50 Falling In Love Quotes: Musings For Those Who Tripped And Fell

If someone asked you what does falling in love feel like, what would you tell? Every person who has ever been (or rather fell) in love will have a different take. But the underlying emotion/feeling is the same. Here are some falling in love quotes that you might relate to.

1. Falling In Love Quotes - Any Of It Is Better

The first thing we should do is establish the primacy of falling in love quotes and the feeling they talk about. It is the single greatest part of the trifecta of love, the beginning (of the end, for some) and the very reason that love has the reputation that it has, because of the whirlwind of change it can be in the course of your life.

2. Falling In Love Quotes - Getting Back Up Is The Problem

The thing is, sometimes the one we fall for isn’t quite there to pick us up, and that’s where things begin to go awry.

3. Falling In Love Quotes - Falling In Love

You would think that for something that has been so universally looked at with distrust as falling in love has, there would be more people taking heed. And yet, love has an even stronger, universal appeal today than that first drag of a cigarette has to a sixteen year old rebel.

4. Falling In Love Quotes - The Harder You Fall

If all your efforts are focused on keeping people out, you’re going to have no idea what to do once they’re in. And they will make it in, be sure, for they have love on their side.

5. Falling In Love Quotes - A Successful Marriage

No, really. Think about this falling in love quote seriously. People age. wrinkles appear, waistlines increase, energy levels drop and yet some of the grandparent-age couples seem to be the most smitten with each other. Why? Because the things that made them fall in love with their partners in the first place changed, they appreciated everything that happened with their partners and their love grew everyday. They fell in love with the same person over and over again.

6. Falling In Love Quotes - It's Really Special

Julianne Moore weighs in with her two cents on falling in love quotes stressing the fact that while we’re exposed to all of the popular culture, advertising and mass marketing that shows us youthful and exuberant couples transformed by having found the love of their lives, the actuality of such a thing happening isn’t usually that very common for most people. That’s why when it does happen, make it count.

7. Falling In Love Quotes - A Big Difference

Coming back to that first quote by Maya Angelou, loving someone is a wonderfully comforting and contented state of being, but the ecstasy that accompanies falling in love is a whole different drug.
8. Falling In Love Quotes - We Never Get Enough

It’s like this little spring of hope within us that erupts every time things look completely bleak, when we’ve all but given up.

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9. Falling In Love Quotes - Gravitation

Albert Einstein weighs with his take on the subject and gives us one of the most memorable quotes of all time in the process. Einstein could be said to be almost as concerned with matters of love as he was with solving the big problems in physics at the time.

10. Falling In Love Quotes - Two Different Things

Falling in love can be a solo act, see. You can sit there at your window and gaze at that beautiful soul across the road who walks the dog at 3:15 p.m. sharp every day. But to actually go there and be with that person, to communicate, share, and coexist with that person – even to be able to get to such a reality – is something completely different.

11. Falling In Love Quotes - Chemistry

This sort of falling in love quote is going to be a recurring theme as more and more people talk about how you have no control whatsoever over who you end up falling for, mostly when the last thing you were looking for was love.

12. Falling In Love Quotes - Nobody Is Perfect

This is the real beauty of being in love. The perfect person that you see every time is certainly not someone without their faults; but we’re so blinded by their dazzling beauty, wonderful charm, and interesting personality that we’re not going to see any negatives there – only perfection.

13. Falling In Love Quotes - No One

It is scary. Anyone who pretends otherwise is probably making a decision that could hurt them, and is most probably making the decision on a whim. Falling in love can be among other exalted states, frightening and maybe even terrifying, and that’s okay. There’s fear of failure, rejection, ridicule, “I’m not worthy of this” and a million other things that can be running through your head. But you still do it anyway and that’s bravery, so kudos!

14. Falling In Love Quotes - Is It Possible?

This falling in love quote sounds wonderful in theory but I’d bet my bottom dollar that the first company to offer such a safeguard would go broke so fast no one would try it again.

15. Falling In Love Quotes - The Natural Thing To Do

Go with the flow, just do it. You know the deal.

16. Falling In Love Quotes - Be Careful

Quite an amusing falling in love quote to be told about how rough a deal this love business can be.

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17. Falling In Love Quotes - You Can't Help It

Iteration #3 of this particular, popular opinion, and its simplicity is striking. Like it says “You can’t help who you fall in love with,” end of story. Next!

18. Falling In Love Quotes - Cruel

This is a bit melodramatic but I’d be lying if I said this thought hasn’t popped up in my head as I’m being coolly ignored all the while staring at phone for any signs of vibration. Being in love really does suck sometimes because it exposes your weaknesses.

19. Falling In Love Quotes - Falling

And when it’s reciprocated, this happens.

20. Falling In Love Quotes - Love

This isn’t our favourite falling in love quote when it comes to how it’s worded, but the message, I mean, it’s the truth, isn’t it?

21. Falling In Love Quotes - No Greater Feeling

Like it’s straight out of a class nine textbook – pure fact and nothing else.

22. Falling In Love Quotes - I Would Stop It

Everyone has at least one person they’d like to write a letter to that had the above sentence, as well as a few other choice phrases.

