Top 19 First Love Quotes For The Romantic In You

Love gives life a meaning. Whether it is the love between partners, love for family or friends, having love in life makes it worth living. Love can be expressed in a million ways for love’s many forms. Here we have some enticing and exciting first love quotes right from Bob Dylan to Nicholas Sparks and even Albert Einstein that you can share with your loved one. Go on, share and spread the joy of love – one that only your first love can offer.


Nicholas Sparks - First Love Quotes

Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American writer and novelist who has authored best-sellers like The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, A Bend in the Road and The Guardian. He has become the king of romance and has written beautiful love stories like The Notebook which redefined how we read love stories. This quote is a simple statement that there is no love in this world like first love. It is unique and very special, unlike any other you will experience in your life. A nice quote that you could put in a love letter or just share with your partner to make him/her feel special. First love is different, it is truly one-of-a-kind and if you are one of the lucky few who were able to build on it and make your first love your only love then God bless you! And it surely pays to acknowledge and share it with this beautiful yet very simplistic and one of the best first love quotes from Nicholas Sparks.


Love Is Blind - First Love Quotes

A quote on how lovers don’t finally meet and fall in love but a part of each other is always there in their minds and their hearts. You don’t suddenly fall for somebody, you do imagine, dream and picturise that special person in Eastman colour long before you actually get to meet them. A beautiful quote that is as timeless and honest as first love. A must-share with your partner because he or she would’ve surely had an impression of you long before you became each other’s own.


Albert Einstein - First Love Quotes

Albert Einstein is considered as one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century. He was even awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in the year 1921. He has been able to explain a lot of things that men till then did not have a clue about – be it how they worked or why they worked in a certain way. But first love was something that stumped the great Einstein too! This is a witty quote from Einstein that says there in no way how you can explain the phenomenon of first love and would definitely be an interesting message of love that you could share with your first love. We’re sure you’ll have a good laugh because you do know how it feels to be each other’s first love, and unlike poor Einstein, you need no explanations as you already know. One of the best first love quotes ever.

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L.J. Smith - First Love Quotes

Lisa Jane Smith, also popularly known as L. J. Smith, is a Florida born American author. She gained worldwide acclaim and recognition with her books The Vampire Diaries and Night World. This quote is an excerpt from one of her books called The Hunter. It is a beautiful quote where the protagonist says “I have never been in love before and you are my first, and you will be my last”. A quote that is emotional and personal, it gives a message of love, hope and conviction.


E.A Bucchianeri - First Love Quotes

First love quotes don’t come much better than this one by Elizabeth Ann Bucchianeri is an American born author who has written many acclaimed novels, including the Brushstrokes of a Gadfly from which this quote is taken. This excerpt from the book talks of how love needs to discovered and like a typhoon it is something that will sweep you off your feet and you will be right in the middle of it by the time you realise. Love is a path to self-discovery, an adventure like no other and first love makes the deal even sweeter and unique. This is a beautiful quote on love that you must share with your partner.


Charles Dickens - First Love Quotes

Charles John Huffam Dickens was an English writer, poet and a social critic. He is the creator of some of the world’s best-known fictional characters and one of the greatest novelists of the Victorian era. Most of his stories like A Tale of Two Cities, No Thoroughfare, The Frozen Deep, A Christmas Carol, and The Goblins are classics that are a must-read for every English speaking person in this world. This quote from Dickens is very famous for the way in which he writes about first love and how a man is really lucky if he is the first love of a woman and a woman on the other hand is lucky if she is her man’s last love. A quote that gives you a perspective of how the society works, or used to work.

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Suzanne Collins - First Love Quotes

Suzanne Marie Collins is an American born tele series writer and novelist. She is best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Hunger Games trilogy and The Underland Chronicles. The Hunger Games has already made it to the big screen as an adaptation with the same name. This quote is an excerpt from her book Gregor and the Code of Claw and talks of how sometimes “I love you” is all that needs to be said. It is an all encapsulating feeling, expression and a promise, all wrapped in one of the best first love quotes ever.


Stephanie Meyer - First Love Quotes

Stephenie Meyer is an American writer and novelist who gained worldwide prominence and recognition with her Vampire love story series called The Twilight. What is spectacular is the fact that Stephenie was a receptionist at a real estate company with no prior writing experience before Twilight. Her series was a big hit and was adapted on to the big screen. The Twilight series cumulatively held the #1 spot of the NY Times Best Seller List for almost a year. This beautiful quote on first love is an excerpt from the first book in the series. The quote is amazing, something you must share with your lover as it will surely make him or her feel special because reading, seeing and imagining first love is very different from actually getting to experience and share it.


