10 Essential Fiber Rich Foods To Cure Constipation In Your Kids

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Constipation is common among children (and adults). As a parent, you are a watch tower for all other good habits in your children, so it falls on you to instill good food habits in your kids.

Fibre is one of the main nutritive agents in food that a human body needs to digest and flush out whatever is eaten, in a painless manner. If fibre intake is less, then constipation is the result. In a society where undue importance in media is given to unhealthy snacks like chips and chocolates, it is vital for a responsible adult to select fibre-rich foods for their family.

Top 10 Rich Fiber Foods For Kids With Constipation:

It may seem difficult at the beginning, but the long term benefits far outweigh any mild discomfort you or your kids may feel, weaning off unhealthy foods and shifting to fibre-rich nutrition. Here are our ten best suggestions to include fiber rich foods for kids constipation in their daily diet!

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1. Shift to Wheat: 

If your child is used to regular Pasta, mix it with wheat. Pasta wheat crackers are good to snack on. For a change, make cracker sandwichs with a very thin layer of peanut butter on them. A whole wheat bread sandwich will reduce sluggishness otherwise caused by plain white bread. Pick up a ‘Rye bread’ if you spot one. It is Fibre dunked!

2. Breakfast Cereals: 

Pick up that multigrain cookie instead of choco-chip. Serve a bowl of Oatmeal instead of corn flakes. Look out for ‘bran’ and ‘whole-wheat’ on the label of cereal packets. Serve muesli for breakfast. You can toss in a fruit of the season. Coat meat, chicken or fish with bran flakes or wheat bread crumbs instead of white flour or refined flour.

3. Papaya and Fruits with ‘Edible’ Skin:

Papaya is an amazing laxative. This fruit also has Vitamin A for the eyes who watch a lot of TV. Any fruit with edible skin is a powerhouse of fibre. Slice apples, pears or peaches into very thin stripes and squeeze their juices, so that you need not strain. A simple reason that the skin gets stuck between teeth, we peel the very source of fibre. Let the skin be!

4. Beans:

Roll it up in a wrap or puree it to a soup. Added to pasta or a salad, beans are loaded with fibre and rich in proteins. Chick peas, Kidney beans, black beans- all are good; make sure you cook them very soft. For a gourmet touch, puree them in a blender, add some tahini (paste of sesame seeds) and make your very own Mediterranean dip. Teach your kid to snack healthy by dipping vegetable crudités in this homemade hummus!

5. Brown Rice:

Keep away that pack of white rice, which has the lowest fibre percentage of all grains. Opt for Brown rice, which has more fibre and is healthier all around. It does take a wee bit longer time to cook, but it is worth the wait! You can also buy processed Brown rice which cooks faster. If your family simply can’t bear to eat brown rice, choose brown Basmati rice, which is thinner and a bit tastier.

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6. Green Peas:

Be it fresh or frozen green peas are full of fibre. A Green pea soup with a pinch of pepper and salt will do wonders to your child. Carrots and spinach are another option for soup. A baked or cooked sweet potato with skin is lesser known on the dinner menu but equally delicious. Give it a try.

7. Dried Nuts: 

If constipation is driving your kid nuts, then a fistful of nuts is what will come to your rescue! Raisins, almonds, dried figs- have them at snack time or add them to cereals at breakfast. To sneak in some calcium along, add sesame seeds to filling in wraps. Make chutney (a type of condiment), of nuts for a South Indian breakfast or sprinkle few on whole-wheat paratha (Indian flatbread). This method is recommended for kids above 4 years.

8. Popcorn: 

Popcorn is another food high in fiber for kids constipation instead of carbohydrate-heavy French fries or potato chips. If you have a microwave oven, it is very easy to make popcorn at home. But a word of caution: Keep the quantity to the minimum. Cut the butter and cheese, and keep it simple and plain.

9. Soya Beans: 

Soya milk is highly recommended for kids and adults, as it has the same qualities present in regular milk minus the fat and the lactose. For the lactose intolerant youth and the vegan loving family, this is a god send source of calcium and fibre. Soya can be added as chunks or granules to fillings. If your child refuses to drink soy milk, tofu can interchange with paneer (cottage cheese)in a filling.

10. Sprouts: 

Apart from being a fibre food, sprouts have Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C, which are immunity boosters. The longer you sprout them, the more nutritious they will be. It is a throat irritant, though. So sauté or boil sprouts before use. Unless you want everyone to end up clearing their throat for no reason!
We hope you now are well-equipped to tackle constipation or any fibre-deficient issues in your family. Change should be SSS – Slow, Steady and Small in portion. Once done, don’t go overboard; excess hurts. Choose your food wisely and you will have another good habit nestling in your kid and cheerful adults too!

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