10 Passionate And Famous Love Quotes For Her

She has been the wind in your wings, your star in the sky, your partner in crime and your best friend for life. Tell her how special she is and how much you truly love her with these famous love quotes for her, and exclusively her!


Famous Love Quotes For Her -1

A romantic love quote that tells her you are truly and madly in love with her. In fact, it is a love quote that actually tells her you are addicted to her. Something a girl would love to hear, and for sure would give back in a million better ways. So if you are addicted to her and the bond you share with her, my friend just say it and she’ll make sure you stay that way, forever.


 Famous Love Quotes For Her 2

A beautiful love quote about dreams and stars. Something every girl loves, and telling her that she is the reason for your dreaming becoming your reality and that she is the star in the skies would only make her blush with love and happiness. A true love quote that you must share with you beloved, and let her know what she really means to you.


 Famous Love Quotes For Her 3

A passionate love quote that will make her jump into your arms and kiss you like there’s no tomorrow. A quote that is moving, real and truly from the heart. A love quote that will make her smile, laugh and love you more than ever. Something that you should tell her everyday, and we are sure, you will not bore her.


Famous Love Quotes For Her -4

A beautiful love quote that is poetic, romantic and totally from the heart. Share your feelings, how she makes you feel special and how you are clueless and incomplete without her. A quote that is as precious as she is, and a love quote that she will remember for the rest of her life! Say it and she’s yours forever as she wills.

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Famous Love Quotes For Her - 5

A beautiful story of life and your love for her. A love quote that is about your unwavering, timeless and true love for her. An emotional message about love that every girl will love to hear. Share it and she will be yours and you will be in her hear forever.


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 6

A love quote that tells her that she is your everything. You hope, your inspiration, your fun, happiness and life. A quote that talks of how she has made your life more beautiful and the hope that she will always be yours. A quote that will make any girl blush and if you are lucky mate, you’d even get a little kiss! Share it with her, now. NOW.


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 7

A love quote that is passionate and sincere. A message of love and how she has made you a better person, how life has changed after she has come in to your life. Something that she will truly appreciate and acknowledge, as love is the union of two mind, hearts and souls, that are completely in resonance with each other.


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 8

A poetic love quote that is funny and pretty. A quote that your girl will love, smile and may be even laugh as she hears it. This is one message that will really brighten up her day, and of course, even yours. Like it reads, she is your morning sun, isn’t she?


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 9

A very sincere and honest love quote that is a beautifully moving message for your partner, girlfriend or wife. A love quote that talks of how times were before her and how it feels amazing, now that she is by your side. A quote that’s straight from the heart, a message that your girl would love to hear you say and something she will cherish for very long time.


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 10

A very special love quote for a special person. A passionate quote that talks about your intimacy, love and how you’ve already married her a thousand times in your mind. It could be a great line for a proposal and we are sure, with the amount of love you have for her, and being such a passionate quote to boot, she’ll definitely say yes!


Famous Love Quotes For Her - 11

Bonus Quote for the Girl who really Loves her Drinks.