100 Exotic Baby Names With Their Meanings

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Are you looking for an exotic name for your child? Do you want a name that gives your child a unique identity and makes him stand out from the sea of humanity? Then your quest ends right here!

Here’s an extensive list of top 100 exotic baby names from all around the world. It includes interesting Swahili names, romantic French names, unique Arabic names, edgy Italian names and more! These unique names are perfect for parents who love to travel the world.

Exotic Names For Boys:

1. Aamir:

Aamir is a common Arabic name. It is a title for a top brass official. It means “prosperous”.

2. Anwell:

We are sure your child will grow up to be one of the most lovable persons. The Celtic name Anwell means “beloved”.

3. Adwin:

The name Adwin comes all the way from Ghana. It means the “a thinker or an artist”.

4. Dalmar:

Do you want a Dutch name for your child? Then name him Dalmar, which means versatile in English.

5. Dragan:

Your child is your precious possession, right! So name him Dragan, a Slavic name meaning “precious”.

6. Einar:

Einar is a short and sweet name of Scandinavian origin. It means “a Warrior”.

7. Fintan:

Fintan is a unique name that you can consider for your handsome boy. It means “fair-haired”.

8. Ismet:

Ismet is a beautiful name with a profound meaning. It means “honor”.

9. Lindell:

If you are a nature lover, then you can name your child Lindell, which means “lime tree”.

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10. Niyol:

Do you like Native American names? Then you can name your child Niyol, which means “wind”.

11. Runako:

Here is a perfect name for your handsome son. Runako is an African name meaning “handsome”.

12. Sivan:

Here is a traditional name for your child. Sivan means “shepherd”.

13. Tanvir:

All parents want their child to be strong and healthy. Tanvir is an Indian name, meaning “strong”.

14. Tahir:

Tahir is a popular Arabic name. It means “pure”.

15. Dante:

If you want an enduring and exotic name for your child, then name him Dante. Dante is an Italian name that means ‘enduring’.

16. Rocco:

Rocco is a that has become popular due to legendary boxers Rocky Marciano and Rocky Graziano. The name Rocco means ‘rock’.

17. Adriano:

Adriano is a dashing Italian name meaning ‘“man from Adrian”. If you like exploring different countries, then you may consider this name.

18. Mathias:

Mathias is a powerful Scandinavian with a commanding presence. It means “Gift of God”. The name Mathias is very popular in Sweden.

19. Leif:

Leif is a variation of an Old Norse name Leifr which means “descendent or heir”. It is pronounced as “l-ai-f”.

20. Taj:

Taj is a cool sounding Arabic name, reflecting the magnificence of the 17th-century monument Taj Mahal. It means “crown or exalted”.

21. Adal:

Adal is a surprise success in the baby name world. It is a striking Islamic name that means ‘noble’.

22. Bodhi:

The name Bodhi relates to the Buddhist concept of “enlightenment”. The name has a Sanskrit origin.

23. Lazlo:

Lazlo is a variation of the name Laszlo. The zippy and energetic name meaning “rules with glory”. It is very popular in Hungary.

24. Kenjo:

Kenjo is a name of Japanese origin. It means “strong, vigorous and intelligent second son”.

25. Leonardo:

For centuries, the name became famous due to the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci. It is again popular because of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The exotic name means “a lion” or “bold”.

26. Kapono:

Kapono sounds as exotic as the place of its origin. It is a Hawaiian name meaning the “righteous one”.

27. Cruz:

Cruz is a Latino name replete with a lot of energy and charm. It is also popular as a surname. Cruz means “cross”.

28. Krishna:

Krishna is the name of a supreme Hindu god. It means “black or superior being”. The name Krishna is unisex.

29. Mariko:

If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, then Mariko is a name that you can consider. It means “true or straight”.

30. Reza:

Reza is a Persian name meaning “will or consent”. The beautiful name has been popular since the 14th century.

31. Abbas:

Abbas is one of the five hundred names of Muhammad. It is an Arabic name meaning ‘a lion’.

32. Alastair:

Alastair is a classic British name. It is a variant of the name Alexander. Alastair means “defender of mankind”.

