35 Sweetest Engagement Wishes To Share

What you want to say in your heart and what you manage to put down in a card are often two entirely dissimilar things. That’s no excuse, however, to end up submitting a weak engagement greeting to a couple that’s close to your heart. It would be doing both them and you a disservice.

On the other hand, writing a personal and touching message for someone you’re not very familiar with can be a bit difficult, but again, a boring “Congratulations!!” isn’t going to cut it, so seek inspiration in our list below.

The perfect engagement wishes include just a bit of personal touch to an otherwise warm and congratulatory message, to two people who have chosen their partner in crime who they want to take on life with and grow old with. So pick from our list or mix and match to get the desired effect.

Now then, grab your card, your best pen, and remember to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

1. Engagement Wishes - This Exciting Step

This is one of those engagement wishes that seems appropriate, without being too personal, too disconnected, or even too wordy. All of the elements required for a memorable engagement greeting are contained within, making it a perfect all rounder.

2. Engagement Wishes - May Your Love Grow

Let them know you’re very happy that they got together and that you wish for them to be together, but without putting any unnecessary pressure on the two of them. While most engagement wishes may be the same, how you word it matters, and lovingly and delicately is the right way to go.

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3. Engagement Wishes - Cupid's Aim

If they’re a couple that you could just feel were meant to be, then let them know exactly that and pay Cupid a compliment in the process as well; it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it!

4. Engagement Wishes - About Time

Sometimes informal engagement wishes can be the best way to go about things, especially if you’re close to the couple in question and they’re almost in the same age group as you. If you feel comfortable, then don’t be afraid of getting candid, and letting them know you want to be involved in the celebrations is a nice and welcome touch.

5. Engagement Wishes - I'm Thrilled

On the other hand, if you’re not too involved with the couple’s lives but are still looking to pay them a nice compliment for their milestone – without getting too involved or personal – then the above is an engagement message that works just fine.

6. Engagement Wishes - All The Right Ingredients

That sounds like the recipe to a very nutritious and healthy relationship, one that will stand the test of time. Still, this isn’t something you want to send to someone older than you – it can be perceived as preachy. It’s best for the young ones making their foray into the soon-to-be wedded life.

7. Engagement Wishes - May Your Love Shine Bright

This is the important thing isn’t it? Why else are people skeptical of shotgun weddings and engagements? We guess because they’re not sure if there’s enough substance in there for things to work out. Here, you’re simply blessing the couple with a quality so amazing that only anyone who has ever experienced it will know its value.

8. Engagement Wishes - Our Heartiest Congratulations

Yes, this isn’t the chirpiest of engagement wishes to send out, but that’s absolutely fine. Let them know exactly what you wish happens with their love – that it blossoms!

9. Engagement Wishes - All The Luck And Love In The World

This is a version of the above wish that is slightly less direct and hence applicable in many more instances. It is the perfect greeting to send to an older couple, younger couple, one that you know a long time, one that you’ve known off and on etc.

10. Engagement Wishes - A Romantic Life

This is more an acceptance of love that has plainly existed for a long while, and in that sense is much more of a blessing than a congratulatory statement. It is generous with its praise, wonderfully positive in its tone and yet not too personal.

11. Engagement Wishes - The Perfect LoveStory

If there’s a couple who has inspired you in your everyday actions, and has defied beliefs, odds or distances to remain steadfast in their love, let them know just how much you appreciate them being around and how lucky you are to witness a love so true.

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12. Engagement Wishes - A Heavenly Pair

Again, if the couple is special, then you have an obligation to recognize that and say so, with just the right engagement wishes. Don’t be tempted by going with a toned down or generic greeting and congratulatory message; if they’re different they will understand that you are too.

13. Engagement Wishes - A Rock For The Ages

Another one of those engagement wishes that talks of how important it is for the couple to rely on each other throughout this long journey called life. While perhaps not ideal to send this to your classmate and his fiance, this is best given to couples who are your juniors.

14. Engagement Wishes - Happiness And Joy

This one is as good as it gets. Charming, to the point, and warm in tone, it is excellent for getting your point across as well as not sounding formulaic or droll.

15. Engagement Wishes - The Future

More formal and reserved in tone, this message is perfect for acquaintances and work mates – the kind you don’t slip out for a beer on Friday with. Simple and sincere always works best in such a case and engagement wishes are no exception.

16. Engagement Wishes - Meant To Be

Certainly not a message you want to be sending to someone you barely know (why would you be, anyway), this is a warm and sincere greeting for those you know intimately, whose relationship you have seen grow and helped nurture, and whose happiness will bring you great vicarious joy. No fuzzy words, just honest words.

