Fawad Khan's Marriage: The Chocolate Boy’s Sugar Sweet Love Story

The Pakistani hunk of Punjabi and Pashtun origin made it big as an amateur musician turned theatre actor turned TV star, and in 2014 he made his debut in Bollywood. He has since then got a decent foothold in Hindi cinema, and has his own string of upcoming films. Irrespective of the attention he gets everywhere he goes, Fawad has been one woman’s man for more than a decade, and still counting. It is Fawad Khan’s marriage, and his mushy love story with his wife Sadaf Khan that we are talking about, and we unravel their love story here for you.

Musician, Model And Actor – That Is Fawad Khan For You!

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan was born on 29th November, 1981, in Karachi to a father who then lead the sales department of a pharmaceutical company in the country. The nature of his father’s job had Fawad travelling all over Europe, but they settled down in the city of Lahore. When Fawad was still in college, his keen interest in music made him start his very own progressive metal band named Entity Paradigm (EP) and the band did ample local shows. He had help setting up his own recording studio, and the recognition of being an independent musician (and of course good looks!) brought him an array of offers for the small screen of television, about a the time Fawad Khan’s marriage to Sadaf happened.

Fawad made his debut on Pakistani television around circa 2005, eventually making his film debut in a supporting role in 2007 with the critically acclaimed Pakistani film Khuda Kay Liye. There was no turning back after that for Fawad, and he went on to become the most sought after TV drama star in Pakistan. It’s said that Karan Johar was keen on roping him in, in 2008, but the Mumbai attacks made things tough. He eventually made his Bollywood debut with the 2014 Disney film Khoobsurat starring opposite Sonam Kapoor. And his role in Kapoor & Sons gave him recognition, just in time for the 10th anniversary celebrations of Fawad Khan’s marriage. The films made Fawad a familiar face in India, bringing him popularity from across the border.

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Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Diabetes

‘That Girl In The Girl’s Section…’

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf

Fawad’s private school in Lahore was a part of the creme de la creme, with children of International diplomats, businessmen and expats being a prominent majority. And since they were in the ring, the students back then used what was the most new and innovative way of communicating with each other – online chatting portals. While killing time on one of the chatting forums, the 17-year old Fawad happened to stumble upon Sadaf, a girl from his school. The two had a brief interaction, became friends and discovered that they go to the same tuition classes, which is where they met in-person for the first time. Fawad was smitten right at the moment he saw Sadaf, and being a hasty teenager, he wasted no time in sharing his feelings, which he did in a week. Thankfully though, Sadaf reciprocated the same thoughts, and that marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship that would last a lifetime.

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad's BSc Degree

Meeting The Parents For Marriage

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf At Their Engagement

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf's Marriage Family Pic

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf At Their Reception

By the age of 23, Fawad was among the reckoning TV actors in Pakistan, and had his first feature film in the pipeline. But Sadaf was anxious. She knew her parents would not accept a singing and acting damaad and she voiced her concerns to Fawad. He found a way out, and in true filmy style, Fawad introduced himself to his lady-love’s parents, and conned them to believe that he was an average Joe with a secure 9-to-5 job. The ruse did not work for long since Sadaf’s parent soon spotted him on the television, and realised he was indeed ‘The Fawad Khan.’ Eventually, the parents of both the lovebirds agreed to their alliance, and in November 2005, Fawad Khan’s marriage to Sadaf happened in Pakistan. It was a beautiful culmination of the relationship of the two childhood sweethearts, and needless to say, they were at the top of the world.

“She is my Rock of Gibraltar and my anchor. I have known her for so long but she is still my companion, my lover, my best friend, my everything. She understands me the most. Even in my rebellious phase, when I was most vulnerable, she would listen to me and understand me.”
– Fawad Khan about his wife Sadaf Khan

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Fawad Khan’s Marriage Life

Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf Seen With Ayaan

Fawad and Sadaf were blessed with a son in the year 2008, whom they named Ayaan. The couple is expecting their second child in October 2016, and are looking forward to it with a twinkle in their eyes (we will keep you posted about the news!). Sadaf is known to be a fashion designer by profession, and post Fawad Khan’s marriage to Sadaf, they co-started their own line of apparel brand in Pakistan, SILK. Fawad is often enthusiastically seen endorsing it, even making a mention or two in interviews.

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Fawad Khan's Marriage - Fawad And Sadaf At FilmFare

Fawad Khan’s marriage to Sadaf is a fine tale of true love, and Fawad and Sadaf have been life partners in true sense, and Sadaf is seen accompanying her hubby at public and social events. She has definitely known him for very long, and has seen him grow from a small screen actor to a star of the silver screen. She has stood by his side throughout the journey. That is what we called being soulmate in the true sense! We at The Bridal Box wish the adorable Mr. and Mrs. Khan the very best.

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