Top 10 Fresh Flower Jewellery For Your Mehndi Design

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A wedding is a special occasion. All eyes are on the bride. One thing that everyone pays attention to is the bridal mehendi. Recently I was at a friend’s mehendi ceremony. Here, I came across some of the most beautiful mehendi designs. Another interesting thing was the inclusion of flowers in the mehendi design. Beautiful fresh flowers were used to decorate the hands and feet of the bride. They actually made the mehendi look brighter and more attractive.

Later, when I was looking at the pictures of the bridal mehendi, I saw how well the flowers and floral garlands accentuated the bridal mehendi. The flowers were bright and fresh, and the red mehendi looked like a painting of a garden. I found the concept unique and special. Later on, I got the mehendi done on my palms and decorated it with flowers on the hand.

Flower jewellery has become very popular for weddings and mehendi ceremonies. Brides from various cultures no longer prefer the huge array of GOLD bangles or jewellery at their wedding. Flowers that are fresh are available in a plethora of colours. These flowers are further decorated with gold and silver beads. They look delicate and with the mehendi, they somehow look prettier. These flowers delivered with utmost care to keep their freshness and vibrant colours intact. When you order fresh flowers in advance, you will have ample time to make uniue flower jewellery for mehendi ceremonies, making it a special occasion for the bride.

The flower jewellery does not last very long and wither away in a day or two. However, they make beautiful wedding memories and when the bride looks back at the mehendi ceremony photographs, she may get transfixed by the beauty of the jewellery.

There are hundreds of creative ideas that can be incorporated while making flower jewellery. Or, you can let your imagination lose and see what it brings with it. Just to give you some support, here are the top 10 flower jewellery designs for a mehendi ceremony that you can use for your own ceremony or a friend’s.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 01

1. During a wedding, a bride usually has to hold something in her palms. You can create a peacock-like jewellery with the fresh flowers for the bride to hold. In addition, making delicate bracelets with inter-woven flowers, such as jasmine can further accentuate the hands and palms of the bride.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 02

2. How about a bouquet? You can create a bouquet with daisies or chrysanthemums. This is a simple and yet beautiful fresh flower jewellery that can be used to decorate the bride or her sister. You can let your imagination run wild and use coloured beads or pearls to accentuate the bouquet and as a strap to keep the bouquet fixed to the wrist, much like a prom corsage.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 03

3. Roses are apt for weddings. After all they symbolise love. The warm red color of rose buds can accentuate the hue of the mehendi. You can easily turn delicate red rose buds into rings to decorate the fingers of the bride. Why go in for gold and silver rings when you can make eye-catching ones with fresh rose buds?

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 04

4. Flowers make the most beautiful bracelets. Just intertwine delicate white chrysanthemums with red rose buds using a stringed beaded with pearls and viola! There you have the most eye-catching and amazing bracelets to adorn the wrist of the bride and her friends.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 05

5. A beautiful posy made from red roses packed tightly can be used as a bouquet or even can be pinned on to bride to make a unique flowery brooch. Of course, the posy would have to be small to be used as a brooch or it will look weird. Decorate the posy with silver thread and beads to give it a more glamorous look.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 06

6. Yellow chrysanthemums make the perfect contrast to the lovely, warm redness of mehendi. You can use the chrysanthemums to create a tiara for the bride and let it adorn her head. It will make her feel and look like a princess on her very special day.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 07

7. Taking a small detour. You also can use flowers and flower petal designs in the mehendi itself. This can make the design look more appealing, especially if the bride is wearing fresh flower bracelet or necklace.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 08

8. A bride needs to wear a necklace and what better than to create one with fresh flowers. Instead of garlands, weave the flowers into chokers and decorative necklace that the bride can wear for the mehendi ceremony. Be sure to use small flowers and buds for this purpose, such as chrysanthemums, jasmine and rose buds. It is best to mix and match to come up with a colourful necklace that matches the bride’s outfit.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 09

9. Have thought of using flowers to decorate the bride’s hair? No? Then here is a brilliant idea. Interweave yellow rose buds in a linear manner to adorn the bride’s hair. Use silver thread for this purpose and you will be amazed at the results.

Fresh flower jewellery for mehendi 10

10. Use delicate white rose buds to create a wreath-like head dressing and let the bride wear it. It has a bohemian appeal that can make the bride look gorgeous as well as modern on this very traditional day.

There is something appealing and unique about fresh flower jewellery for mehendi. The vibrant warm colors are soothing and also give a rich and glamorous touch to the bride. While checking out the different fresh flower jewellery designs for mehendi I had this incredible urge to get married, so that I could adorn myself with these creative, innovative and gorgeous flowery jewellery!

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