10 Famous Love Quotes For Him

You know he’s the one for you when he’s all you can think of all day, and the mere sight of him still gives you butterflies in the stomach. You’re deeply in love with him, and you want to show it, all you want to do is to recite sweet love quotes for him to let him know what it means to to you, and how lucky and excited you feel around him! Well, with these romantic love quotes for him you can do just that, so read on and share your love!


10 Famous Love Quotes For Him

A timeless and best love quotes for him about hope, promise, trust and undying faith that you have in him and your relationship. A quote that is apt for a couple deeply in love, one that is an acknowledgement of the lasting relationship and understanding that you share with him.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 2

An emotional love quote that is truly from the heart. A quote on how love has made you complete, a hope that it will always be that way and an unforgettable promise that you will always love him, for life. A love quote that is moving and will be the best thing you could share with your partner on your big day.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 3

A philosophical love quote by Lao Tzu can be just the right introduction for a love quote or a wedding speech for him. This quote on love talks of feeling strength and courage and how love binds its all together beautifully. It is about life and a bond between two people madly in love and how love becomes a complementing catalyst at every stage of life. A love quote that he will truly appreciate.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 4

Nobody could have put it better than David Viscott. A brilliantly humorous quote on love, that related loving and being loved to feel the sun from both sides. The incisive nature of his insight is staggeringly hilarious.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 5

A wedding love quote for a couple madly in love who are cementing their relationship by getting married and taking it the next level. A quote that talks of love and the special place that their partner has in her life. A wedding quote about friendship, love, life and dreams.

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Famous Love Quotes For Him 6

Faith, hope and trust are the bedrock of any relationship that is bound by love. An honest and sweet love quote that is about timeless love, everlasting trust and faith in what you are, as an individual and as a couple. A beautiful love quote that will surely be applauded and appreciated for its honesty and sincerity in the message it wishes to convey. Show him you unflinching love for him with this romantic love quote.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 7

A simple love quote that is beautiful because of how easily its put. A love quote that talks of how understanding and happy your relationship is, and how he has made you a happier, funnier and light hearted person. Tell him his what he means to you – your best friend, your lover and ultimately, your husband-to-be. He’ll surely feel very special and love you even more, with this straight from the heart love quote.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 8

Another simple love quote that’s straight from the heart. A quote that talks about your beautiful relationship with him and how happy you are sharing that special bond of love. Ending the one-liner with a “truly, madly in love with you” only adds to the appeal of this love quote and is an like an icing on the cake.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 9

A light hearted love quote that is simple and complete. A quote that tells him that you are loving where you are with him, as a partner in a relationship and that you would always want it stay that way. A quote that is timeless and something he will surely appreciate.


Famous Love Quotes For Him 10

A very romantic love quote that is sure to move your partner. A quote that tells him, you are his, for life. A message that talks of how deeply and madly you love him and how he would always hold sway over your heart. A love quote that is a romantic submission of your heart. to be with the one you love and hopefully, someone going to marry in the very near future.

If you’ve got something of your own creation or a different favourite love quote, we’d love to hear from you! And if we can, we will surely add it to this list. Love & share, ciao.