5 Essential Rules On How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How to make a girl fall in love with you? It’s quintessential question that is on every man’s mind at some point. It is said that love is a way of life and that you should be blessed to be in love. It is true that love is more often than not associated with heart breaks and sad stories. I beg to differ, and I am sure your heart will be insured if you follow these rules when you’re trying to woo the woman you love. They say there are a zillion ways to a girl’s heart but there are some basic principles that one needs to follow when trying to pursue your dream girl. So let’s go through these 5 stages to a girl’s heart.

1. Is It Just Attraction?

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It’s natural for anyone to like and get attracted to a beautiful girl. By beautiful I don’t just mean by her looks but also her personality. It is very important for you to know the difference and to understand the “attraction”. Don’t jump to conclusions or try to deceive yourself, because love is a lot different from lust. You could be attracted to someone, you can pursue her, befriend her and be good friends, but it is essential to understand that love is something different. Most heart breaks and the unnecessary pain that ensues is only because men don’t get to understand this basic difference between love and physical attraction. Get this sorted before you start, and it’s okay if it isn’t love but just attraction – even that could work out, but that’s a different story for a different day. So, firstly it is imperative that you understand why you love her, and then – do a self-check if she will suit your personality, if you are compatible – you might turn out to be wrong, but it is important to clearly know what you’re getting into and how best you can be prepared. So, moving on to the next tip on how to make a girl fall in love.

2. Be The Best

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It is very important for a girl or a woman to have confidence in her man. It is only then, that she will trust you and make a move. You’ve to know that a girl doesn’t want a Brad Pitt or a Sharukh Khan, she wants a good man –one who is hard working and is the best at what he does. You don’t need to be clinical about everything but being Mr. Perfect definitely helps. A girl wants somebody who can take care of himself and is good at what he does – you could be a rich banker, a poor painter, a middleclass manager or anything. Learn to be the best, it isn’t about the big car, the fancy tux or the expensive glares – for a girl, it is more about what’s inside. Be honest, work hard, be the nicest guy around and she’ll be interested for sure. This is one of the most important points in our how to make a girl fall in love guide.

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3. Winning Her Heart

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I think “love just happens” is the most deceiving quote in the world. Well, it starts with somebody and maybe, it will be reciprocated – but the illusionary fact that it just happens is farce. So, you love her eh? Good for you, and now you have to tell her. It is not an easy task but it is one that you should pursue, with honesty and determination. Also don’t try to fake your way to a relationship. For example – she adores her pets and you aren’t particularly a fan. Well, telling her how cute her kittens are and how friendly her dogs are would bring you two closer – in the sense that you’ve a new reason to interact – “cats and dogs”. But in the long run, hoping everything goes as planned and you end up marrying her – what the hell are you going to do with all those cats and dogs? And is she catches a glimpse of you squeaking around she will start doubting how many other such lies you fabricated to win her over. Let her know what you are, and know her better- and make the most of those “more than friends” moments. On a similar vein, on to the next how to make a girl fall in love tip:

4. Have An Open Mind

Have An Open Mind

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Now that you know who she really is inside out, and she knows for sure that you aren’t like the rest – you will loosen up as individuals. You will get closer, more intimate and share things that you’ve never had. Be there for each other, share ideas, your fears and your feelings. Giving space is very important in love and in every relationship. You have to have an open mind and you need to respect others space. Because having expectations is like chaining ideas – you expect something and it will always turn out that people don’t reach them or beat them – both warranting excessive reactions which are unnecessary. So what’s the best way out – to have no expectations, to be open and welcome whatever comes your way. You should also have a belief in karma and how the world works – not having expectations is not exactly being selfless – you are insured, your happiness is taken care of indirectly because when you do something you want – the girl sure is not going to be unhappy because you didn’t reach her expectations or vice versa. It is because you’ve been open, she will also be open or learn to be if she wasn’t before this. So you peace of mind is guaranteed and so is hers. Not having expectations and yet doing what you do sincerely, honestly and to the best of your ability is the only way forward. Once you’ve completely imbibed this idea, let us move forward.

5.Treat Her As An Equal

Treat Her As an Equal

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It is a very clichéd quote – that women always wanted to be treated as princesses. Yes, it feels good to be treated like your special but that isn’t what they’ve signed up for. What a girl really looks forward to in a relationship is to be an equal half – she doesn’t need the tag of being the better half or something else. Treat your girl with respect, love her and let her know that her contribution counts – be it love, suggestions, guidance, choices, feelings and in everything else that a couple needs to decide and act on as a unit. Let her know how important she is, before deciding on something – ask for her opinion, you can discuss if you don’t agree – but asking her, letting her know that what she thinks matters and counts – is very important. A girl, generally is taken for granted all through her life. I hope you’ve been lucky like me if you’ve encountered that within your friends and family – but you never ever really know what your girl have been through. So the best way forward, the final assurance you can give her before she’s yours is to let her know that she will never ever be taken for granted. It is the final assessment that’s been running in her mind – and if you can give her a feeling, an assurance that she will be treated as an equal – you have her for life my friend.

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This Is It – The “Will You?”

Now that you’ve been through these five stages, you will understand how she feels about you, whether she truly is the girl you want and once you’ve locked on and you know that she trusts you, wants you and wishes to be with you – sit with her and discuss about life and love. Here’s how to know someone loves you, to help you out.

All those cinematic things like asking her out with a rose and taking her out for a dinner date and proposing sound great but might not work if you really don’t know if she’s really ready or not though. Keep that in mind, she might like you, be yours when the time comes – what matters is honestly trying to make her yours – and as rule #4 says, keep an open mind and give it your best, because love like life is all about lying the moment and making the best out of what’s at hand.

Now that your good friends, design a conversation and know what she really wants to do in life – does she want to pursue a course somewhere faraway? Is she planning for that dream job she’s always spoken about? Or is she interested in a relationship in general? Well, her answer could be anything – and you know, she not being interested in a relationship or a commitment at this point of time is also a possibility. Tell her what she means to you, how she is important and how she is a part of your prayers and the keeper of your dreams. When you really feel the time is ripe, ask her out for a date and pop the question – we’re sure she’d say yes, because anyone who’s been through all this really cares and wants that girl in his or her life – so go for it, and make your dream a reality. It’s all about being honest and affable, be you and she’ll be yours forever.