whole new level. Here are ten funny, real and at times to hard to handle tweets that beautifully explain married life.

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1. Whose brush is it anyways…

2. When they really know what you want

3. Shit.Got.Real

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4. Btw, that’s one of the easiest things she asked for

5. Engulfed by looouve (and latrine)

6. When sharing is all about caring

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7. Because personal achievements need to be appreciated

8.Because everyone ain’t Sherlock

9. Grocery Sorcery

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10. The biggest test ever

Marriage is messy, mad and magical – its not like there are just bad phases or incredibly good ones, its all about the ups and downs and how you enjoy and ride the waves like a pro. Share your stories by commenting on this post as we’d love to hear!