10 Super Sexy Flower Decorations For Wedding Reception

Wedding reception decor is never complete without the obligatory use of flowers. But like everything else, from how we wed to what we wear, flower decorations and designs have undergone a sea of change. They have evolved into a design or a decor accent that compliments the theme, instead of being loud, gaudy or drawing attention away from it. We have on our list 12 of the most romantic flower decorations for wedding reception photos. These will surely make your wedding reception a one-of-a kind extravaganza of sights, sounds and emotions. Read on!

Magnificent Flower Decorations For Wedding Reception

1.Grand Floral Reception In Gold And Glass Vases

This theme of flower decorations for wedding reception is a vivid and vibrant spectacle of colours. There is nothing more stunning or spectacular than having a grand canvas as your reception decor theme, with rich gold and metal vases and giant flower vases with a wedding bouquet of exotic flowers to boot. A floral set up that is truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Traditional India Style With Pink Roses And Floral Motifs

A beautiful Indian decor option which utilizes flower vases with pink roses, with is not common at Indian receptions. A nice, soft touch of class and sophistication that ensures your floral decor stands out.

3. The Chic White Extravaganza

The tastefully chic colours and refined textiles used to make this decor enhances the overall appeal of the stage and promises to keep the wedding guests spellbound. The setup is sophisticated, stylish yet beautifully understated in a way that it doesn’t intrude into the celebrations but acts as a canvas for the biggest celebration of your life. The off whites and the many shades of cream add rich flavour to your reception decorations.

Classy Flower Decorations For Wedding Reception

4. A Floral Chuppah Inspired Theme

The floral chuppah is a mandatory occurrence at every Jewish wedding. You could set up your floral decor theme around the traditional chuppah style like in this picture above. A perfect backdrop for the reception ceremony.

5. Provincial Fig And Berry Inspired Floral Theme

A simple floral theme that is classy and subtle, perfect for an understated and mature reception decor. You could place them in beautiful glass vases or put the old cans to good use by repainting them in vivid colours and placing provincial figs and berry leaves and flowers in them. A definite DIY that is pocket friendly and quick to put together.

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6.The Wild And Natural Flower Staircase

If you are having an indoor wedding reception ceremony, with a place that has a prominent staircase, then this idea is for you. You could decorate the staircase and the railings with flowing and unkempt flowers to give it a wild and natural look. The theme works best if your wedding reception and the decor is informal and laidback in nature.

7. Let Love Grow

These vintage mason jars with “let love grow” tags have been designed by the talented folks at The Blossom Boutique for one of their clients wedding reception. You could put old and recycled mason jars to good use and can even give these beautiful flower vases as return-gifts or simple give-away’s to guests at the wedding.

Stunning Flower Decorations For Wedding Reception

8. A Floral Potpourri

A colourful extravaganza with the widest variety of flowers brought together and arranged to make your wedding reception look like a floral dream like no other.

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9. Natural Tree Trunk Vases

You could have vases made out of old tree stumps and fill them it with flowers, giving your reception decor a unique appeal of its own. These centrepieces are stunning and are eco-friendly too!

10. Indian Floral Arrangement

A simple Indian floral arrangement with yellow and white marigolds, tulips and more. A beautiful and traditional Indian floral decor that is synonymous with celebrations.

11.The Floating Rose Centrepieces

A unique floral decor idea, with pink roses standing on a tall glass frame giving an impression that the rose is standing by itself. A different decor idea that is sure to make your centerpieces stand out.

12. The White And Wine Red Bed Of Roses

Exquisite Flower Decorations For Wedding Reception

How romantic would it be to fill your reception with beautiful white and red roses – from columns and pillars with roses to a bed of flowers you’d walk your way down to the aisle on. Roses here. Roses there and romance everywhere.

Flowers are almost a necessity in every wedding. From adding to the theme to enhancing the decor to filling the venue with beautiful and exotic scents from faraway lands – flowers do it all. We hope you liked our flower decoration ideas for wedding reception. You can share your thoughts or questions by commenting on this post and we at BB will be happy to answer them all.