10 Foil Wedding Invitations To Impress Your Guests

A wedding invitation is the timeless harbinger of good news. It is a tender announcement of two hearts, two souls coming together to take an oath to live together for the rest of their life and you are invited to witness this. If a humble invitation has such an essential duty entrusted upon it, then you would like to spare no expense on making it as alluring as possible. That is where foil wedding invitations become relevant. Made from thin sheets of metals, often gold and silver, these are the best glistening wedding invitations you can ever send. To help you better decide the best design scheme, we bring to you 10 foil wedding invitations card designs that we think are best.

1. Simple Monogram Style

This one is a basic design which works great when you have a lot of text to include in your invitation. In this, you get the provision to highlight text selectively with the selected text being the only lettering covered with foil, thus creating a classy look.

2. Dark Background Style

This gives a more sober look with its dark background tones. Text on foil wedding invitations will be usually flanked by design elements on the top and bottom with the entire inscription covered in foil. This option works best when you intend to use pure gold for the foil, therefore creating a lush look.

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3. The Pearly Look

White background is also a great choice. White with silver foiling gives your invitation a white glow which is reminiscent of a pearl. The design layout otherwise is quite similar to other patterns. Text imprint and all other design elements get a silver foil covering. This look works great when you are choosing a thick, glossy card paper.

4. The Noir Look

If silver is the metal of your choice then you should opt for this design. Background is deep black with a centrally aligned text print. Borders can be added to accentuate the wordings with the entire imprint getting a cover of shimmering silver foil.

5. Splashy Look

It is the most celebratory of all foil wedding invitations. Instead of borders, here you will have a medley of design elements across the outer periphery of the card. Design elements could be simple or made complex depending upon your requirement. The entire imprint gets a coating of a foil making it clear that this is surely an invitation to a festivity.

6. The Regency Look

It is similar to the dark background look with the addition being that there is heavier use of supporting design elements. The invitation will have thick, decorated and foiled borders with the wording included within the border. When carefully observed, you realise this pattern gives the card a ‘King’s Scroll’ look thus justifying the name.

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7. The Casual Look

This works great when most of your recipients are young, say millennials. This composition has the least number of formal design elements and rather strikes a nonchalant tone with the recipient. Text can be placed anywhere on the card with the white space filled with offbeat design patterns. This works best with a white background and golden foil.

8. The Poster Look

Opt for this one when your text is simple and crisp. The highlight of this design is the usage of large, bold letterings which usually communicate the name of the bride and bridegroom. Large block letters make this an excellent design in terms of readability. It works best with white and gold or black and silver.

9. The Corollary Look

Flowers are the best way to announce the onset of celebrations. Extend the mood of festivity even to the invitations with this design style. The layout generally has no border; instead the entire emphasis is laid on a large flower that could cover a third of the card’s space. Flowers can be intricately designed to give foil wedding invitations an exquisite look. This works best with white or ridged background and golden lettering.

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10. The Urban Look

This one establishes a sophisticated impression right at the first glance. The applied typography appears modern and so does the design layout. Generally, it has little or no allied design elements; not even a border. To offset this, the text is made of variable size with the use of larger font size for the name of bride and bridegroom. Overall, it is quite a stylish design and works best with black background with silver letterings.

So these are some great design ideas when metal is your material of choice for the foil wedding invitations. Have anything to add or share? Do let us know.