13 'First Time Sex' Blunders Every Guy Makes, And How To Avoid Them

Contrary to popular belief, sex isn’t exactly mind­blowing every time you partake, but this statement rings true a hundredfold when it comes to your first time. Things are awkward, things are messy and ultimately, certain elementary mistakes are made.

Blunders Everyone Guy Makes,

If there’s any consolation to be had, however, it lies in the fact that these common mistakes are made by almost everyone during their first time, and so none of us are in it alone. Nevertheless, for those concerned about repeating such faux pas, or at least knowing what they have to look out for, here are 13 “don’ts” when it comes to the first time you have sex.

1. Skipping The Foreplay

This rookie mistake is often made by people more experienced, but when it comes to first timers this is a golden rule to remember. Don’t skip the foreplay or tears will be shed.

2. Finding The Wrong Hole

This is in fact more common than you think, and again isn’t limited to first timers, but then again, if it’s your first time… well. Look up the female anatomy and take some notes. Also, start high and slide downwards as a general rule.

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3. Attempting Scenes From Porn


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There is a classic tale of a guy who thought all sex was like how they do it in porn, so he spread his arms wide over his partner, like they do in porn to allow the camera to get a shot, the whole time.The sex was terrible and he couldn’t move his arms the next day.

4. Trying Fancy Positions

Good old missionary and girl on top are safe bets for the first time that you’re going to have sex.You can get a bit inventive, although the above two will probably keep you busy enough for the first time. What you shouldn’t do is look up an encyclopedia of positions and attempt anything fancy; chances are your body and ego will get hurt.

5. Getting Too Nervous

Being too nervous (although some nerves are unavoidable) will take you away from the moment and put unnecessary pressure on yourself, something that your partner will pick up on too. It’s best to just try and relax and have fun with it, instead of thinking about what’s going on and how you’re doing.

6. Not Communicating


Sex is as messy as it is intimate and can be as painful as it can be pleasurable. The key to knowing how the other person is feeling is to well, ask. Too many stories of “you’re bending it” and other painful first time interactions are doing the rounds.

7. Being Drunk Or Otherwise Inebriated

Fun fact: Many people can’t get it up when it comes to a first time partner, and alcohol makes getting it up that much harder. Having a couple of sips to soothe nerves is acceptable in a sense, but it’s highly recommended that you be “all there” when it comes to your first time.

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8. Thinking Too Much During The Act

“I wonder if she is liking it, or am I going too fast?” “Uh oh, I think I messed up, I hope she doesn’t have a problem with that” etc. This kind of over thinking is no good for the mood, especially when it comes to first time sex. Humans have been having sex for millennia (otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this, and you reading it), meaning that on a basic level, you know exactly what to do. Follow your instincts and communicate.

9. Faking It

Faking It

Sometimes, men don’t orgasm during their first time (or their eighteenth or ninety ninth). It could be nerves, pressure or anything else. Similarly, women very rarely orgasm during sex from penetration alone, and even if you’re with one who does, it’s quite unlikely that she will during her (or your) first time ever. Just don’t fake it, no matter how romantic you wanted the first time to be.

10. Not Using A Condom


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Guys, you don’t need to have exercised your sperm before for it to be potent. Always wrap it up. Just in case you didn’t know, pre­cum can lead to pregnancy too.

11. Using Too Many Condoms

Alternatively, an over zealous precautionary measure involves using more than one condom for added protection. Except that the friction will most likely cause all the condoms to split. So don’t do this, one is enough. And please, hold the tip when you slide it on.

12. Not Making A Sound

Sex isn’t only about penis­in­vagina, it’s also a lot about touches and caresses and oh, yes, verbal stimulation. So don’t just lie there like a rock, it’s quite off putting for the other person, especially if it’s the first time.

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13. Expecting It To Be Perfect

Look, here’s the reality. Sex isn’t usually perfect, and 99.5 per cent of the time it won’t be, if it’s your first time. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be, so just enjoy yourselves and don’t set too many expectations.

Expecting It To Be Perfect


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