23. Falling In Love Quotes - Touch The Stars

I’ve never hit those heights personally, but I imagine the feeling would be most celestial.

24. Falling In Love Quotes - Butterflies

The other side of the spectrum. You know you’re in love if this falling in love quote happens IRL as well.

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25. Falling In Love Quotes - Only Fools

And I’d rather be a fool in this regard than anything else.

26. Falling In Love Quotes - Uplifting

One word: Unrequited. Besides, maybe in some sort of reversal of the laws of physics, those experiencing nascent love actually feel like they’re falling but are being uplifted. Sort of how the government tries to justify taxes.

27. Falling In Love Quotes - A Wonderfully Terrifying Sensation

I think this falling in love quote best sums up falling in love in eight words.

28. Falling In Love Quotes - Trust

Falling in love is vulnerability and telling the other about it is exposing your vulnerability.

29. Falling In Love Quotes - You Never Notice

And all of the sudden you’re not dead; you’re only just much worse!

30. Falling In Love Quotes - An Act Of Will

An outstanding falling in love quote. Go looking for love and you’ll return empty handed; go about your business every day with a grumpy face when you’re ten minutes late to work and some charming and wonderful other person will be enamoured by some quality or the other that is of dubious value and most likely missing in you anyway. All the while you’re only in that stupid place temporarily and on work. And you’ll end up lunching together.

31. Falling In Love Quotes - You Can't Make It Fall In Love

This isn’t an emotion I’m familiar with personally, but I sure can understand what it means. Some people just aren’t that receptive.

32. Falling In Love Quotes - A One-Way Ticket To Paradise

Catherine Anderson straight up telling it like it is. We heard that Disney is interested in recruiting her services.

33. Falling In Love Quotes - The Sudden Stop Hurts

Look before you leap, but yes, sometimes you aren’t even so much as offered a peek. It’s a shame, it’s a thrill, it’s the way it is.

34. Falling In Love Quotes - Rise With It

This isn’t trite. This is a call to recognise that the feeling you are feeling is the result of something special taking place within you and you realising a power, a motivation and a force within you that you’d never seen before. Yes, sometimes things don’t go as planned, but that doesn’t take away this magical experience that you’ve just had.

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35. Falling In Love Quotes - Searching

It is an interesting thought, and I think this falling in love quote means that we’re looking for someone to connect deeply with, and not that we’re trying to fill a void because we don’t feel complete in just ourselves.

36. Falling In Love Quotes - Just Make Sure That Love Sticks Around

See, there’s also this side of the tale, and it talks about something that would seem completely strange to some people. Is there a choice? Should we actually make sure to slam the brakes, gather ourselves and think about whether someone will be on the other side to pick us up?

37. Falling In Love Quotes - Beginnings And Free Falls

Love = free fall if you’re doing it right.

38. Falling In Love Quotes - Extraordinary

When you talk to married couples who are in their 60s, 70s or even 80s, you realise that they are so much in love with each other. And if you ask them about it, you will know that they just accepted the changes and with every passing day their love for each other only grew stronger.

39. Falling In Love Quotes - A Merciless Padlock

This falling in love quote is coming from someone who knows what the consequences to be the “one who loves more” in a relationship are. Still, even if you do end up getting hurt, your pride bruised, your ego cracked, your self-worth reeling… what the heck! It’s love, if any thing’s worth a risk, love is. Besides, the way we learn is through mistakes, so don’t fear mistakes, just accept what they teach you.

40. Falling In Love Quotes - A Feeling Of Happiness

The quote sums the whole thing up, I guess.

41. Falling In Love Quotes - No One Ever Fell In Love Gracefully

Ah, now here’s a delightful falling in love quote. Does the author project his or her experiences onto us? Or does the author simply state that when you are head over heels, grace is perhaps a little hard to pull off?

42. Falling In Love Quotes - If You're Afraid

This reads like some text in a box on a page in a medical journal, and is about as important.

43. Falling In Love Quotes - Sometimes No Catchers


44. Falling In Love Quotes - I Just Love This Person Too Much

It sneaks up on you!

45. Falling In Love Quotes - I Fall In Love Easily

When you can’t help but fall for that person who makes you feel comfortable and special in a very non-special way.

46. Falling In Love Quotes - The Discovery Of Ourselves

This falling in love quote hits the proverbial nail. Or, in love every little thing in common is celebrated as a divine signal that we’re meant to be, but I’m probably wrong about that.

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47. Falling In Love Quotes - Not When You're Lonely

This is important. Don’t confuse a need for company as anything else.

48. Falling In Love Quotes - No Ordinary Feels

Seriously, don’t! What are you doing? This is love, not some one way concept like serfdom.

49. Falling In Love Quotes - It's A Reaction

Words to live by.

50. Falling In Love Quotes - Let Love Find You

And for our last quote, the 50th, remember, just live your life and do your thing. Be the best you can be, and one day you’ll trip and there will be a fall… Some of you may know what I’m talking about and for those of you who do not, don’t force yourself to fall.