Forbidden Love Poems: A Collection Of 6 Intense And Poignant Ones

Forbidden Love Poems: A Collection Of 6 Intense And Poignant Ones; Love is such a complex and complicated emotion. There are no answers to why all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we end up developing an attachment towards that special someone which is hard to let go. It is especially difficult to be in a relationship which the society shuns and you either rebel against it or compromise for the happiness of others; and that’s basically what all forbidden love poems and love stories are about.

Here is a collection of forbidden love poems.

You’ll surely relate to them if you have ever been in love with someone and had to face a lot of heat from the people around you because of it.

Forbidden Love Poems

1. Feathered Confection

Soft downy feathers
against my filthy, sinning scales
your beak against my ear
breathing desperation
and desire in one single sigh
the other creatures in the yard
they will never comprehend
the roosters are expecting you
the sheep, those gossips,
spread the details of our affair
across the whole farmyard
I’m not welcome here –
never been, never will –
but neither the dogs nor the rifles
not even natural instinct
will put an end
to our love.

It is a very deeply moving and enthralling choice in forbidden love poems that you will come across which portrays the pathos of forbidden love. Taking help of the animal metaphor, the poet resonates the complexities and difficulties of a socially forbidden yet unfathomable love that is impossible for the average people to understand who are bound by conventions and social norms of the society they are dwelling in. But the poet finds writing poetry about such a sensitive topic not only encouraging but also a bit rebellious so that these controversial issues are freely discussed by the people in an open manner. It is a known fact that knowing how to stop yourself from falling in love, won’t change who you fall in love with. On that count, the poet has taken this poem to another level.

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2. The End of the Road

End of the Road
One step forward
Two steps backwards.
Walking toward the end
The end of the road.
Why is it taking so long?
Why do we still hold on?
Why don’t we walk faster
To the end of the road?
The answers are all the same.
It has to be you to lead the way.
Find someone to return your love
So once again you can dance and play.
You are meant to be loved
To be touched, to be desired.
Time to look into new eyes
Eyes reflecting your passion.
I can no longer share your love
Nor feel your touch.
I need not walk but run
To the end of the road.

It is yet another of a gem among forbidden love poems, which deals with the controversial issue of forbidden love, which those of us with fun love stories almost don’t touch on. There is an aura of mystery and enigma in this which is so hard to explain in just simple words. That is why the poets come to our rescue and elaborate, through their use of unique and apt metaphors, to portray the emotions we feel while in a tumultuous and forbidden relationship with someone. Even though it is hard to explain, still poetry can do justice to this poignant issue by touching our hearts with some of most heart-wrenching similes and comparisons with the abstract thoughts to make a link with the concrete of the reality.

3. Helen

Through her bedroom window
the impish moonlight breaks in
like a thief at midnight
falling upon her like a lover’s kiss.
The withered king by her side snores
While her mind sails to the guilty shores.
Lying naked upon her sinful bed
Her hands squeeze her heaving breasts.
Remembering again her night of sin
Her body ‘s longing for her lover’s lips.
And closing her eyes she dreams
Of his burning mouth upon her olive skin.
She writhes and sighs full of lust
Surrendering her love lands to her hungry touch.

Isn’t it such an exquisite poem that you can read which so sensually delves into the realm of forbidden and mysterious love? The poet is truly a genius as he aptly portrays the sensual images of the deep desire for love in a way which is far away from any vulgarity. When it’s about forbidden love poems, It is the beauty of a verse which makes it so versatile and universal and all of us who have in some way or the other faced the enigma and desperation of being in a forbidden love relationship with someone can relate to this. But it is the restrictions and the lack of freedom to express that makes it such an awe-inspiring and hard to touch aspect, that this poet tries to emphasize through his poetry.

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4. On Silver Street

In the warm air of that winter night
On Silver Street,
Awash in sweet lamplight,
You came on little snow white feet;
And produced a golden apple
And placed it in my hand
And I held it firm with wondrous awe
As I danced along the strand.
Would you pass me by now, as I hope you would
Were we again by that door
Where once we both were stood.
Where in a different time I held you in my arms;
And took great delight to admire
All of your little charms.
I pray you never amble on,
as I did on the strand;
That golden apple that I took
from your little snow white hand.

It is one of those awesome forbidden love poems which you can read on a rainy evening, by the balcony of your room, sipping hot coffee, as you reminiscence about a past and now-forgotten love that you could never savour, from a time long past, before you became a cynic, an ardent anti love quotes fan. The forbidden aspect of the love is dealt with unique comparisons and as you read, you will feel that the poet actually felt all these experiences in his/her life before it flowed through the pen like blood on the paper.

5. Guilt

Consider your many years,
Now let them fall irrelevant.
Make me the only colour you see,
Your one distraction.
Tremble and shake when I touch you.
Feel your ears ringing,
And your stomach churning,
As you stumble in my wake.
Your eyes burn with the sight of me,
And your heart races when I am close.
When you lay down to sleep,
May lust keep you awake.
I wish to haunt your every thought,
Only to see the guilt leave you through a smile,
The moment I say hello.

A worthy read among forbidden love poems for those who can understand and appreciate intense emotions and aspects of life such as the deeply intensifying emotions of a forbidden love that people avoid talking about. In this poem, the poet reflects on the haunting emotions, the memories and the pain of being in a forbidden relationship and how it takes a toll on you.

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6. That Love

A gentle red rose sits
At the edge of my fingertips;
Wet droplets rinse
The space between
Rotten floorboards
As I arise from the empty bed
I reach for that last scent of you
Lingering in my heated dreams
But see nothing
But feel nothing
Nothing in my soul.

As you read this poem, our final piece in this list of forbidden love poems, you will be filled with a sense of deep foreboding and a promotion of an intense feeling of an impending tragedy that is evident in this poem. Yet, it is an awesome read and you will be enjoying the counter play of how heavy and tender emotions are dealt with so much precision and levity.

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