9 Expensive Wedding Cards Perfect To Announce Your Royal Union

‘Wedding’ is a seven letter word which finds its true meaning (in a Hindu wedding) only after the seven vows are complete. There can be no doubt that for all of the multitude of faiths that reside in this splendid land. Weddings are a hugely important part, and surely the most lavish affair in one’s life. Weddings also, usually, and for the most part, come with a lot of accompanying pressure and hassle, and one such task, probably the most tedious of the lot is that of inviting the guests.

India is known for its principle of treating guests as gods, which makes inviting them an even more important and royal affair. Wedding Invitations play a big role in letting your guests experience the grand occasion that your wedding is, even before they set foot in the venue and see the function for themselves, something that can be done only with the help of royal wedding cards, which are an expensive affair.

So, without further ado, here’s an exquisite selection of the most expensive wedding cards, the perfect ones to announce your royal union to the world:

1. Ganesh Gungaroo

Ganesh Gungaroo Wedding Card

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Ganesh’s name is always taken before starting anything new, and this simple sleek bronze design, with a dancing crystal monogram which when opened up shows a Jaipur marble Ganesh surrounded by an ornate Mandir is one of the most exquisite and auspicious wedding invitation cards on our list. A drawing of the Sheesh Mahal in different colors represents the different wedding functions on this intricate wedding card.

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2. Laser Cut Wood Wedding Invitation

Laser Cut Wooden Invitation Card

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This gorgeous laser cut and engraved design is created with thin pieces of wood. The yellow paper with the details of route and wedding date create a perfect balance without overdoing the wooden theme, making for a truly elegant wedding invitation card.

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3. Spice Box

Spice Box Wedding Card

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This is another wedding card box from Ravish Kapoor which we couldn’t help but mention. The design is inspired from a traditional box of spices that an Indian bride carries to her new home. This design touches the sentiments of not only the bride to be but also refreshes the memories of all the married ladies who receive it, adding an emotional touch. According to the designer, “To suit the more up to date custom of gifting desserts, there is an extra layer into the box. Set in tones of chestnut orange and gold this Indian wedding invitation box uses board, imported papers, gold plating and acrylic to make this refined yet traditional invitation.” An expensive and outstanding choice.

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4. Walk-able Wedding Invite

Walkable Wedding Invitation Card

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This wedding invitation is another beautiful and unique invitation card. Wow is the first word which comes to my mind after seeing this. The idea of the couples walking on a path through the invite is extraordinary. Joel Derksen, the designer of this wedding card, designed this card for a couple who wanted to capture all the special moments that they had shared so far along with a list of things that were close to their heart like plants, walk-able neighbourhoods, music among others. If the above story resonates with your experiences and needs, you really can’t go wrong with this ingenious and gorgeous wedding card.

5. View-Master Invitations

View Master Invitation Card

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The sky is the limit for weddings, and it is great to see a creative and modern take on the old tradition of getting married. This is one wedding invitation that guests will be on awe of, the unique, full-color Kodachrome! The custom picture reel and insert card for additional information adds a beautiful touch to special occasions.

6. Candle Wedding Invitation

Candle Invitation Card

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Your guests will all have experienced candle light dinners, and now they’ll get to experience this unique candle wedding invitation, which is a revelation in itself. This lovely wedding invitation box turns into a candle when opened and pulled apart. Beautiful, right? That your friends and family will enjoy this invitation a lot upon receiving it, is a given.

7. Gold Glitter Wedding Invitation

Gold Glitter Invitation Card

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Another great find at Etsy. Gold and glitter make for a perfect couple when it comes to wedding invitations. What can be better than this gold and glitter wedding card depicting the positive and glamorous vibe for your wedding? The gold letterpress wedding invitation coupled with a calligraphic font for all the details just adds to the awe-factor.

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8. Eco-friendly Invitation

Eco Friendly Invitation Card

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A gorgeous, eco-friendly wedding invitation card from the Puneet Gupta studio. According to Gupta, “wherever you are on the eco spectrum, when your wallet goes where your heart is you are not just exchanging one fad with another but you change the world with your shopping power.” We second that, especially when the results look this good.

9. Wedding Box

wedding-box invitation

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Doesn’t this look beautiful and lavish? The golden ribbon with a diamond broach, the white pearls, Ganesh sitting on the lotus, and the beautiful strips of small beads all blend expertly into each other. This wedding box design by Wedding Packers is another extraordinary piece of art and creativity, We certainly love it, and we’re certain your invitees will too.