Farah Khan Wedding: Inter-Faith, SRK and Age Gap Don't Affect Love

Actor turned choreographer Farah Khan is a Bollywood stalwart, but no more so than her larger than life film editor husband, Shirish Kunder. Together, the duo have made their mark in Bollywood with Farah having choreographed more than a 100 Bollywood songs spread over 80 films, and having collaborated with Shirish Kunder on her directorial début, Main Hoon Na which starred Shah Rukh Khan (and was also the début project for King Khan’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment). The film was the second highest grossing film of 2004 and was declared to be a “blockbuster” overseas by Box Office India. This couple, despite the tamasha, had quite a romance, and the Shirish Kunder Farah Khan wedding is now at in it’s happy steel age.

Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder also worked together, post marriage, in noted films like Jaan-E-Mann, Om Shanti Om and Tees Maar Khan.

Falling In Love Is An Occupational Hazard

The Farah Khan Wedding Story - Farah Khan With Shirish Kunder Way Back When It Began

Farah and Shirish first connected over their work with the film Main Hoon Na, but it was not on location at beautiful Darjeeling (where most of the principal photography took place) that the two began to feel any romantic feelings. They enjoyed each other’s company a lot and spent plenty of time together, but at the end of the day it was a question of connecting with someone interesting at work.

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Shirish, who first garnered the attention of directors when he edited Main Hoon Na and Kamal Haasan’s Virumaandi on location, spoke of how the first romantic spark was ignited when they were working on the film’s promos. “I have always been in awe of her,” he says. “She’s very talented. We have a lot of mutual interests. We can go on and on talking about work. She’s the best person I’ve ever met!” said the actor about his bride-to-be a few months after they started seeing each other. Within a couple of months, the press got a whiff of what was going on, and amidst a lot of speculations, and a bunch of salacious tit bits about Farah being older, there obviously were whispers of a Shirish Kunder Farah Khan wedding ‘enroute’. Since the both of them were known to be the serious sincere types who wouldn’t go running in the bushes for the adrenaline rush, this was already accepted among close friends and family, as a very real possibility; one that came to pass.

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The Proposal: Humble, Intimate And Sincere

Funnily enough, the boy from Mangalore couldn’t quite remember the precise manner in which he proposed to Farah! “It was a very private moment,” he quipped before going on to add that “There were only the two of us. We didn’t tell anyone because we didn’t want others to know about our private lives.” Seems about fair enough to us. Shirish was quick to laugh off his engagement ring though, saying that Farah’s diamond was bigger!

Quick, But Sure

The Farah Khan Wedding Story - Farah Khan With Shirish Kunder In Candid Shots By The Press

It as only after the couple had been seeing each other for about seven months did the actor (who is known to be very candid in his interviews) talk about “hoping to get married soon” to a newspaper. Notably, his demeanour and tone seemed to portray the decision, as the reporter recalls, as simply a matter of scheduling and logistics, than a throwaway remark that was wishing for the best.
We’re not sure Shirish has ever been unsure of anything in his life. But the man in question sure wasn’t in two minds about a Shirish Kunder Farah Khan wedding.

A Modern Day Match

The Farah Khan Wedding Story - Farah Khan And Shirish Kunder At Their Wedding

Throughout the story of the Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan marriage, it’s easy to forget the fact that theirs is an inter-faith coupling and that Shirish is eight years younger than his wife. Neither of these facts seem to have affected the wonderful couple or their relationship, and we must say that we don’t think we’ll concern ourselves too much with those details either, apart from mentioning that it’s nice to see some “unconventional” couples in the limelight happily married. Speaking of…

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Married Life

The Farah Khan Wedding Story - Farah Khan And Shirish Kunder With The Triplets Anya, Czar and Diva

The 9th of December, 2004 saw the couple tie the knot and pledge to be together ’til death do them part. The Shirish Kunder Farah Khan wedding was quiet affair, attended by close friends and family, with star guests including Karan Johar, Shah Rukh, the Kapoors, the Roshans, the Akhtars, Sonu Nigam, and a lot of other super secret fun names, some of who actually went on to perform for the celebrations. 2008 saw Farah Khan give birth to triplets, son Czar, and two daughters – Anya and Diva. Juggling between being a mother and being a choreographer/director is never quite easy but Farah seems to have handled it with aplomb.

Farah’s Thoughts On Shirish

Upon being asked on what had attracted her to Shirish, Farah responded by saying that she immensely respects that he is a talented man, and while “he is principled to the point of self-destructive,” it is a quality that she begrudgingly admires in him.

Calling him “the most misunderstood man in the industry,” Farah talks of how her husband’s “bluntness is mistaken for arrogance” and how he has a great sense of humour that she loves. Her husband’s tendency (as a result of his “bluntness,” no doubt) of being entirely honest with her when “others are scared of her” as well as the fact that her husband still “let’s her be herself” are also traits that Farah appreciates and admires in her husband.

A very reasoned and mature answer for a mature couple, we think.

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The SRK Connection

The Farah Khan Wedding Story - The Story About Shah Rukh Khan

Farah and SRK go back a long way. The two have been friends before either one of them hit stardom (or super-stardom for Shah Rukh); SRK was there all to see and hear it all, and private, intimate pics of him at the Shirish Kunder Farah Khan wedding circulated the net, but SRK’s relationship with Shirish has seen some moments of tension and strain.

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It all started when Shirish criticized SRK’s Ra One, which the veteran actor didn’t seem to take too kindly to. Accusations of stalking and an altercation with SRK at a Bollywood do soon followed, but as always, Farah stepped in to calm things between the two and peace was restored.

They might not be the best of friends, but as Farah says “they both realized that they love me” and so they decided to put their differences aside and call it a truce.

A Jealous But Supportive And Forward Husband

Ask any wife if she’d like her husband to be a little jealous from time to time and chances are that she’ll answer in the affirmative. Still, Shirish isn’t the type to ever inhibit or attempt to limit his wife’s actions as evidenced from the time he convinced his wife into taking up the role of the leading lady in Shirin Farhad, an offer that Farah was so surprised at having received that she first thought she was being approached for a choreography consultation.

A candid Farah talked of being “at her biggest point in career” at the time of the role, but her husband’s support helped her shake of any inhibitions and take up the role. “He still hasn’t seen it,” Farah says fondly. “He doesn’t like the fact that his wife is holding hands with another man…”

11 Years And Counting

11 years together has seen this couple’s love for each other, as well as for their beautiful children, only grow stronger. And we wish them more of the same, as well as another love-filled 11 years (and then more) together.