33. Albion:

The name Albion is a variation of the name Alban. It is a unique name that means “white cliffs”.

34. Vladimir:

The Slavic name Vladimir has a musical vibe to it. It also has a rich historical connotation. It was the name of the first Christian ruler of Russia.

35. Dion:

The name Dion is both cool and exotic. It is an abbreviation of Dionysus. In ancient Greece, Dion was the name of a student of Plato. It means “independent”.

36. Floyd:

Floyd was one of the top names from 1880 to 1940. It is a Celtic name that means “Gray”. It will appeal to parents with a strong liking for quirky names.

37. Fonzell:

Fonzell is a Latin abbreviation of Alfonso. Fonzell has a fierce meaning. It means “ready for a fight”.

38. Franco:

Franco is a classical name. It is popular in the Italo-American community. Franco is a variation of the name Francis, Frank and Francisco, meaning ‘Frenchman’.

39. Hasani:

If you like tribal names, then you can pick Hasani. It is a Swahili name and means “handsome”.

40. Hamlin:

Hamlin is a popular German name with a cosy meaning. It means ‘Loves the little home’.

41. Ivan:

Ivan is one of the few Russian names popular in America. It enjoys great patronage among parents from the Hispanic community. It means “God is Gracious”.

42. Jarvis:

Jarvis is a saint’s name with a retro charm. The exotic name was at its peak in the late 1800 and is now beginning to climb the popularity charts again. Jarvis means “spear”.

43. Kellan:

Kellan is an attractive and unusual African name. It is gaining huge popularity in the United States. Kellan means “powerful”.

44. Magnus:

Magnus is one name that can never lose its charm. It is a Danish name meaning “great”.

45. Maddox:

Maddox is a powerful masculine name meaning “Beneficent”.

46. Norvin:

Norvin is a friendly name that you can consider for your baby. It means a “Friend from the North”.

47. Orlando:

Orlando is an ancient name and finds mention in Shakespear’s plays. It means “renowned in the land”.

48. Octavius:

The Latin name Octavius is perfect for the eighth child in the family. It means “eight”.

49. Pirro:

Pirro is an exotic name for your child. It means “red-haired”.

50. Qasim:

Qasim was the name of the son of Prophet Mohammed. It is an Arabic name that means “ancient”.

Exotic Names For Girls:

1. Morgandy:

The unique name has a Celtic origin. It means “a little one from the sea’s edge”. It will appeal to parents who love adventure.

2. Adisa:

The name Adisa originates from Ghana. It means “the one who will teach us.”

3. Adel:

Adel is a name popular in Germany. It is a variation of the name Adele meaning “noble.” Adel has a unisex appeal.

4. Aysel:

If you are looking for a unique name with a beautiful meaning, then you must pick Aysel. It is a Turkish naming meaning “moonlight”.

5. Dafina:

Every child is dear to her parents. Dafina is a Swahili meaning “valuable and precious”.

6. Kenyatta:

If you like the culture of Kenya, then you can name your child Kenyatta. It is an East African name that means “a musician”.

7. Eolande:

If you want to name your child Violet, but are looking for an uncommon variation then you can consider Eolande. It is a Celtic variation of the name Violet. It means “a violet flower”.

8. Johari:

The name Johari is very popular among the Swahili people. It means “jewel”.

9. Jovana:

Jovana is a feminine form of the Serbian name John. It is a slightly more pleasant and exotic alternative to Johanna. It means “a young woman”.

10. Jyoti:

Your baby is the light of your life. Call her Jyoti as it means “light”.

11. Lawan:

Lawan is a beautiful Thai name. It means “beautiful”.

12. Makeeda:

Here is another exotic baby name that means ‘beautiful’. Makeeda has an Ethiopian origin.

13. Marit:

Marit is a straightforward Scandinavian name. It is a royal name that means “pearl”.

14. Marjan:

If you love the shade coral, then you can name your child Marjan. It means “coral”.

15. Naima:

Naima is a Swedish name that your child will surely love. It is an elegant name meaning “tranquility.”

