20 Fashionable 5-Letter Baby Names With Their Meanings

5-letter baby names are short, easy to pronounce and sound soothing.

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Choosing an ideal name for your newborn is a difficult but enjoyable task. You might be getting different suggestions from loved ones and are quite confused. So, we have compiled a list of five-letter baby names if you want a sweet, short name for your child. These days, it’s unusual to find a child with a long or complicated name. Short names for babies, like five-letter names, are in trend as they are impactful and easy. They’re simple to pronounce and spell. So, go through our comprehensive list of names for boys and girls to choose the right name for your baby.

Top Ten Five Letter Girl Names:

1. Sofia:

The name Sofia originates from a Greek word that means ‘wise’. The name Sofia sounds worldly and sophisticated. It enjoys a great popularity till date. We think Sofia is a more elegant version of Sophia.

2. Emily:

The sweet and timeless name has reigned at number one for more than a decade now. Why is it so popular? It could be because of its simplicity or its literary connotations. It is also easy to spell and pronounce. Emily is a versatile name. Whether you hope to raise an actor or a poet, Emily would be the right fit. Don’t worry, the name will never go out of style. Yes, its position may change on the popularity charts, but it is not going to disappear anytime soon.

3. Betty:

Betty is a classic name that also has a chic appeal. It is a diminutive of the name Elizabeth. Betty Boop and Betty Grable are two iconic bearers of this name.

4. Cindy:

Cindy is one of the most lovable 5 letter girl names. It is the diminutive of Lucinda and Cynthia. The meaning of Cindy is “woman from Kynthos”. Cindy Lou and Cindy Brady, the icons of adorableness made Cindy an extremely popular name.

5. Donna:

Donna was one of the most popular female names in the 1950s and 1960s. The simple and sweet name did not find many takers in the recent past. You can gift this unique and retro name to your doll.

6. Janet:

Janet is a perfect name for a fierce and feisty girl. It initially started as a nickname for Jane. Years ago, Janet was a favorite with royalty in Scotland and is still a popular choice.

7. Karen:

Karen is a classic name that immediately brings the 1970s icon Karen Carpenter and Karen Silkwood to mind. It is also a variation of the name Katherine, which means ‘pure’.

8. Kathy:

We agree that Katherine is a classic name, but it is too formal for everyday use. You can also use Kathy as a nickname if you name your daughter Katherine. Katie is also a cute variation.

9. Susan:

Susan is one of the sweet and simplest 5 letter baby girl names. You can also try Suzie as its nickname. It will add oomph to this classic name.

10. Paola:

Paola is the Latin version of the name Paula. It has much more exotic appeal than the common name Paola.

Top Ten Five Letter Boy Names:

1. Billy:

The name is perfect for your friendly and attractive boy. But once your baby turns into an adult, he may want to switch to Bill. After all, even your child would want people to take him seriously. You can also use it as a nickname if you choose to name your son William.

2. David:

Just like other Biblical names, David is an evergreen name. Even though David has a Biblical connection, it sounds modern, friendly and likable. The best thing about David is that it can go with any last name. But your boy may have to try a bit too hard to make a unique impression.

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