8 Famous Love Quotes From Movies To Melt Your Heart!

There are some very famous love quotes from movies for lovers across the globe. Do not sweep them under a rug as chick-flicks or rom-coms or any other abbreviation of it that might despise you. If you truly feel it, you know what it’s all about. Here are eight of the most heart-wrenching famous love quotes from movies that will make you feel what you have— love!


10 Famous Love Quotes From Movies

To be under someone’s spell, is a legit thing ya’ll! When you are deeply enamoured by someone your body and soul feel under their reins, you are beguiled by their emotions and happiness, and the best part being that the feeling is reciprocated as well. You want to be enraptured by the other, but if they truly love you, they will make you theirs for what you are.


Famous Love Quotes From Movies - Before Sunset

You will be able to remember the tiniest things about your partner, when you are super into him or her! Like the way her toes peep-out of the blanket every morning, or the way he flaps his eyelids like a butterfly’s wings after he has a long yawn, or any of the thousand other slightest gestures that move you— you can never replace the beloved with someone else.

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Famous Love Quotes From Movies - Imagine Me & You

Lena Headey maybe irresistibly hateable as Cersei in Game of Thrones, but the splendid actor does it again inImagine Me & You, alongside Piper Perabo. When you have found the one for you, you have the most wonderful and strangest feeling of feeling completed, as if you were missing something all this time, like you were whole again only now— like a jigsaw puzzle which had missing pieces. Treasure the moments. Treasure the love.


Famous Love Quotes From Movies - LOTR

I remember choking up when the sylvan Elvish beauty Arwen Undomiel said these beautiful words to her beloved ranger, Aragorn son of Arathorn in this landmark epic film. Almost star crossed lovers, their tale of love escaped becoming a tragedy when the Lady Arwen decided to give up on the immortal life promised to her vis-a-vis her Elven heritage and live on in Middle-Earth. Despite the danger posed by the dark forces of Mordor and the certainty of eventual death, the promise of love was powerful enough to strengthen her resolve. What is the use of unending days when you no longer have a sun to light them up.


Famous Love Quotes From Movies - Fault in our Stars

Sometimes we are destined to have our minds blown by amazing people, who make you feel amazing but have no clue amazing they are! The recent blockbuster has many lines for the lover’s scribble-pad, but this quote has something simply truthful for some people. In true love, you will be taking it up on yourself to tell the other person how amazing they are, till your last breath, and still not have conveyed how much you really love them. That’s love, people.


Famous Love Quotes From Movies - Nightmare Before Christmas

One of Tim Burton’s classics, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a memorable movie which will warm any cold heart around Christmas, or any time of the year! This is a beautiful quote from the brilliant stop-motion animation, is identifiable for anyone who has been swept off their feet by someone at some point in their life. You are strengthened so much in love that nothing seems impossible.

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Famous Love Quotes From Movies -Sleepless in Seattle

If you have had a long distance relationship, or even a relationship which is facing proximity difficulties due to other factors, you will make it work if you know you can’t take it without him or her, am I right? Well when you are in a real relationship, time or distance don’t matter anymore— they are details overshadowed by your encounter with the infinity called love.


Famous Love Quotes From Movies - P.S. I Love You

Oh. My. God. This is the most tear-inducing, heart-wrenching, love stories you will ever see in your life. Sure, Gerard Butler may be one of the selling points, but let’s not deviate. This beautiful quote sums up everything one feels about the person they are so madly in love with— for all the hugs, kisses, night time noodles, and morning bed coffees, sometimes there is nothing else that can be said except the cutest post-script in the world: “P.S. I Love You”.