9 Marvellous Fairytale Wedding Decorations You Can't Miss

Don’t we all dream of that perfect wedding that looks and feels like the ones we see in movies, the ones that have fairytale wedding decorations? Absolutely beautiful and like a dream come true. No matter how we all are as individuals, deep down inside out hearts we wish for a fairytale like ‘happily ever after’. And why not? We all deserve our happy endings. And there is no other way to make it happen than to have the perfect fairytale like wedding — crystal chandeliers, a magnificent view of the mountains, rose petal showers, flying lanterns in the sky…

We have listed nine fairytale wedding decorations to make your wedding feel and look like a celestial dream come true.

1. A Royal Venue

Royal Venue - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image: Shutterstock

If your budget allows, you can select one of the most magnificent wedding venues you like. And what could be grander and magnificent than getting married in a palace? Settled in the lap of the mountains, or in a serene place away from the hustle bustle of the city, the venue is where you turn a new page in your book. If need be, spend a little extra. And get that dreamy place for your perfect beginning, fairytale wedding decorations indeed!

2. Grand Entry/Exit

Grand Entry - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image Courtesy: F5 Wedding

What is an Indian wedding without any drama? What use is the fairytale wedding decor if you don’t make a grand entry like Cinderella in her golden carriage? Hire a horse carriage. Decorate it with flowers and lights. It won’t cost much, but it will make you feel like a princess.

3. Lights & Candles

Lights And Candles - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image Courtesy: Bougain Villadesign

Every little thing gets highlighted and looks even more eclectic when the light effects at the venue are just perfect. Hire professionals who know how to light up the place to suit the mood. Every light effect is different. While some soothe the mind, some make you feel restless. Go for warm and softer hues like red, orange, pink or blues. Make sure it matches with the rest of your decor. Another one of the fairytale wedding decoration ideas involves adding candle installations – one more way to make your wedding look like a dream you are living. How about an artificial pond with floating candles, table top candle holders, etc? The soft, flickering flames just create the perfect ambience needed for a beautiful wedding.

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4. The Bride & Groom’s Throne

The Throne - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image Courtesy: WeddingSoul

And this is where most of your photos will be taken. So, don’t you want your space to look picture perfect? Invest in a comfortable and a stylish sofa or couch that stands against an ever-so-mesmerizing backdrop. Not only will it look regal, but it will also make the wedding pictures in the album look gorgeous.

5. Eclectic Table Decor

Table Decor - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image: Shutterstock

Hand pick the cutleries if need be, but beautiful table arrangements are a must if the guests will be sitting and dining. This seldom happens at Indian weddings. But an ornate floral table top, with candles and pearls, or candle stands and unique objects is a must at the few tables that are laid out for the guests to sit and rest their feet, or to eat. Every detail counts.

6. Stylish Chairs

Stylish Chairs - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image Courtesy: Bougain Villadesign

When you have thought so much about the lights and tables, why ignore what the guests sit on? Let every detail in the wedding decor count and add to make it the best fairytale wedding. Skip the regular, monotonous white chair covers and get chairs with pretty cushions. You can play around by decorating the back of the chair with flowers, pearls, and big satin bows.

7. Opulent Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

An Indian wedding decor is never complete without opulent floral arrangements. But by this, we don’t mean strings of marigolds hanging here and there. Dainty floral strings hanging here are there wrapped around trees and branches surely look good. But nothing beats floral elephant and peacock installations. They may cost you more than the regular floral arrangement, but if your budget allows, you must check out the options for such floral arrangements. This adds character and charm to the whole wedding decor.

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8. Magnificent Entrance Decor

Entrance Decor - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

This is what the baraatis and the guests will see first. Full attention must be given to the entrance. From light effects to floral installations to the red carpet entry, make the groom’s family and guests feel like royalty the moment the look at the entrance.

9. Cushy Seating

Cushy Seating - Fairytale Wedding Decorations

Image Courtesy: VPlan Unlimited

If you want your guests to stay for a while longer, get cushy seating arrangements for them. This is the place where your friends and guests will sit and enjoy the wedding, take selfies, and think of how they should plan their wedding decor. Play around with fabrics, use lanterns and candles, string lights and flowers to decorate the seating area as well. Nothing should be ignored because every detail counts.