Extra Marital Affair: 5 Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Having One

Marriages are fragile. Sometimes all it takes is just one little slip for things to come crumbling down. A Marital affair is one of the major reasons why marriages crumble. Just like every individual is unique, every marriage is unique too. Marriage is teamwork; it’s a joint effort that cannot grow and flourish unless both partners put in equal work and efforts. So, what happens when one partner steps out, with an extra marital affair? Well, as a matter of fact, the ship stops sailing (or rather sinks)!

Marital Affair - wife is embarassed

Every couple has fights and arguments, it does not mean that the marriage is not working. But there are some signs that clearly hint that there’s something fishy going on. There can be many reasons for a couple to become distant and one of these common reasons in India is an extra marital affair. Love is complicated and sometimes a married person may find love outside the marriage, with a co-worker, an ex or a friend. While it’s not fair to the other partner, it’s also not something that can be kept hidden for too long. Doubting your partner unnecessarily can create a lot of rift, so unless you have noticed certain changes, and you’re sure it’s a marital affair, don’t go about doubting, accusing or blaming.

But what are these noticeable changes? What signs and hints should you watch out for?

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This Is What A Marital Affair May Look Like:

Let’s take a look at some hints your partner maybe dropping, if they’re indulging in an affair after marriage.

Long Absences

Marital Affair - Long Absences

After marriage, you have a general idea of your partner’s daily routine and schedule. You generally know where they go, who they meet and have a fair idea when they are expected to be back. If you suddenly see a change in that and your partner seems to be away for longer hours and is uncomfortable answering where or with who they were, that’s a sure hint of a marital affair. Again, don’t jump to the conclusion the very first time it happens but try to see how often it happens and if there is a pattern.

Highly Secretive

Marital Affair - Highly Secretive

If your partner seems to be highly secretive about their personal belongings like phones, emails, wallet, bills and slips; well it is just another sign of an affair after marriage. It may be that they are going through some issues at work but a continued secretive behaviour is not a healthy sign. Try to communicate and get them to talk to gauge the problem area. If they seem to closed or defensive to talk, you may suspect an extra marital affair look for more signs.

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Change In Likes And Dislikes

Marital Affair - Change In Likes And Dislikes

When a person is involved in any relationship, they seem to adopt certain likes and dislikes from their partners. If your spouse is suddenly displaying likes and dislikes to things that earlier did not exist, there is an external influence. Again, try to find out if it’s a new colleague, an ex or a friend that they are spending time with. If it’s not, or your partner does not want to talk about it, It’s a sign of an affair after marriage.

Unnecessary Explanations

Marital Affair - Unnecessary Explanations

When a person is guilty of something, they always try to give long and unnecessary explanations for everything. It’s human behaviour to try and hide the real reasons and facts. If your spouse tries to explain each and every action even without being asked, there’s a possibility that they are trying to cover something up. It could be about why they are late, about an unexpected phone call, meeting, anything!

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Gut Feeling Of A Marital Affair

Marital Affair - Gut Feeling

Well, it may not always be right but if your gut feeling tells you there’s something wrong, then there probably is something wrong. Our instincts are generally right. Maybe your mind has picked up signs of an extra marital affair that your heart is trying to deny. But if you have the gut feeling, get to the root of it and do so unless the feeling goes.

It’s absolutely unfair for a partner to get involved in a marital affair but that’s how life is; unexpected! Problems in the marriage is one reason why couples in India look outside for love and appreciation; but no reason justifies it! There is absolutely nothing at all that justifies an extra marital affair.

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Walk Out BUT Don’t Indulge In A Marital Affair!

Marital Affair - Walk Out BUT Don’t Cheat!

What most people don’t realize is that it’s better to end a relationship than cheat while in one. Yes, ending a relationship causes a lot of pain and suffering but it’s much lesser compared to the pain and suffering of being cheated on. Falling out of love is not in your control, just like falling in love isn’t, but you need to take responsibility for your own feelings.

Being in an extra marital affair is the greatest form of cheating that can destroy relationships and families; it can cause immense heartbreak and pain. It’s easier for a person to deal with a break up but never easy to deal with being cheated on. Be true to your emotions and own up to them.

Marriage Requires Work

Just because you are having problems in your marriage does not mean you seek love outside, with an extra marital affair. It’s your marriage and if you are not going to fix it, who will? Most marriages hit a rough patch where things seem to be going downhill, but it’s times like these you need to put in even more efforts to bring it back on track. You can give up on things but you can’t give up on people and relationships. Every problem has a solution, provided you find reasons to look for one!

Marital Affair - Marriage Requires Work

I don’t wish anyone to be in such a situation but if you are sure your partner is having a marital affair, talk about it. It may seem to be the hardest conversation of your life, and it will be hard, but it’s better said than kept within. You cannot force a relationship, you cannot hold on to love that’s not yours anymore but you can talk about it and be honest about it. For all you know, your partner may be waiting for you to take the first step to communicate.

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Slipping in marriage and ending a relationship is easier than staying in it, working on it, making it stronger and rediscovering love. But as I always say, anything that’s beautiful and precious requires complete efforts and a lot of work! Do you agree?

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