12 Beautiful Fancy Mehndi Designs For Wedding With DIY Video

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The art of mehndi designing is an old tradition that women have followed, practised and improvised with time. Fancy mehndi designs for wedding have always been popular among Indian brides. They have adorned their hands and feet with exquisite designs and have celebrated mehndi throughout the generations. But now, times have changed. More than being somethin culture, mehndi has become more of a modern day art on the skin. Artisans paint their ideas on the bride’s skin to beautify her persona. With so many different fancy mehndi designs for wedding available now, it can get difficult for one to choose a particular pattern. Fancy mehndi designs are a collection of modern day mehndi designs that have set a new fashion trend among the young would-be-brides.

1. Fancy Mehndi Design For Wedding – A Simple DIY Video

Our collection of top 12 fancy mehndi designs for this wedding season will leave you baffled with the diversity and huge variety of designs available now. So have a look at our fabulous list and choose which design suits you the best on your big day.

2. Gorgeously Glittery

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Bridal mehndi is not that dull anymore. The golden brown colour of henna will always have its own aesthetic value, but with the new fashion trend catching up, fancy glitter mehndi designs have become everyone’s favourite. All brides harness a dream in their hearts of looking the most beautiful on their D-day and they are on a continuous lookout for something out of the box. To give these brides-to-be the bling they desire, artisans have got in the glitter mehndi. These designs are extremely beautiful and add shimmer to the mehndi. So to sparkle it up, go for glitter mehndi and sizzle it well!

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3. Sensuously Sexy

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Adornment of hands and feet are old school now. The new age brides-to-be have set new trends in the world of mehndi designing. Getting the mehndi design done on the back has become very popular in the recent times. Designs for the back are usually delicate and very modern. Most women prefer either a round or long design depending on the choli. This fancy back mehndi design is a sure-shot mind boggler. No one can get their eyes off your back. If you are the bold one and like breaking stereotypes, then go ahead and flaunt it with great style and be a head-turner on your wedding.

4. Stunningly Stoned

Ornamental design with mehndi and stones is the new talk of the town. Most women have a flair for jewellery and some love their mehndi to look similar to a piece of jewellery as well. These fancy designs with mehndi and stones look extremely alluring. Use of multi-coloured stones makes the mehndi look so gorgeous.


These designs can be done with black henna as well. Black henna adds more detail to the design and highlights the stones very well. If you are a jewellery lover, then this design will make you go gaga over it. Do try it out!

6. Magical Multi Colours

Multicoloured fancy mehndi designs for wedding look so colourful and vibrant. Use of different colours is a pretty new thing and it has already found a lot of takers. Anything different definitely works. Fancy mehndi design looks much more glamorous and can be customised to go with any attire. You don’t have to wear a formal attire to flaunt fancy mehndi designs. They compliment any attire and will add a modern tinge to your complete look. Before going for a multi-coloured design, do check which colours go well with each other. A good colour combination will beautify your mehndi further.


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8. Vivaciously White

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Another very popular fancy mehndi design among the brides is the white henna design. Initially, women were sceptical about sporting white henna designs for the wedding, but because of the exquisiteness, a lot of women are actually flaunting them in great style. White henna designs look modern and give that extra oomph to your whole wedding look.Though they are fancy, they also look rich in style and tradition. White henna suits all skin tones unlike the old school henna which has a very dull colour on the back of the hand. Take a look at these back hand with white henna designs, they look mesmerizingly beautiful. One should definitely try this out for a wedding ceremony in the night. It will shine like the stars!


10. Metallic Madness

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Most modern women don’t prefer wearing gold nowadays. They usually keep their jewellery minimal. Heavy jewellery is hard to carry and makes one look way too gawdy. But the love for gold can never ever go away. So for brides who love gold but not excess jewellery, we have just what you always dreamt of – the gold mehndi design. The use of metallic colours is comparatively very new. Other designing styles have been around and women have adorned them for ages now. But for the new would-be-brides, artisans have got the perfect mix of shine, shimmer and design. Metallic henna designing is one of a kind and you should try it if being an off-beat bride is on your mind.


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12. Stick-on Sizzlers

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The most convenient and easy mehndi design is the stick-on type. Wedding ceremonies are so packed sometimes that one doesn’t find time for the mehndi ceremony. So to cater to all the busy brides, we have the stick-on mehndi. These designs just need to be glued and can be removed with just one wash. They don’t chip off and stick to your skin till you wash it off. There are a variety of designs you can choose from. They come in all colours and can match your bridal lehenga beautifully. So if you don’t have the time, then stick-on mehndi is here to the rescue.

I am sure that our beautiful collection of these 12 fancy mehndi designs for wedding season must have given you the flavour of the diverse culture and the kind of skill our artisans possess in the art of mehndi designing. These designs are all unique in their own way and will certainly look good. Do try them out and let us know which one looked the most fabulous on you. Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post and we wish you a happy wedding in advance.

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