Elizabeth Noble - First Love Quotes

Elizabeth Noble is an Australian born English writer and this quote is an excerpt from her book The Way We Were. This quote is a beautiful expression of love and how as a couple madly in love, you belong to each other before you were anyone else’s. It is how every person feels when he or she has found their first love – the excitement, hope and the promise of a future together. One of the must share first love quotes if you feel that way about your love and the beautiful relationship you both share.

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Saiber - First Love Quotes

This is Saiber’s debut book as a writer. Stardust and Sheets is a collection of her poetry on love, longing and the unique relationship that you share with your partner. This quote is an excerpt from one of her poems in the book and talks of how first love is always special and unforgettable. A quote you can customise to suit your needs and pepper it with your own beautiful experiences in love.


Lindsay Detwiler - First Love Quotes

Voice of Innocence is a love story written by Lindsaw Detwiler. It is a story of two teenagers named Emma and Corbin, who fall in love (their first) and how they go through a lot of hardships and still stay together in the end. This is a quote about first love and how it is always unique and sort of enduring, you can move on but you will never get over first love.


Kassandra Cross - First Love Quotes

Kassandra Cross is a well-known adult fiction writer. This quote is an excerpt from her book titled The Babysitter’s First Time. It is a beautiful, sensual and romantic first love quote on how the special moments of love and romance are unique and unforgettable. A quote you must share with your first love.


Nicholas Sparks - First Love Quotes

Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American writer and novelist who has authored best-sellers like the Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, A Bend in the Road and The Guardian. He has become the king of romance and has written beautiful love stories like this one (The Notebook) which redefined how we read love stories. This is a beautiful love quote on how your first relationship stays with you forever. A quote on how first love is unparalleled and something you will never ever get past.

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Dian Purnomo - First Love Quotes

Dian Purnomo is an Indonesian author who primarily writes in her native language. This beautiful love quote is from one of her books called Cerita Hati: Ini Cinta Pertama. It is a message of love and how your first love and your first relationship are special and that you shouldn’t judge first love because it was a happy or a sad experience. It is just plain love, one that is or was your first – it is unique and it should be enjoyed and remembered as it is.


Being A Girl - First Love Quotes

Chloe Thurlow is a popular modern adult fiction writer who has gained worldwide acclaim with her often raunchy and explicit works of literature. This is a realistic and beautifully put quote on first love and how it is an indisputable path to self discovery. In her own words “It is a way in which you can see yourself though someone else’s eyes”. A quote on first love that tells you why it is so important and also why it is an experience that will enrich you and your partner. A must-share first love quote.


Jennifer Elisabeth - First Love Quotes

Jennifer Elisabeth is a young English writer who has become popular with her first book – Born Ready. This fantastic love quote on first love truly is a path to a higher and a deeper understanding of one’s inner self. A quote on how first love lets you explore, understand and realise your inner feelings – a sure shot path to awareness, both internally and externally.


Jason Ratliff - First Love Quotes

This love quote is an enchanting account of the beautiful experiences that first love offers. You first walk, kiss, date, chat, hug, touch and do many more cute things. It is like the whole world and everything in it have conspired to make your life beautiful and pleasurable. A quote on the happiness and peace that falling in love for the first time presents. A feeling that everyone should experience, and if you have been lucky to have your first love in tow, you are obliged to share this quote with him or her. After all, love is all about sharing, and this quote on first love is definitely share worthy.


First Time - First Love Quotes

A heart-touching quote about first love and how the first meet is always special, memorable and irreplaceable. You can never really forget your first meeting with your first love – it is a memorable moment and this quote gives it that extra special, romantic touch with “how you took my breath away”. So if you’ve been blessed with a partner who has swept you off your feet, then he or she really deserves a pretty quote like this.


Chloe Thurlow - First Love Quotes

A light-hearted love quote that is romantic, funny and real. Imagine being shot by a bullet and the instant it hits you it turns into a flower! A quote that will surely make your partner smile. This is a humorous love quote that is taken from a book called A Girl’s Adventure by the famous adult fiction writer Chloe Thurlow.


Bob Dylan - First Love Quotes

So this is it, the best bet (for us personally, and something that can never go wrong because it has been such a popular “first love quote” for ages). This love quote is an excerpt from Bob Dylan’s hugely successful comeback album Love and Theft. The album released on September 11, 2001 and went on to be ranked #5 on the Billboard 200. This quote is heart touching and romantic; one that tells your partner that you are his or her first love and will be the last too. So basically, you are sharing your feelings for your partner and how strongly you believe that he or she is the only one you would ever love. If you believe yours is a once-in-a-lifetime relationship, then you must share this love quote from Bob Dylan.

First love is also truly special. We hope you’ve liked our first love quotes. We would love to hear from you and you can also share your experiences and unique first love stories or quotes with us. If they’re as cool as you are, we will be obliged to put them up on our list of love quotes and share them with the world.