Forget Love Quotes - 15 Reasons It's Time To Move On

‘Forget love quotes’ are one way to give you facts. Cold fact. Forgetting love is a painful phase and can take days, weeks or even years but when that’s the only thing left to do, you’ve  got to do that. One must get strong! Forgetting love does not mean completely throwing away everything, it just means carrying on alone.

Here are 15 forget love quotes to get started with.

These forget love quotes will help you express how you feel during these tough times.

1. Forget Love Quotes - Just To Forget

Forget love quotes serve as a reminder of grave mistakes that many commit. A new relationship can never make you forget the one you loved if that’s what you think it will do. It can only make your heart more pained and restless; sometimes you need goodbye quotes to love for a while first.

2. Forget Love Quotes - Never Easy

You have got to stop reminiscing about the good and the beautiful; hear the words of these forget love quotes. Be strong, get over it and make better and more beautiful memories in the present.

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3. Forget Love Quotes - I May Cry For You

It’s a process; it takes time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Give some time for it to heal.

4. Forget Love Quotes - I Will Never Forget

It’s okay to remember the good but that does not mean you will forget the ‘bad.’ It’s okay, you will learn to live around it, even if you need some depressed love quotes. Don’t forget the truths in these forget love quotes and forcefully try to wipe your slate clean, it does more harm.

5. Forget Love Quotes - Forget The Past

The present is what you have; it’s now and right here. Don’t allow the past to ruin it! You may not forget the past but never allow it to overpower the NOW.

6. Forget Love Quotes - All That's Left

Sometimes it seems incapable of human nature to so easily forget and move on, but these forget love quotes remind you of our transience. Memories remain forever but people come and go.

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7. Forget Love Quotes - Teach Me How To Forget

Such an aptly cruel choice in forget love quotes. If only love was that easy! The person who teaches you love, also teaches you pain and hurt, but never teaches you the art of forgetting.

8. Forget Love Quotes - Our Memories

Are you ready to make that kind of a promise, make every love care sms a reality? If you do, keep it! It’s these simple and precious things that make for sweetest of memories, and make sure you don’t want to forget love quotes or love.

9. Forget Love Quotes - Lose These Feelings

Falling in love can take a long time, losing love can be instant, but it’s forgetting love that takes the longest and most painful time; even a thousand forget love quotes won’t help you through that dark night alone without hope.

10. Forget Love Quotes - I Changed You

Ouch! Losing love may be accepted by the heart but being a ‘no one’ and not existing can never be accepted by the heart that knows the joys of loving and being loved.

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11. Forget Love Quotes - People Will Forget

YES! So be careful of how you make people feel and be even more careful who you allow to make you feel something. Feelings are the toughest opponents to these forget love quotes.

12. Forget Love Quotes - My Eyes Can't See

Talk about treacherous forget love quotes! The heart and mind play a different game. You may not ‘see’ something or someone but deep within it remains fresh as ever.

13. Forget Love Quotes - The Whole World

That’s not too much to ask for, right? It’s only a wish and a blessing a true heart is capable of giving. It’s a heartfelt prayer. More like don’t forget love quotes, right?

14. Forget Love Quotes - What Will I Remember

It does seem impossible to be able to know or remember anything if the only thing you want to know and remember stops existing; that’s how powerful love is, and we’ve added another to our don’t forget love quotes.

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15. Forget Love Quotes - Moving On

Accept it, move on. Yes, it takes time and it isn’t easy; but you need to do it sooner or later. Life goes on, just like these forget love quotes do.

Hmmm… that’s heavy but true! Broken hearts make no sound but also need to be heard. If you are sailing in the ship of forgetting love and moving ahead, allow the winds and the words to guide you. Let it out. Forget love quotes are for anyone and everyone who is in this painful phase of life. All I can say is, forget it; there are tons of beautiful things waiting ahead for you. Do you agree with me or do you think forgetting love isn’t something humanly possible?