9 Fancy Wedding Invitation Cards That'll Leave Your Guests Stunned

Every happy couple out there wants to gear up for their big day in style, they love having fancy things in their wedding right from glamorous decorations to luxurious wedding halls and everything. If your dream wedding is going to be extravagant, why shouldn’t the wedding invitations be fancy and extravagant too? After all, that’s the first thing that your guests will receive from you right?

Like everything else, wedding invites have also evolved and come a long way from being ‘just a piece of paper.’ We wouldn’t be surprised if people started giving away iPads in wedding invitations. Errr… Wait a minute! That’s already been done! Yes, you heard it right, the famous NFL player Keyshawn Johnson invited guests to his wedding by sending a brand new iPad 4s to each guest with the invite in it. Just like this, we have a whole bunch of fancy wedding invitation cards you can’t miss out on. May be this will inspire you to get your own fancy wedding invite.

1. The Spice Box

This spice box invitation is inspired by the age old tradition of the Indian bride entering her new home along with a box of spices. The box comes in different shades of brown and orange with acrylic gold detailing. Apart from the actual wedding invite, this box also comes with a selection of premium Indian spices including saffron.

2. The Three Tier Extravaganza

This triple decker invitation is a real treat. It has a beautiful baroque pattern in complementing shades of brown. Under the layer of goodies, there’s a scroll vintage invitation with the wedding details. There’s also a whole bunch of different sachets with the wedding dates and other minor details.

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3. Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput’s Wedding Invite

Shahid Kapoor had his wedding invitation specially designed and we heard that he personally went through every detail. The invitation was a combination of white and turquoise with a hint of gold. Apart from the card, the invitation came along with little honey pots and herbal tea; definitely one of the classiest fancy wedding invitation cards ever.

4. Little Snow Box

This little white box unveils a whole new world. It has a beautiful white card on the top and a small rsvp inside. This invite is perfect for a winter wedding.

5. Lavish Laser Cut

Nothing says ‘fancy’ like laser cut über fancy wedding invitation cards. Laser cut invitations are definitely trending this wedding season. Here, it really elevates the invite making it look more fancy. This invite comes with a beautiful rhinestone brooch as well.

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6. Shimmery Champagne Gold

This invitation comes in a simple envelope with a card, but the glitter package and champagne gold detailing makes it absolutely fancy. This invitation totally proves that a fancy invite doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

7. The Whacky Whiskey Invitation

This invitation is designed by a Delhi based company called Zaaria wedding packers . The invitation card is deep navy blue in colour with gold detailing. What’s eye popping about this invite is the bottle of whiskey! This invitation was customized to match the theme of the wedding. Any guesses on what wedding theme would need a Chivas whiskey bottle in the invite?

8. PC Jeweller Special

This one really tops the list of fancy. This card was specially designed by PC Jewellers for the wedding of one of their key members. There is a big box of sweets underneath and the top of the box opens up to a musical video invite. Sources claim that that this invitation alone costs a whopping Rs.12,000 each.

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9. The Keyshawn Invite

In case you’re wondering about the Keyshawn wedding we mentioned earlier, here’s a little insight. The famous NFL player Keyshawn Johnson took his wedding invitation to a whole new level. According to TMZ, once the guests powered on, a program opens informing about the event and other things like photo gallery, guest list and countdown to the big day.

Fancy wedding invitation cards needn’t be expensive all the time. You can have your own customized fancy wedding invite made according to what you have in mind, within your budget. Talk to your wedding card designer and you could have unique and truly fancy wedding invites custom-made for your guests.