5 Gobble-worthy Examples Of Wedding Cake Decorations To Inspire

Ah, cakes. Who doesn’t love these wonderful culinary delights? In fact, who would have thought that something so beautiful would come of adding flour, eggs, sugar and butter together is certain ratios? Yes, we know there are other things that go into cake, and, really? There are actually cakes these days without eggs in them? Oh, do tell. But before we digress, let’s talk about wedding cake decoration.

If you are interested in wedding cake decoration – cakes today, and indeed throughout history, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Remember that Disney character cake your parents got you when you were a kid, wasn’t that just sweet? And that wholly inappropriate but completely hilarious anatomy inspired cake your friends got you in college? See, cakes really can come in all shapes and sizes. The options for wedding cake decoration are abundantly endless.

Browse through our selection of some of the most intriguing wedding cakes around in the market. Perhaps you may get an idea or two that you want to pursue for your own. Scroll on to encounter some truly amazing examples of wedding cake decoration!

Wedding cakes

Image Courtesy : Blank Slate Weddings

This gorgeous creation looks less like a cake and more like a Victorian English flower garden, complete with wafting butterflies. With an exquisite arrangement of spectacular floral designs that traverse the entire length of the cake, the cake is adorned at every level and tier in amazing fashion. A spectacular example of wedding cake decoration, the layered hues of lilac and purple, in all sorts of intermingling textures, is perfectly offset by the fluttering butterflies; that add the perfect, and needed, dash of whimsy to this simply fabulous looking cake.

Wedding cakes

Image Courtesy : Blank Slate Weddings

Firstly arranged on a golden star that completely sets the tone, this stunning and almost demure cake is a marvel of confectionery and wedding cake decoration. The elaborate cascade of flowers and interspersed leaves while ringed with a decorative silver border rests elegantly atop the tantalising looking cake which seems to rest somewhere between off-white and the babiest of pinks in terms of colour. The elegant bow that wraps itself around the middle tier is just simply the perfect final touch.

Wedding cake decoration

Image : The Cheescake Photography

Rendered gorgeously in black and white, this stunningly beautiful bride and groom cake looks elegantly simple with fewer embellishments that most examples of wedding cake decoration. With a light half and a dark half both peppered with dollops of icing that are not overshadowed by the dainty yellow floral designs, which are in turn perfectly offset by the sinuous curl of the ribbon. The depiction of the bride and groom confirm that though the cake is even split, somebody clearly wears the pants in this relationship, and we don’t mean literally. And we know why as well, she literally hold the key to his heart; or well, it’s one of his organs anyway.

Wedding cake

Image : Intocandid photography

This spectacular three tiered cake looks like several bouquets exploded in a finely controlled manner. Elegant and unique, the simple design lends itself to being admired rather easily. With the size of the cake layers being almost the same as the elaborate profusion of floral designing, it is still a cake that takes itself seriously; after all, this is wedding cake decoration we are talking about. The interlocking diamond patterns and the layer of sugar beads that ring the bottom of the cake layers make for nice visual adornments.

Red and white cake

Image : Varun Suresh Photography

This divinely elegant example of gorgeous wedding cake decoration is simply to die for. The edible floral designs look lusciously red, and they are wonderfully offset by the sheer white walls of the icing of the cake. With all embellishments such as the ribbons and tassels kept to a subtle level, this cake looks stunning!

So, what do you think of our selections for absolutely jaw-dropping wedding cake decoration? If you liked our suggestions, or if you want to add to our list, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Until then, share this with friends who are also looking to tie the knot so that they too can get a step up on their wedding cake decoration.