15 Fantastic First Love SMS Texts For Your Pleasure

By Aditya Vachaspati G B KAditya Vachaspati G B K  • 

First Love! We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that tingling feeling in the stomach. You catch a glimpse of her face, a strand of hair covers her eyes and she strokes it gently and places it behind her ear. You see her eyes, you notice a sparkle in them, and before you know it you’re hooked. You see her smile and you know you’re in trouble, because there are butterflies in your stomach. Time freezes. You do everything you can to stop staring but you can’t, your mind is racing and says, “stop it you idiot!”, but your eyes don’t listen, and that’s because your heart says, “oh my god!” She’s beautiful and you’re in love, the stuff fairytales are made of. But then, isn’t your first love just like a fairytale? It’s probably better. So, if you feel like you’re in a fairytale and think that you’re lucky, we have 15 fantastic first love SMS’ that are just tailor made for you.


Every girl deserves it and every guy longs for it. However, if you two can make that happen, it’s pure bliss. Not many have it.


First dates are awkward, agreed! What if it goes well though? Heaven on earth are what first kisses are, that much we know for sure. No wonder all of us still think of our first love.


How true. At night, all you want to do is hold them tight and kiss them good night. A text and an air kiss just don’t cut it.


Love under the stars. A bit old fashioned but for the fact that its love after all. And first love is always special, so, we completely understand the old fashioned romance.


Way to say it. But just don’t say it for the sake of saying it, mean it and make sure there’s a tomorrow my friend. And make sure that you love her more each day if possible. She’ll be yours for all of her tomorrow’s, trust us.


Shall we dance? I’m sure you’ve seen the movie, and I’m sure you’ve heard the songs ‘the book of love’ and swayed to the tunes of The Pussycat Dolls. If you haven’t, just hold onto your loved one, close your eyes and start to sway, you’ll have the time of your life.


That’s a novel way of saying you belong to me. I think I’ll try that one next time.

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I know everyone’s thinking of Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” but sometimes, just sometimes, miracles do happen. Angels do appear out of nowhere and you’re just left there wondering, “How could she ever fall for someone like me?”


That’s very endearing and we actually know what you’re talking about. It just doesn’t feel like disturbance if it’s a message from your love, does it?


Now, that just puts a smile on my face just like it did on yours. That would brighten every day and lighten every heart.


Poetic justice! Whoever came up with this one is a genius.


It’s said that a woman knows all she needs to know about a man from the first kiss. So you better be a darn good kisser or you’re going be kissing her goodbye.


Heard the song Yellow by Coldplay? If you haven’t, its time you did. The song is for you, just like this message is for your love.


I know it’s old. I know the Backstreet Boys said it. But it was, is and will remain extremely relevant to all love birds.


As Louis Armstrong says, ‘Musicians don’t retire. They stop when there’s no more music in them”. I guess the same holds true with love. It starts with you and me but it never ends.

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