10 Fabulous Online Wedding Invitation Templates That You Must Try Out

Wedding Invitations are always special. They reflect your personality, sense of style and also give the guests a glimpse into the wedding celebrations that are about to unravel. In this day and age of long distances and digital solutions, it is sensible and practical to send out an e-vite. Not only is it far less daunting, it also saves you a lot of time and energy, and is also Eco-friendly. And with a plethora of stylish, elegant and classy options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices. Whether it is the rustic wedding theme or the rich gold or a fall wedding theme that you are opting for, you will find a card for every option.

So if the idea of an e-vite sounds good to you, we have a list of some interesting online wedding invitation templates that you can choose and customize to suit your needs. Most of these wedding card templates online are free or available at a nominal fee. Some websites even have an option of getting a certain number of cards printed for physical distribution while you can have a .pdf file of the invite to share with your dear ones.

Awesome Online Wedding Invitation Templates

1.The Colorful Vintage Floral Invite

A very pretty online wedding invitation template that is sure to make an impression. With its flowing dark text that is a mixture of solid and cursive fonts, contrasting off-white background and a colorful floral theme that is inspired by Vintage Wedding Invitations, this card is one of the most subtly stylish invites on the list. An option you can surely consider if your wedding is also being designed in floral and white theme.

2. A Rustic Nature-Inspired Wedding Invite

A simple online invite that is inspired by nature. With a big tree trunk like impression engraved on the top of the cover in golden brown color, this wedding card template online has a dull white background all through with grayish black text. An online wedding invitation template that is understated, clean and straight forward in its design, theme and feel. A wedding invitation card you can consider if your wedding is in sync with the whole rustic theme.

3.The Contemporary Art Themed Wedding Invite

A very off-beat yet appealing wedding invite with lots of shapes, colors and design elements. With all the design forms and styles incorporated into it, the text and the message this invite tries to convey is crystal clear and easy to read. A non-traditional wedding invite option that you can definitely consider.

4. The His And Her’s Bow-tie Wedding Invite

A very pretty and simple online wedding invitation that everyone will love. This baby makes our list of online wedding invitation templates at number 4. With a soothing choice of colors, borders and fonts, this invite is a big please-all. Something you could consider if you want to play it safe, as this is a card that will have no critique, none whatsoever.

Stylish Online Wedding Invitation Templates

5.The Heart Shaped Wine Glass Invite

Another easy on the eye design, this wedding invite template is definitely simple yet stylish enough to not be boring. The theme is subtle, yet the innovatively designed wine glasses with hearts make it look cool. This card isn’t fancy but it is something that is understated in style and has an appeal of its own.

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6.The Oriental Gold Wedding Invite

A gold-themed wedding invite with very royal, rich and classy styling cues. A wedding card template with a high amount of detailing, so much so that you can imagine how it would actually look and feel, if it was printed into a physical wedding invitation. An e-invite you can consider if you are having a grand wedding with a white and gold theme.

7.The Modern Indian Wedding Invite

Imagine a modern, simple and colorfully designed wedding e-card with an Indian twist. If that is the idea you’ve in mind, then this modern Indian wedding invite is for you. With subtle very Indian touches like the almost mandatory floral theme (thoranam border on top) and also a picture of Ganesha, this card ticks all the right boxes. Could be an option for a working modern Indian couple who are short on time for the giving out traditional invites.

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8.The Cornflower Blue And Dull Pink Indian Wedding Invite

A beautiful Indian themed wedding invitation in subtle pink and cornflower blue colors. With an embossed golden silhouette of Lord Ganesha and easy, readable text inside, this is one of the most pleasing e-invites with an Indian theme and design.

9. The Colorful Rangoli Indian Wedding Invite

A beautiful and vibrant wedding invite with a big colorful rangoli design on the cover. The theme continues on the inside too, with a baby blue border and contrasting colored fonts. A wedding invite that is all about vibrancy and style. An online wedding invitation template that you can most certainly consider, if you are having an Indian-styled or a traditional Hindu wedding.

10. A Wedding Invitation Video

Okay, now that you’ve read through our list of online wedding invitation templates, we are sure you are interested in the idea and are looking at various options. The last template on the list is in fact a video instead of an image template that you can use as a digitally shareable wedding invitation. Have a look and decide for yourself, if you can do that extra mile and get a video done instead of an e-card. By the way, there are preset templates available for videos too!