17. Engagement Wishes - Much Deserved

Know a wonderful couple that puts a smile on your face? Know a couple who always manage to brighten your day and send over soup when you need it? Let them know that all the happiness coming their way is fully deserved.

18. Engagement Wishes - Plan Your Lives Together

Sometimes, and let’s not pretend otherwise, it is an obligation to send your card, and nothing more. In such an instance, it is best to keep things short and sweet and this engagement greeting does just that.

19. Engagement Wishes - New Heights

Childhood sweethearts setting themselves up to tie the knot? Let them know that they’re adorable, and so is their love, but it’s their smiles that you want to see continue to get bigger and bigger.

20. Engagement Wishes - A Great Couple

This one is so gracious and sincere that it can even work for a couple that you may not know so intimately. It’s all about the message and in this case the message is that you’re not sure if anyone’s ever meant to be, but if that were the case, then these two would be prime candidates.

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21. Engagement Wishes - Looking In The Same Direction

This may sound like an old fogey reminiscing about all of the things that matter when it comes to love, but an engagement – the coming together of two people who have chosen to trust, share and commit – is no time to be glib. Say what you mean and say it like you mean it.

22. Engagement Wishes - Eternity

Sometimes when things have been hard for a couple.. it’s like all of our lives are like a sitcom. There are challenges, moments of weakness and vested interests, as well as million pressures of society. It’s almost a minor miracle and a true show of strength and belief when a couple commit to each other after defying the odds, so let them know just that.

23. Engagement Wishes - An Acceptance Of All That Is

Getting engaged when you’re in love is a big deal, sometimes much bigger than any arrangement can be. There are risks, warnings, stories both in support of and against, and most of all, a little voice in the back of your head. Tell the couple they were right to leave the background noise in the background.

24. Engagement Wishes - Lifelong Happiness

No fluff here. Just warm engagement wishes that come straight to the point. In fact, these two lines may be one of the most memorable ones that the couple in question receives because it says exactly what it needs to, no more and no less.

25. Engagement Wishes - A Bloom Of Flowery Hope

Instead of pointing out just with whom you can use this message, we’re going to leave it up to you. It is all about context, and if you know theirs and it resonates with you in a frequency that matches the above words, then by all means, go for it!

26. Engagement Wishes - Just The Beginning

You can tell that this message first talks of how you know their love will result in years of happiness and cherished memories, but you still wish them luck at the same time. That is because you don’t want to leave out your blessings and good wishes, no matter how sure you may seem about their love.

27. Engagement Wishes - The Warmest Wishes

An excellent message for a co-worker or university mate who has just gotten engaged. Works excellently with people you are on good terms with, even if you don’t invite them over for tea too much.

28. Engagement Wishes - You Complement Each Other

Good friends just took the next big step in their relationship? You love them both to bits and their love remains a constant reminder of good in this world? Don’t hold back with your compliments and engagement wishes.

29. Engagement Wishes - All The Joy That Your Hearts Can Hold

You can talk about a million things but if you boil it down, 99.9 per cent of all couples will say they first got engaged (to get married) to be happy. That’s what we all want, without exception, even if we’ve convinced ourselves that we need a million other things to make it happen.

30. Engagement Wishes - A Wonderful Journey

Make no mistake, that’s what every couple who has just gotten engaged is going to do – build their nest, build a future and build a life. It’s a stunning commitment and you wish them all the very best with that as well as making the most of their time together in this wonderful life.

31. Sarcasm Or Story Tip?

Engagement Wishes - This Is Where The Plot Will Get Interesting

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32. Marriage, A Case Of Prisoner’s Dilemma?

Engagement Wishes - Of Engagements And Rhyming Words

Psst…! For those of you who do not know, Prisoner’s dilemma is an example in game theory. It explains how two perfectly rational individuals refuse to cooperate even when it is in their best interest to do so.

33. Lady Of The Ring

Engagement Wishes - Lady Of The Ring

34. BUY 2, GET 1 FREE

Engagement Wishes - Buy 2 To Get 1 Free
36. With Love From Frost

Engagement Wishes - With Love From Frost

Express your love for their pairing and your hopes for their togetherness poetically.

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35. Cauldron Of Love

Engagement Wishes - The Cauldron Of Love

After all it is an engagement of someone special, and you look forward to it with tons of joy and excitement.

We hope the aforementioned examples that we hand-picked helped you compose a special congratulatory engagement greeting for your loved ones and friends. Do leave us a comment if you liked any of them.