16. Niara:

Niara is an unusual alternative to the name Tiara. It is a Hindi name meaning “large eyes.”

17. Renata:

“Born again,” this is what the name Renata means. Renata is the female version of the name Renatus.

18. Saran:

The name Saran originates from Guinea. It means “joy”.

19. Shani:

Shani is a feminine name meaning “scarlet thread”. It is popular in the United States.

20. Amelie:

Amelie is a beautiful and uncommon French name. It means ‘industrious and striving’.

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21. Alegra:

Alegra is a variation of the name Allegra. It is a quintessential name for a ballet dancer. It means “lively and cheerful”.

22. Imani:

Imani is another strong Arabic name that spells “faith”. It is very popular throughout the Islamic world.

23. Omari:

Omari is an intriguing variation of the Middle Eastern name Omaira. It means “God Is Supreme”.

24. Carmela:

Carmela is an Italian and Spanish variation of Carmel. The name Carmela means “garden or orchard”.

25. Evelina:

Evelina was a popular name in the Middle Ages. It means “light and life”.

26. Aviana:

Aviana is a variant of the name Anna or Aviva. It is a popular name meaning “beauty”.

27. Cosima:

Cosima is an elegant and exotic name popular amongst the upper-class British. It means “order and beauty”.

28. Giselle:

The French name Giselle became popular due to the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. It means “oath”.

29. Aisha:

Aisha is an Arabic name. She was the favorite wife of Prophet Muhammad. The name Aisha means “lively”.

30. Mina:

Mina is a simple Dutch name that means “resolute protector”.

31. Verena:

If you are looking for an exotic Dutch name, then go for Verena. The name means “from the bridge”.

32. Lakshmi:

Lakshmi is the Goddess of fortune in Indian mythology. The name means “auspicious”.

33. Isis:

Isis is an interesting Egyptian name that means “worship”. Isis was the wife of Osiris in the Egyptian mythology.

34. Rashida:

If you want your child to be righteous, then name her Rashida. It is an Egyptian name that means “righteous”.

35. Abella:

Here is an elegant name for your child. Abella is a French name that means “a woman”.

36. Ada:

The name Ada has been popular since the 19th century. It is a simple and exotic name meaning “beautiful, adorned’.

37. Maile:

The name Maile derives inspiration from a type of vine that grows in Hawaii. It sounds very exotic and appealing.

38. Kali:

Kali is a Hindu Goddess, who symbolizes the essence of destruction. It also means “rosebud”.

39. Aine:

Aine is a traditional Irish name. It is also the name of the queen of the Munster fairies. The name Aine means “fire or joy”.

40. Airlia:

Airlia is a beautiful Greek name. It means “ethereal”.

41. Daria:

Daria is a name that has a contemporary feel to it. It is a feminine form of Darius. Daria means “rich”.

42. Xena:

Xena was an immortal horse belonging to Achilles. The name means “golden-haired”.

43. Yasmin:

Yasmin is an evergreen name. It is a Turkish form of the name Jasmine. It means “a flower”.

44. Zelda:

Zelda has a unique and universal appeal. It means “pure”.

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45. Theola:

If you are looking for a name with a strong meaning, then you can go for Theola. It is a Teutonic name meaning “one who rules”.

46. Thirza:

Thirza is a name that finds mention in the Old Testament and means “divine”.

47. Udele:

Udele is an Egyptian variation of the name Odele. It means “another form of Hathor”.

48. Trixie:

Trixie is an exotic and sassy name meaning “fun loving”. It can be a nickname for Beatrix.

51. Unwin:

The name Unwin has a modern appeal. It is a Norse name meaning “A Dane”.

49. Winona:

Winona is a German name that became famous due to the actor Winona Ryder. Winona means “firstborn daughter”.

50. Rosalia:

Rosalia is a name popular in Spain and Italy. It refers to the annual Roman ceremony of placing rose garlands on the tombs to pay obeisance. The name means “a rose”.

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We hope you liked our collection of exotic baby names. Do you have some unique and exotic names for babies in your mind? Please share it with us in the comment section.

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