​Flower Decoration For Your Hair: Quick Tips, Ideas & Trending Styles

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When it comes to weddings, flower decoration is an integral part of the entire celebration. The stage and the venue bask in the scent and glory of fresh flowers that look perfect for the occasion. But apart from decorating the venue, you can use flower decoration for hair, as an awesome accessory option for your bridal hair. Think of South Indian weddings and you’ll know. You can create awesome styles and add something different and unique to your bridal hairstyle with the wearable blossoms which look so pretty and fresh. If chosen wisely, these flower decoration for hair designs have the potential to add an oomph factor to your bridal hair with ease.

Here is a basic guide for flower decoration for hair.

You can follow this for incorporating natural flowers into your hairstyle and look amazing!

Call In The Experts

If you are looking forward to pull off a fresh flower bridal hairstyle with success, you surely need the help of the experts who know their job well and can do justice to your flower decoration for hair. While deciding on the style, you need to be verbal about how you want to look which needs you to be communicative with your florist and the hairstylist too. If your hairstylist can also arrange for the flowers, then know that you just got super lucky for sure.

Do follow the suggestions as well as instructions of the hairstylist regarding the size and the placement of the flower decoration for hair that will look good according to your face shape. It is a good idea to talk to your florist too about the best quality and types of fresh flowers that you can get at that particular time as well as the expenses for the same. Also, be very clear about the colours you are looking for and the time span for which you will wear them.

Check for allergens too with particular flowers so that you do not end up being a bridezilla on your wedding day. The right move in this respect will be to ask for samples of Indian bridal hair which you can try a few days in advance to make sure that you are not allergic and will surely not end up getting an allergic reaction.

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Let Your Hair Decide

Unless you are thoroughly particular about the exact type of style and flower decoration for hair that you are looking for, and how it will be placed, it is best to let your stylist decide for you and give you the best shot. For single flower placements, you can go for unique, large fresh flower species which are perfect for singular placement accents. They are colourful and dramatic to look at and will add charm to your hair without going overboard with it or being too messy. For example, you can flaunt a single lily or an orchid for an elegant look that will suit your hair. These larger hair flowers work best for simple hairdos and the large blooms go well with straight hairstyles or hair updos.

If you have awesome curls and wish to highlight the best features of your hair texture such as volume, you can look for smaller flowers that will nicely complement your hairstyle and attire without making things too much or out of proportion. While choosing flowers and designs, aesthetic sense needs to be incorporated to decide what suits best for your look and occasion.

For best results for curly or wavy hair textures, the kind of flowers that work perfectly are daises, stephanotis, baby’s breath, etc. These are some of the excellent species of flowers that you can look for and create the perfect look for the day. If it is your wish that the flowers be the focus of your wedding style, try to go for an Indian floral arrangement that works best with your attire and colour code. The most popular floral bridal hair décor styles include the floral crowns. But then, they are best as a style for straight texture as the style works best with loose hair, buns or even the simple hairstyles.

Do Care For Your Flowers

Be careful about the longevity of the fresh flowers that you choose for your hairstyle as you do not want the flowers to go limp and down in just a few hours into the wedding, right? In order to get the maximum life out of your flower decoration for hair, have the flowers cut and placed in water, closest to the ceremony to save them from getting tired. If it is not possible to cut the flowers right before the ceremony for placing them for the hairdo, you can also keep them in a cooler or a refrigerator till it is time to take them out for the hairstyling.

Always remember, when getting ready, flowers need to be the last thing that you put onto your hairdo so that they are kept away from the exposure to styling sprays, serums or the heating appliances that may take away their freshness. Also, do not place flowers too close to your face as the sweat, moisture, facial oil and make-up can lead to their premature wilting.

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Fake Your Flower Decoration For Hair If You Need To

Getting fresh flowers can be a tad bit difficult as they need to be arranged the same day of the ceremony and can be really hard to manage if you are running on a tight schedule, have too few people to plan for too many things or plain lack time. But that doesn’t mean you cannot flaunt a floral hairdo. You can of course go for the same, if you have no inhibitions about using fake flowers for flower decoration for hair. Making hairstyles with faux flowers is amazing not only because it is eco-friendly but also because they do not dry out in just a few hours and you can actually experiment with the different looks without being worried about them getting wilted with time. The variations and different styles as well as colours and patterns not only give you a lot of room to experiment but can be used again and again if you store them properly with care.

Expert hair stylists suggest using the faux floral accessories to style your hair as these reliable hair accessories are easily available any time for styling, create no fuss regarding storage, have zero maintenance issues and can be used frequently by the stylist at the same time to experiment with different looks to decide which bridal hair design suits you the best for the occasion.

Floral Hair Styling Ideas

Just in case you feel clueless on which style to pick and what it will actually look like on your hair, here is a list of the trending hairstyles for flower decoration for hair, that you can go through to get the entire picture. But this is not a comprehensive list, and you can add a lot of variations as well your imagination too, so that you can get hold of the perfect style that suits your attire and personality too.

1. Say It With The Roses

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant Indian hairstyle with a floral touch to it, you can select fresh roses, one or two of them and tuck them at the side of your plumed bun to get the desired effect. A single rose flower at the centre of the hairdo or when tucked with keeping the rest of the hair open and loose also adds a classic charm which is simply perfect for creating the perfect magic on your big day.

2. Flower Decoration For Hair Your Crowning Glory

If you wish to keep your hair loose and do not want to go for any bun or updo style, then selecting the perfect piece of a floral crown can work its magic on you. Made with subtly shaded and small size fresh flowers and ferns, the hairstyle will make you look like you have just stepped out of a fairy tale.

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3. Side-Swept Magic

To look elegant and in control of the situation, you can also go for a side-swept half-open hairstyle with flowers of your choice and size tucked in at the side, in case you have thick and voluminous hair and feel scared to go with a completely open hairstyle. This style works best with off-shoulder gowns too and can make your dress look exceptional with the added strands of floral hair thrown casually at one side.

4. A Floral Updo

Go for a complete updo hairstyle, making a bun and adding volume with hair accessories. And lastly, adorn it in the best way using fresh flowers around the bun. Leave a few tendrils hanging from the sides to add a touch of fragility and delicateness to your Indian hairstyle without fearing about it going messy as it often happens in case the hair is kept loose.

5. Braid The Trend

Going for braided hair and accessorizing them with sweet smelling tiny flowers and ferns also creates a lasting magic and makes it easy for the bride to handle the delicate hairstyle with ease. The braids can be done in a messy way to add volume and the addition of flowers at the right places make the look just perfect for the occasion.

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