Feroz Khan Marriage: Flamboyant Lover, Style Icon And A Film Legend

Feroz Khan always had an eye and a taste for the finer things in life. His exquisite lifestyle and his suave off-screen character always made him stand out amongst the crowd. Khan was often labelled as a womaniser but that mostly stemmed from the fact that he had a larger than life persona, which inevitably led to him being deemed flamboyant. Feroz Khan’s marriage to Sundari Khan in the year 1965 only to later stall the marriage due to his affair with air hostess Jyotika. Let’s take a closer look at the love life of the most sophisticated Khan in Bollywood.

Feroz Khan – Style, Sophistication And Swagger

Feroz Khan's Marriage

Feroz Khan was born on 25th September 1939 in Bangalore in an Afghan immigrant family of Afghan-Persian descent. He was one of the seven children in his family. Khan had all his education in Bangalore, and growing up decided to try a hand at modelling thanks to his good looks. In 1959, he moved to Mumbai where he was offered a role in a B-grade thriller – a category in which he acted until 1965, until his first major hit film Arzoo (1965) catapulted him to the A-list category. After that Khan played various types of roles, and is best remembered for his macho characteristics, definite tone of voice and his retro looks; style peculiarities for which he is often considered a pioneer. Feroz Khan passed away on 27th April 2009, after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was 69 years old.

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Feroz Khan’s Marriage : Finding The Love Of His Life

Feroz Khan's Marriage - Finding-The-Love-Of-His-Life

Khan was a popular personality off-screen due to his social nature. He would always make it a point to attend almost every party and social event in Bollywood circles, where he would often be seen surrounded by women. While Khan was labelled for his ways with women, in an interview much later in life, Khan shared that he loved befriending women but on the same time respected them, and never crossed the line.

“I was quite a Casanova when I was a bachelor and was often spotted at clubs and parties with the most gorgeous women of Bollywood. I treat women with the respect that is due to them and this explains my large number of female friends. Unfortunately, I was branded as a womaniser by some people.”
– Feroz Khan on his ‘womaniser’ image

There is no denying that it was indeed the case, and many actresses were enamoured by his charming personality and good looks. In fact beauty queen and actress Zeenat Aman was one among the many very vocal admirers that Feroz had. It is perhaps these qualities of Khan that drew the attention of Sundari, a divorcee with a daughter from her first marriage. The both met at a party, and it was love at first sight. The couple met somewhere in the year 1962, and secretly dated for 3 years without letting anyone get a whiff of their affair. Sundari’s daughter, Sonia, was also kept hidden from the public eye.

Sundari hails from a Sindhi family, and not much is known of her first marriage. Feroz Khan’s Marriage to Sundari in the year 1965 went off well and the couple were blessed with a daughter, Laila, in 1970, and a son, Fardeen, in 1974.

Things were going well for the family until Feroz Khan happened to meet an air hostess on one of the flights he was on.

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Feroz Khan’s Marriage : The Air-Hostess Saga

Feroz Khan's Marriage - The-Sudden-Liaison

In late 1970s, Feroz Khan was on-board a flight when he happened to meet a lovely air hostess Jyotika Dhanrajgir.. Jyotika was much younger to Feroz, and there was something about her which made the much older and married Khan go back to his flirtatious old ways. The couple did part ways when the flight landed, but Feroz made it a point to stay in touch with the air hostess. Jyotika was based in Bangalore, Khan’s home city, which made things much simpler for Khan. He would often visit her on the pretext of visiting his native place. Things, however, didn’t go unnoticed, and Sundari soon got wind of her husband’s fling. This is when Feroz Khan’s Marriage to Sundari started facing trouble.

She sought a divorce from Feroz but he left Sundari and his children to live-in with Jyotika, without going down the divorce route. Khan and Jyotika stayed together for several years, and while she would often ask him to formalise their relationship through marriage, Khan was much happier with her as his girlfriend. Khan would also visit his children and his wife once in a while in Mumbai, and soon Jyotika could not handle the fickle-mindedness of Feroz.

The two love-birds split somewhere in the early 1980s, and Jyotika went on to settle in London, where she lived the rest of her life. Khan returned to his wife and children in his own house in Mumbai, but it seems the damage had already been done.

Feroz Khan’s Marriage : Divorce And Aftermath

Feroz Khan's Marriage - after divorce

Khan had returned to his original home but the couple no longer had the love they once harboured for one another. They continued to live like strangers under the same roof, until it became too stressful to continue life that way. Feroz and Sundari finally filed for a divorce in 1984, which was granted in 1985. After the formal split, the couple moved-on with their respective lives, and while Sundari stayed back in Mumbai with the children, Khan moved to his plush farmhouse in Bangalore.

In spite of all the bitterness, the couple maintained a joint custody of their children, and Khan would always make it a point to spend time with his children whenever he visited Mumbai. In fact it was Feroz who gave son Fardeen his first break in cinema with the film Prem Aggan (1998) that was written, directed and produced by the senior Khan.

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Defiant In The Face Of Cancer

In late mid-2000s, Khan was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which he battled much longer than the doctors had predicted. His brother Akbar Khan once shared that Feroz was fearless right till the moment when he lost his fight with cancer in April 2009. Feroz Khan left a legacy, which few superstars can match; thanks to his larger than the life image. Feroz Khan continues to live in the hearts of his ardent admirers and remembered as the most suave and sophisticated Khan of showbiz.


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