9 Essential Pre Bridal Makeup Tips That Every Bride Must Know

Wedding is indeed one of the most special days in a life of a woman. It is not just about taking vows and tying the knot but a beautiful ceremony that bonds two souls and two families together. A traditional Indian wedding, is marked by a series of religious rituals and ceremonies that need to be performed for the completion of the wedding. This is a very important day in the life of a bride and it is natural for her to be anxious and stressed about the events that will be rolling out and one of the main things on her mind is, will she still be looking her glamorous self at the end of it all. When it comes to the bridal makeup, every skin specialist would vouch for the importance of a pre bridal grooming ritual.

The pre bridal makeup grooming plays a key role in enhancing the complete bridal look and prepares the mind, body and soul for the upcoming rituals. So if your wedding date is approaching, then its time for you to gear yourself up with these pre bridal makeup tips that will make sure that the spotlight remains on you from starting to end.

1. Facial


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The first and foremost concern should be your skin. At least two months prior to your wedding day, start visiting the parlour for a facial clean up. Do it after every 15 days and it will help you rejuvenate your skin and clear it of dirt and blackheads, giving it a good, glossy texture.Always visit a professional salon to have the right beauty treatment based on your skin. Do not experiment!

2. Glycolic Peeling

Glycolic Peeling

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Most beauticians’ advice you to go for glycolic peelings to exfoliate your skin better. It’s always recommended to take medical advice before you put on any chemical cosmetic on your body. They might not suit your skin type and cause severe irritation and burns. You need to follow the doctor’s advice zealously to avoid any sort of blunder on your wedding day. Never ever be your own doctor!

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3. Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure And Pedicure

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Facial is just a small part of the pre- bridal treatment. You need to have manicures and pedicures done on a regular basis as well. Along with your skin, your nails too have to look beautiful. So don’t forget those tiny things, pamper them well.

4. Waxing


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The most important procedure for your pre bridal makeup should be a full body waxing! Let there be not a single strand of hair on your body. Throw in a body polish and scrub as well, to get that nice, smooth texture.

5. Dental Care

Dental Care

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Do visit your dentist. Teeth whitening can be something you can do, if you have any yellow patches. Go six months in advance, so that you have the perfect smile on your D-Day. Never wait for the eleventh hour to go and get things done. Keep smiling!

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6. Home-Made Remedies

Home Made Remedies

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Though you will have a lot of treatments included in your pre bridal makeup package, you can always opt to do things simultaneously at home. You can make some home-made scrub with potato peels and honey and scrub those dead cells out. Orange peel grinded with olive oil , applied daily on your skin can make your skin glow like never before.

7. Sun Block

Sun Block

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Whenever you go out, always use a sun-screen lotion with spf anything around 20-30. A good sun –screen lotion is a must. Before buying always remember testing the product on your neck. The skin around your neck is as sensitive as your face. So only if the sun-tan doesn’t cause any irritation, go for it! Not all expensive sun-screens are good!

8. Diet


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The most important part of your pre bridal grooming regime should be good diet and good sleep. Never skip your meals to lose weight. Instead hit the gym to lose those ounces and get back in shape.

9. Spa & Massage

Spa And Massage

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Visit the spa for some good body massage and hair spa. It will relax and distress you as well. Plan them often, it will tone your body and rejuvenate muscles. I know with the tight schedule we women have, it might get difficult to follow these tips. But try and sort out a plan to have ample time for pre bridal grooming for you to look the prettiest on your wedding.

Pamper yourself as much as you can ladies!

Happy Wedding in advance!