Farah Naaz Marriage: The Dainty Beauty's Tumultuous Love Life

Farah Naaz’s name might not ring a bell for many of us today. She is an actress who reached the prime of her career in late 1980s and then abruptly slipped into oblivion from public eye by mid-1990s. Though she had not completely vanished from showbiz, her appearance became intermittent and less conspicuous. Despite being not much of a known name, Farah reached great heights in her career and popularity at a very young age. We take a look at this diva from the 80s. Read on to know more about the Farah Naaz marriage story, her trysts with love.

Entering The World Of Cinema

Farah Naaz Marriage - Farah Naaz

Farah had connections with really prominent filmy personalities even before she started working in movies. Farah was born in the year 1968, and is the elder sister of the popular actress Tabu and the niece of the critically acclaimed theatre and film actress Shabana Azmi. It is said that the late veteran actor Dev Anand once saw Farah at Shabana Azmi’s house, and was so impressed by her innocent charm that he decided to launch Farah in a film under his home production banner. Despite Dev Anand’s reputable name and fame, Farah’s mother declined his offer. It was some years later that the famous film-maker Yash Chopra was looking for a fresh female lead for his next film and it is at that time Dev Anand suggested Farah’s name. Yash Chopra brought Shabana Azmi into the picture to convince Farah’s mother. Her efforts were successful and Farah’s mother agreed, finally letting her daughter star in her first film Faasle in the year 1985 at the tender age of 17.

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The End of Fame And The Brief Fling

After the initial success which she saw in her career, Farah’s career plunged into the realm of shabbily produced Hindi films. Early stardom works differently for those who attain it too early. In case of Farah, it seemed to make her more distracted from her work, which left many film-makers less keen on casting her. During the making of one of her film in early 1990s, she started getting romantically involved with an assistant director. The news was no secret and soon spread across the Bollywood grapevine. Almost every film producer foresaw an early Farah Naaz marriage, and soon film offers started drying up for Farah. Her fling with the assistant director didn’t last long though and she eventually dived into the lowest point in her career and life. It was around this time she met Vindu Dara Singh the son of the acclaimed Indian wrestler-actor Dara Singh.

The Tumultuous Marriage With Vindu

Vindu and Farah’s romance started on the sets of a film. They both were very much attracted towards each other, and interestingly both had their share of failed flings. Despite their clashing demeanours, the duo didn’t shy away from making a conspicuous display of their love and were quite often spotted together in public. Just like in many love affairs, Farah and Vindu’s families had contrasting mindsets. Firstly, Farah’s mother didn’t approve of Vindu since he was notorious for his vagrant ways. Also, he didn’t have an independent career of his own and was hardly a known figure in the entertainment business. Vindu’s father Dara Singh on the other hand wanted a daughter-in-law who would know how to cook and be the homely type. Farah’s cooking skills were apparently nothing to write home about and a Vindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz marriage would also invariably be the end of her acting career (whatever was left of it). Since things were not in sync for the pair, they reached the verge of separation and decided to take the first step by staying away from each other as much as possible. Things soon went the other way around though, and theVindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz marriage actually happened.

The story goes this way, one day Vindu left for a location in Tamil Nadu for some work without informing Farah. The place had no communication provisions and the two were totally out of touch for quite a substantial time. During this phase, the love birds realised the significance of their love and that they couldn’t stay away from each other. Once Vindu returned, the couple took the firm decision of getting married irrespective of what the situation was. Surprisingly, the duo’s parents soon shed their reservations and the Vindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz marriage went through, in the year 1996. There were rumours that the reason for the couple’s and their parents’ sudden change of heart was Farah’s pregnancy, but Vindu firmly denied that in an interview later. After marriage, Farah and Vindu lived in Vindu’s father Dara Singh’s house. Farah chose a domestic life over her career and took a break from films. The couple had a son in the year 1997, whom they named Fateh, and soon moved into a suburban apartment.

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The End Of The Matrimonial Bond

By 2002, cracks had already started appearing in the Vindu Dara Singh Farah Naaz marriage, and the relationship of the once doting couple was at its edge. Farah had moved out of the house with her son and was living independently. The fact was quite conspicuous and many in media scrambled to have an interview with the couple. While Farah avoided any dialogue, Vindu went on record to share that he is absolutely okay with Farah moving out and that he feels like a free bird. He said that he was ready to have her back when she puts aside her ego. Consequently, that never happened and instead rumours started doing the rounds that Farah was now involved in a fling with a married man. Farah later rubbished the rumours stating that the man was like a brother and his wife was a good friend.

Vindu’s parents and Farah’s sister Tabu tried desperately to reconcile the couple but to no avail. The thing is that there were always certain red flags in the relationship, that lead to its deterioration. They both shared a common egoistic temperament and a knack for getting into arguments at the drop of the hat. Also, Vindu had become quite candid of initiating an affair with another woman while Farah was gone, which irked Farah even further. Although Vindu’s wafer-thin Bollywood career was not the reason for a tiff, it is said he didn’t support their son Fateh during the course of separation. It was about time the couple realised that their marriage was going nowhere and decided to file for a divorce in the year 2003, around the same time co-incidentally Amrita Singh’s marriage to Saif hit divorce proceedings too. The couple had an amicable separation, and Farah got custody of their son Fateh and Vindu is said to have become his financial benefactor.

Their Lives Today

Soon after her divorce, Farah met Sumeetl, a television actor. In the year 2003, the Sumeet Saigal Farah Naaz marriage took place. They both have since been together with Farah’s son Fateh (from her marriage with Vindu) too staying with them. She has appeared in movies and TV shows on and off, but overall has avoided the limelight. Vindu went on to marry a Russian model Dina Umarova and now has a daughter with hers named Amelia. Farah and Vindu get along well as friends and their respective spouses seem to have no problem with that.

Farah Naaz Marriage - Farah Naaz With Sumeet Saiga And Vindu Dara Singh With Dina Umarova And Their KIds Fateh And Amelia

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One thing that’s quite good about Farah’s turbulent love life is the fact that the ex-couple have maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their son. This surely makes a good example for many couples out there who envisage divorce with little to no regards for their children.