8 Falling In Love Quotes For Him To Be Crazy About You!

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Now the trend has changed! Girls like to make the first move and find their Man. So for all the pretty girls out there, here are some falling in love quotes for him to fall for you right away!  Ah, the feeling of a new morning, new breeze, new sun, new everything— there is nothing more refreshing than the newness that is brought about by new love in your life. Everything looks different and grand, you love yourself more than you used to, there is just a lot more joy to be shared with the world and you feel like giving. The things that love can do to you and make you feel, are amazing! So pace ahead and read these falling in love quotes for him to be insanely in love with you!


Falling In Love Quotes For Him

It doesn’t have to be necessarily finishing each other’s sentences, but a good relationship will show you some real signs of compatibility. You don’t have to love high drama films, but you would respect your partner’s tastes and watch it anyway and hug them when they are sad. They may not be really into cars as much as you are, but they’ll listen to you rambling for hours. Single soul in two bodies— you know when it’s real.


Falling In Love Quotes For Him 2

This beautiful quote reminds us of how overwhelming the feeling of love can be. Love is an emotion that can awake you to everything and make you feel like you are feeling it for the first time. It can take a toll on you sometimes, because you don’t want to feel vulnerable. But enjoy the feeling of love, because to feel deeply can also make you stronger.




Sparks does it again when he gives us this golden line to cherish. It reminds us what real beauty is, and how it is important to acknowledge that when you’re in love with someone. Your love has a beautiful mind and character; the external appearances may change over time but they will still be the one you fell in love with.




The paradox of being the voice under the silence is more than apt to describe love, the act of loving, and the feeling of being loved by someone. You will have more than noticed that love makes you feel so infinite that life becomes dimensionless— time and space become reduced to terms with no meaning. The absolute nature of love and its ineffable character makes it the greatest truth of all.

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It is not a reductive statement. It is not essentialism but the truth of all experiences human, that man lives to be loved and to love. Life becomes worthwhile in love, ask anyone around. You want to wake up, you want to look good, and you want to smile, when you are in love. So go ahead and taste the sweet honey from the blossom of life!



Oh, Dr. Seuss. You’re a genius. Obviously. Everyone goes through the sleepless phase when in love. You can’t help but think of your love’s eyes, or smile, or the distinct cackle without making you fall in love all over again. Someone’s finally here to make your days better. Love them! And love them well!




When you have what is true love, what you most satisfactorily experience is comfort— you are comfortable with what the other person is, and comfortable enough to be yourself. When after a busy day of work you kick back on your couch and take off your shoes to stretch your feet, you know you’re home. It’s the same when you’re in love— you’re home.




This is all about the much discussed butterfly effect. No, not in physics. In love! Love can give you the tingling sensation all over and make you nervous and sweaty and silent or overly boisterous and loud and talkative. Love basically turns you upside-down, when it hits you like the huge wave on the beach that you didn’t see coming! Let the tide come to you— don’t fall in love, get swept up in its tide!

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