French Twisted Ponytail Tutorial – With Detailed Steps & Pictures

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Chic and sophisticated, that is what French women are. Their sense of style is so ingrained in them that it has become a part of their personality. No wonder fashion icons and stylists from all parts of the world try to recreate the classic French look in their creations.

A French twist pony is an elegant, unique variation of the classic ponytail. I say it’s elegant because you can wear it at work, for a day out, or on a special occasion, and can pair most of your outfits with it. This looks like a traditional ponytail from the front, while at the back, there’s a flash of uniqueness and elegance in the form of a mini reverse French twist.

Here is a great tutorial on how you can have fun with your ponytail and give it a French twist.

You Will Need

  • U pins
  • Section Clip
  • Elastic band

How To Make A French Twisted Ponytail

Step: 1

dry or damp hair

Start with dry or damp hair. You can try this hairstyle on both straight and curly hair. Comb your hair gently and pull it back. Apply some hair mousse on the mid lengths of your hair (and not on the roots). This product will give extra volume to your hair and a shiny “just-washed” appearance. It is usually lighter on the hair unlike gels that weigh your hair down and give them a crunchy look.

If you have thin or fine hair, then mousse is probably a must-have product for you as it gives an instant boost to the volume of the hair.

Step: 2

divide your hair diagonally

Now divide your hair diagonally into two sections – one larger section and one smaller section. The larger section should contain three-fourth portion of your hair. Then, separate the smaller section that would be about an inch or two away from your ear. Use a section clip to separate the portions.

Step: 3

smaller section and start twisting

Take the larger section and secure it tightly into a ponytail using an elastic band.

Step: 4

larger section and secure it tightly

Now take the smaller section and start twisting it. Try to make the twist as tight as possible so that it doesn’t become loose when you wrap it around your ponytail.

Step: 5

start wrapping the twisted

Twist the section till the end and then start wrapping the twisted section over your ponytail and around it.

Step: 6

twisted wrap underneath

Secure the twisted wrap underneath the ponytail by using U pins. Once you’re done with securing the twist, untwist the remaining portion of your hair and let it blend in with the rest of your ponytail. Use a setting spray to secure it. And you’re done!

If tried on straight hair, the ponytail gives you a more sophisticated and sleek look, whereas on wavy hair, it gives a more casual and funky look. You can style your hair according to the occasion.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips and trick that will help you style your French twisted ponytail:

  1. You can accessorize your French twist by sticking some pearl or shiny beads on it and give it a more feminine look.
  2. You can also wear a hair band or put natural flowers to make your ponytail look more stylish and girly.
  3. To give your hairstyle a variation, you can make normal braids or dutch braid the smaller portion of the hair instead of giving it a twist.

So, wasn’t that simple? What are you waiting for? Give this cool twist a try and give your boring ponytail a makeover! And do share your views in the comments box below.

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