Top 10 Exercises For Normal Delivery

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You may have heard of labor pains during delivery, and if it’s your first time, you’re probably scared too. For nine months, you have been developing, nurturing, and taking care of your unborn child as a part of your own body. The only thing that comes in your mind is the good health of your baby and a wish for a normal delivery. And now, let’s focus on pregnancy exercises for normal delivery, which are very helpful without complications.

Growth of the baby depends upon the diet of pregnant women as well as the expecting mom’s physical health. Here we’ve listed down some exercises that support and stretch muscles of your back, pelvis, thighs and helps you recovers your posture. It also keeps your pelvic joints flexible, increases blood flow to your lower body and comforts the delivery.

Instructions Before Exercising:

Below are a few rules that you can follow before starting your exercises for normal delivery during pregnancy. These are very important instructions and can be quite beneficial for both you and your baby.

  • Dress loose with relaxed clothing. Remember that the temperature must not be too hot or too cold.
  • Drink lots of water. Bring a bottle of water or a sports drink with you while exercising.
  • Wear comfortable shoes which fit well.
  • Do some stretching exercises in advance to get your muscles warmed up and flexible.
  • Be aware of your center of gravity as it changes. As pregnancy progresses, the center of gravity shifts onward, so women lean backward to compensate.
  • Get plenty of rest. Don’t exercise if you’re too tired.
  • Avoid exercises that need you to stand still for long periods of time; this leads to pooling of blood in the lower limbs and swelling.

Now you know what instructions to follow when you start exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery. We will discuss about the different types of exercises that can be useful for your normal delivery.

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Top 10 Pregnancy Exercises For Normal Delivery:

Here are the 10 best effective & preferred exercises during pregnancy for normal delivery. These exercises will ensure you normal delivery without any complications.

1. Pelvic Stretches:

Pelvic stretches are considered best pregnancy exercises for normal delivery. These are quite effective in facilitating a normal delivery. It should be done on a pillow, ball, or a chair. Keep your feet fixed on the ground, stretch your legs away from each other and keep your back straight. This will then lead to stretching and shifting of your pelvis onward and backward. Depending on your comfort level, repeat at least 20 times.

2. Pelvic Tilt or Angry Cat:

A pelvic tilt provides benefits to a pregnant woman and helps reduce the pain during labor and delivery. This gives a good amount of support, because it gives power and strength to the back muscles. Another one is to suck in your abdominal muscles and pull the hips in line with your stomach and then release.

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3. Opening Buttocks:

The above exercise can effectively help you out in having a normal delivery. This contains acting a deep squat that aids in discharging maximum amount of energy from your pelvis. Take 6 deep breaths during squat pose. Try doing this for at least 3-5 times. Don’t do this exercise after completing 36 week of pregnancy.

4. Swimming:

Swimming is yet another recommended exercise for pregnant women. It regulates your heart beat, prevents from muscle injury, keeps your body fit, strengthen your muscle. Avoid hot tub and using any bath salts in your bath at home.

5. Squat

Squats play an important role in contraction and loosening of the pelvic muscle during pregnancy to reduce any delivery pain. Taking the toilet position with the support of a gym ball or holder, this will give a good pressure to your pelvic area and thighs.

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6. Walking:

Walking is the one of the best exercises for pregnant women. Walking in the house or in the park helps create flexibility and also avoids gaining fat in odd places. It prevents problems such as constipation, restlessness and high blood pressure, therefore it is highly recommended. Walk at least 30 minutes twice a day but walk slowly.

7. Kegal Exercises:

Kegal exercise is also identified as pelvic floor exercise. It is very important for every pregnant woman, because the muscles located in the area of your vagina and rectum sustains great strain throughout your pregnancy. You can do this by two ways, either by contracting or holding the pelvic floor muscle. Hold the contraction for 10 seconds then slowly release. Repeat this at least 15-20 times in a day.

8. Yoga:

This is an ancient form of exercise and considered best for having a normal pregnancy and delivery. Yoga is like a mystical route to a peaceful mind and healthy body. It gives elasticity and increases the endurance power. Some of following are the examples which are useful for normal delivery.

  • Vakrasna (Twisted pose)
  • Utkatasana (Chair pose)
  • Konasana (Angle pose)
  • Hast Panangustasana (Extended hand to big toe pose)
  • Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose)
  • Parvatasana (Mountain pose)
  • Yastikasana (Stick pose)

9. Downward Dog:

During pregnancy, the downward dog position is best to give support to your thigh muscles. This exercise benefits your thighs in maintaining a good holding capacity, which is required at the time of delivery. This exercise needs one to extend their legs and bend on all four, floating the buttocks towards the sky. Hold on to that position for few minutes and release.

10. Cobbler Pose:

Cobbler Pose, also known as tailor pose, helps in getting good stretch for your pelvis area. During delivery, the outlet needs to be flexible due to which the pelvic area undergoes heavy stress. Thus, this exercise helps you in building good flexibility and maintaining endurance power. Note – Do this exercise with a cushion below your thighs and back.

Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise for To-Be-Mothers:

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits. Here are a few to list down.

  • It helps reduce the risk of developing Gestational Diabetes.
  • Pregnant women who exercise have shorter labour and are less likely to develop complications requiring surgery.
  • Helps reduce back pain and strain.
  • Helps prevent and relieve constipation.
  • Pre-pregnancy exercise benefits with postpartum recovery and return to pre-pregnancy weight range.

We hope our top 10 pregnancy exercises for normal delivery will be useful to maintain your pregnancy health! Please consult your doctor to assure your exercise routine so that they don’t harm you or your unborn baby. You may need to modify your existing exercise program according to their advice.

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