Writing The Perfect Father Of The Bride Speech

The father of the bride’s speech is what first gets the attention of the guests – having them settle down with a drink before the best man takes center stage and glasses are raised in an extended toast. What started out as a conservative tradition still continues to be one of the most awaited moments of the wedding, but sometimes only so that the best man (and then the groom) can begin! However, if given a structure, the father of the bride needn’t just be the precursor to the really enjoyable parts of the reception. In fact, if done right, it can be one of the best wedding gifts a father can give to his daughter.


In the grand scheme of things, it can be a very daunting task for a father to narrow down what he has to say in such a way that he gets across his emotions but doesn’t ramble on. There is never enough time (or words) to describe the emotions as a parent, however keeping the speech short is a must.

Here are our tips for a great speech:

1. The Introduction:


As cliched as it sounds, a great first impression is the gateway to a great beginning. Try and come up with a funny opening line to get the crowd’s attention. It will give you much needed confidence, and allay the attendees’ fears of being bored into submission. First off, thank everyone for coming. Then move on to a few words about the bride – how proud of her you are, or a funny story from her childhood are heart-warming staples.

2. The Welcome

Spare a word for the bride’s mother, and welcome the groom’s parents as well. You could probably draw some similarities between you and the groom – a great way to formally welcome him into the family. Recall an incident in which having him around was a boon, or what impression he left on you when you saw him first etc.

3. Your Daughter

Talk about a few milestones in her life from when she was growing up, to the beautiful woman you see in front of you – and how happy (and proud) this moment makes you feel. Keep it low on detail and high on emotion, and throwing in an occasional joke or funny story from her past keeps it light. It is also a great take away for the audience, not too serious but plenty memorable.

4. The Groom

A few keen observations about some of the things you like about him, and why you think he’s a great match for your daughter don’t go amiss. Make it appropriate and inclusive. Quote something from your first meeting that impressed you, or perhaps didn’t, and how you came to understand shortly what he was all about.

5. Words of Wisdom


Try and resist the temptation of sounding preachy. A funny quip about the nature of marriage (or of wives) can be a good closer, as long as it’s not upsetting to anyone, of course! Witty yet profound is hard to pull off, and if you don’t seem to be getting it quite right, stick with funny and sincere. That’ll do the trick.

6. The Toast!

Raise a toast to your the happy couple: A nod towards the couple with a twinkle in the eyes is a great way to close your speech.


And that’s it! Do all (or some) of these things and you’ll have on your hands an enjoyable and warm father of the bride speech – just the way it’s meant to be.

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